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A suburban mother’s role is to deliver children obstetrically once, and by car for ever after

Peter De Vries

I like to think I am open. Open to all ideas, concepts and what if’s…

I believe the key word there would be think. Lol

Tonight I was standing in the kitchen, the end of a really long day, and I was pouring my “after dinner coffee” at 8:00pm and thinking, my brain hurts trying to think up a way to change all the bad things that have happened and are still just happening.

Change what… and… the tulips fell over on the diningroom table.

The yellow and red tulips fell over.

Now logic tells me the cheap plastic, too small vase I was using (I can’t put the nice glass vases ANYwhere the kids can reach!!!! LOL) was empty of water and the weight of the flowers just tipped it over.

But, what if I just had a long day and…

Mom was acknowledging that.


If I am open like I believe I am...

So I bought the tulips for my M-I-Law the other day when we went for a walk to the beach, but I forgot them in the back of the van :(

So I ended up bring them in all wiltly like inside our house,

Because really, I can totally take care of these flowers…

I am just that good with plants.

So I took 1 up for Mom.

Which brings me to this morning lol

2:00am I could feel it. My back was facing the door, I hate sleeping like that but my left hip is killing me, Sydney is getting heavier LOL. Anyways I could feel her little stare boring holes in my back. I mumble “What HBear?”

“Mommy I had a bad dream.”

I turn over and open the blanket.

“I don’t remember it though”

5 minutes later I give her a squeeze and say ”to bed now I love you.”

She gets up and says “I love you too Mommy.”

I think “mmmmm this is going to be a nice day. :)


WTF? I get up and run in their room, LOUD WHISPER “HBear what is going on?”

I look at SBean, she is somehow still sleeping?!??! Whoo relief because you know about waking a sleeping bear right? Yeah ok then,

“My thumb it is bleeding and hurting so bad on my rug burn that I got before bath time remember? WHAAA WHHHAAAAAAAAAA

Annnnd cue the Bean.

2:25 Get you butt in Mommy’s bedroom right now *through gritted teeth*.

2:40 We cuddled until she is calm and for some odd reason SBean falls back asleep.

2:41 HBear goes back to bed.

3:10 “Mommy. Mommy. Daddy. Daddy. Aghrbekinmljdfs,kndfndflknvn *baby babble* SBean can COMMUNICATE very well without any words needed lol believe me! Groan

4:15 the sporadic babble turns into sobs then wails then angry screaming. I get up.

4:25 Back in bed but Ninja is now tossing and turning. He is going to Edmonton this weekend with his Dad and sister to say goodbye to our nephew and so he can see his brother.

6:30 I think that is the last time I looked at the clock before finally falling into a good sleep.

7:35 AHHHHHHHH! Ninja is not feeding SBean her yogurt fast enough LOL. I look around. OK let’s start this day.

7:45 Dressed and getting HBear breakfast. Make snack and lunch sides. Today is hot lunch.

Get SBean dressed, brushed and ready.

Take out 2 shirts for HBear to choose from. She picks grey stripes with pink bow. Nice. Pair it it with pink jeans or jeggings? Pink skinny jeans. Cute. LOL

Hairbrush and teeth.

Nurse the Bean


8:40 Into the van and off to school :)

8:55 HBear is all set and SBean and I walk back to the van… SBean is slow but it is so worth it to see her do it!!! Too cute she is so determined LOL

Starbucks run. Oh your debit is down, *quickly think back at my thought of reloading my Starbucks card while nursing SBean this morning, I guess it’s not the thought that counts.* Scrape together change for my grande latte and take a big gulp. Ahhhhh. GO!

Drive up to see Mom and grab the winter décor :) I never go up there in the morning, the view is breathtaking.

The morning sun was nice, she would like it :) I notice that the tulip I brought up the other day is gone. Usually the deer leave the green and only eat the top. I look around and all the other flowers are ok? Hmmmm

9:20 Go to Superstore. I don’t even take a cart because I am not tempting myself. I need mayo, bacon and flowers and THAT is what I am going to get. I put the Bean on my hip and head down I go. No looking at sales. No going “oh I need that”. Nope 3 things and out , 3 things and “oh hi Heather” I run into my mom’s cousin. We chat :)

Now I am a bit rushed, we get through self-check-out and we’re outta there! Quickly run home and drop off the bacon and the mayo… that is a weird sentence. LOL

10:00 Walk into music class :)

10:45 Goodbye friends see you next week!

