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Sometimes you can't see yourself clearly until you see yourself through the eyes of others.- Ellen DeGeneres

I have come to a realization and I would like to share it with you.

Parenthood=complete and utter destruction of self-esteem.

Yesterday started off at 5:30am.

SBean was up and ready to go. You know it is going to be a long day when her first nap is at 7:45!!! LOL

HBear was also up early thanks to the Bean. So, we were sitting in the livingroom cuddling at 7:30 and I was watching Say Yes to the Dress *groan* and a commercial came on for Proactive.

It was the one with the brush. HBear looked at me and said “Mommy you need to buy that right now! You can brush off all the polka dots on your face!”

Ummmm, I will get right on that sparky.

She was quite persistent actually. She mentioned it a few times and kept on saying polka dots. Self-esteem BANG…Bang… bang. I felt like SBean’s little red hammer was hitting me like I was the little circle and she wanted to tap tap tap it down.
Yeah! Let’s go swimming!

This is HBear being a bad egg! Shooting water at her teacher lol

After the pool… which Ninja and I have down to a tee, The Bear goes in. Ninja gets SBean and himself undressed. I organize the 2 bags. SBean goes in with Ninja, HBear comes out. I dry her and get her dressed. Wait until 5 minutes left of SBean’s lesson and then go into the family dressing room and set up everything for them to come out and get dressed. Class ends at 11:00 and we are in the van by 11:06. Well done!

Then we picked up my Dad and went to Ninja’s parent’s house and we went for a beautiful hike. It was a gorgeous day and it was nice to get out and enjoy the season.

However, I have come to another realization and I would like to share it with you.

Parenthood=LOUD nature walks where you walk uphill carrying a child AND a diaper bag.

Don’t be fooled, at the end of your “peaceful” walk you will be sore, hot and if you are me, feeling guilty that you put your 4 year old in new hiking boots that left welts on her heels so big that for the last half of the hike she wailed and put on a show worthy of at least an Emmy… On the positive side she DID keep the rattlesnakes and bears away though J

When we got back HBear and Grandma baked biscuits and we had an amazing dinner!

When we got home the girls were tired as it was a full day that started so very long ago lol. After bath HBear cuddled up to me and said “Mommy even if you don’t get that brush that will get all your polka dots to wipe away into the garbage, you’ll still be the prettiest Mommy in the WHOLE town.”

Which leads me to another realization and I would like to share it with you.

Parenthood=A love so encompassing that even after a long day of activity, with just a few words from your 4 year old, you feel like you could climb the highest mountain!   


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