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Birthday Invitations & Hamburger Soup

If evolution really works, how come mothers have only two hands?

Milton Berle

It is time.

The time.

The time of year where my hair turns just a little bit greyer, my patience runs a little bit thinner and the hands on the clock seem to speed up just a little bit faster.

Today I handed out the 1st batch of birthday invitations. 

As I have lamented so many times before, our "holiday season" starts with BOTH Girl's birthdays and then moves quickly into Christmas.

Here's how it works...

SBean's birthday party is on the last weekend of November and we do HBear's birthday on the first weekend of December. Right after the parties are done we begin set up for Christmas. So in reality our Girls are on a holiday HIGH for exactly 30 days.

Fun 😳.

This year we have chosen to do out of the house parties. I wish we could do them at the house (it would be so much cheaper) but we don't have a downstairs and we don't really have enough room for 10 kids. We have tried to convince the Girls to cut the numbers down but apparently these ARE their 10 very bestest friends.

HBear decided on a craft party at the Pottery Studio! We made Art Apron Invitations! It was so easy to do! I printed out the invites using an apron stencil and then she threaded some glittery ribbon through some hole punches to make the apron strings! They turned out adorable!


SBean decided on a gymnastics party at her gym! We made Olympic Gold Medal Invitations! These were super simple as well! I printed out the invite and cut them into circles. I made a larger circle stencil and cut out larger circles in gold foil. SBean glued them together and then I punch holes and threaded the ribbon through the top. I used reinforcements on the back to keep the foil from ripping. They turned out so well!


Ninja and I have both had head colds that we can't seem to shake. Despite our colds, we still managed to record a new episode of How Was You Week, Honey? Episode #40 Is the Dongle for Your Tempo or Your Topaz is out now and you can hear it HERE!

There is nothing better when you are sick than a hot bowl of delicious soup! My Mom used to make homemade hamburger soup all the time! This Hamburger Soup is a quick and easy meal loaded with vegetables, beef, and potatoes. It’s great made ahead of time, it's full of flavour, it reheats well and freezes perfectly.

Hamburger Soup
Adapted from Spend With Pennies
Servings: 8
NUTRITION: 295 Calories/serving

1.5 lb lean ground beef
1 onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, pressed
2 medium potatoes, diced
4 cups beef broth
1 can (28 oz) diced tomatoes with juice
1 can tomato soup
2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon italian seasoning
1 bay leaf
salt and pepper to taste
4 cups mixed vegetables, frozen

Brown onion, ground beef and garlic until no pink remains. Drain any fat.

Add potatoes, broth, tomatoes, tomato soup, Worcestershire sauce, seasoning and bay leaves. Simmer covered 10 minutes.

Stir in vegetables.

Simmer 15-20 minutes or until potatoes are tender.



This week was the Remembrance Day Service at the Girl's school. Ninja was so sick he stayed home from work. I gave him some pills and made him get out of bed and come to the Service. HBear was performing and she was so excited and surprised to see us BOTH walk in! It was one of the best services I had ever been to. It was so well done. The Kids sang Imagine and they did sign language. HBear is such a performer. She really emotes while she is performing 😂! You can definitely tell she is comfortable on stage and dance is something she loves to do.

SBean didn't perform but she was asked to represent her class in the hanging of the wreath. Actually, both Girls were chosen to represent each of their classes. I was so proud of them! When they were all done and SBean saw her Big Sis and waved at her and HBear gave her a huge grin and then went back to her somber face I almost laughed out loud! Gosh I love them 💛!

Throughout the Service Ninja's phone was ringing (silently) off the hook. Dad was calling. Ninja kept texting him back saying that we were at the SILENT service and asking what was up? No response. Then my phone started ringing (silently). It was HLBesty. I assumed she wanted me to record her Boys performances... so I did. After the Service Ninja ran out to call Dad and I called HLBesty.

Apparently there was a freak snow storm on the way out of town and 2 of our employees (HLBesty's Brother for 1) got into a car accident. Castanet reported that the truck flipped down a 75-foot embankment.

We rushed to the hospital.

It was a super stressful day. It was a hard day for us because our employees are like family. We have gotten to know them all and their families and we care about each one of them. Thankfully both our guys made it out without any major injuries. As the paramedics said when they were leaving the hospital, "it was a miracle". 

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients, friends and family who have taken the time to reach out to us, offering their support and prayers. Thank you 💛!

The only thing that was lost was Sparky. Sparky was our work truck but before that it was my Poppy's truck. The same truck my Sis and I drove halfway across Canada in every summer. I remember 1 time my Sis and my 2 cousins and I rode in the back "seat" from Winnipeg to Edmonton. It was a good vehicle and my Poppy and my Dad loved it well.


Bye bye Sparky. Thank you for your service of 27 years!!!

The next day, after the snowstorm... it was all gone. Like it never even happened.

This weekend HLBesty and YBesty's sons had a hockey tournament. I took the Girls to watch a game. The Girls got the best seat in the house and I sat with My Ladies in the penalty box. I was a timekeeper for many years so it felt like home. It was nice to smell ice first thing in the morning, sometimes I miss that.


After the game HBear went on a sleepover to her Gr1Besty's. Lucky Girls went for pastries and milkshakes first!

Ninja and I on the there hand... curled up, cuddled, and drank hot tea.

Not a very exciting week, more of an emotional one, full of memories, reminiscing, and thanking our departed loved ones for all they did for us and for watching out and keeping us and our own safe... even now.

Thank you!



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