Fly up to my In-Laws to drop SBean off. She carries the flowers up to Grandma. Run in chat a minute, coo at the baby, he is too cute :)

and drop a kiss on SBean’s forhead. Off to Hot lunch.

11:15 Hello Ladies. Today is hotdog day. It is the hardest because we have to cook the dogs, slice the buns, cut the veggies for the plates, and fill dips on top of getting the actual lunches out… with a ketchup and mustard yet! LOL

12:30 Good bye Ladies :) Fly back up to my In-Laws to get the Bean for her MUCH needed nap.

1:00 SBean is down and I call Ninja. Do you need anything for your trip tomorrow. The laundry? No all the laundry is done in the house. Oh YOU did?

Oh you did.

1:30 I am having a problem with Mom’s computer. We use it for all the businesses. I have to print up the next 3 month schedule and I can’t. Apparently Mom’s computer programs like outook and excel need to be renewed. Apparently the HP printer does too. Apparently I have to wait for Ninja.

RING RING OMG Who is calling during nap time?????

“Hi is Kathy Castle there?”

Deep breathing techniques I have been working on.

2:40 Ninja is home! I go get HBear. We get to hang out a bit with her Bestie and her Mommy afterschool :)

3:10 Let’s get the kids settled as I get dinner started!

Tonight we had Omelettesish. Yeah I made that up. On my bucketlist I want to make a really good omelet. I don’t know how. I think eggs are my nemesis.

So I am baking them.


2 eggs
1 tablespoon oil
1 ½ cups of veggies, I used mushrooms, yellow pepper, and broccoli.
1 onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, chopped
½ cup cheese, shredded
½ cup grape tomatoes
Salt and pepper
Tobasco sauce
½ teaspoon paprika
½ cup milk
¼ cup parsley, chopped

Preheat oven to 350.

Add oil to pan over medium heat.

Add onions and garlic. Sauté until fragrant.

Add peppers and mushrooms sauté until tender. Season. (I had broccoli leftover from the night before that I threw in at the end).

In a bowl whisk together the eggs with milk and tobasco.

In a greased baking dish add a layer of sautéed veggies. Then cheese. Then tomatoes and parsley and more cheese J. I did mine in 3. Ninja doesn't like cheese and tomatoes. The girls don't like peppers, onions and mushrooms. They got broccoli :)

Pour the eggs over, sprinkle with paprika and pop into the oven for 30 minutes.

4:30 Bath time HBear


5:40 Get HBear dressed and ready for her Sparks Birthday Party. LOL She is very excited for cupcakes!

6:00 Drop off HBear

and crank the music as I drive home :)

6:30 Ninja and Dad are gone with my F-I-L bowling, I nurse SBean.

7:00 Pickup HBear who is obviously jacked up on pink frosting and the triumph of collecting so much loot from the piñata LOL

7:20 Put SBean down and help HBear with her 60 Minute Challenge.

8:00 As I put HBear to bed she asks if she can swap books?

I say No HBear you don’t get lots of books you get 1. You picked Fancy Nancy.

I’m done it.

No Sweetie you picked the chapter book. Read the whole thing not just a chapter.

I did. I even read the preview for the next one. Can you pass me book #2 please?”

I am rethinking our decision to give her a fairy flashlight lol

8:30 I’m thinking Reign :)

So Ninja leaves in the morning. I am happy that he gets to see the little guy to say good bye. I am happy that he will be able to see his brother. Ninja is a quiet guy but family is very important to him. I know it kills him to see his brother going through this nightmare.

We haven’t been apart in years. I’m kind of scared LOL. I am thinking about the next 3 days… school, coffee/playdate, class volunteer, dance class, bath time by myself, being outnumbered?!?! Dad of course will be here and Ninja’s Mom will be here but I am still kind of intimidated. LOL I’ll let you know how it goes :)

11:15 Goodnight


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