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Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. - Albert Einstein

I don’t want to bash the public school system. I have family members that are teachers and I think teaching is the most important job in the world and they don't get enough credit, that is a fact! I am a fan of school. In fact, I miss knowing where I am going everyday, what I am going to do there and who I am going to see. I like structure OK?

However, with that being said, HBear has been in school for 3 weeks now and we have gone to her open house AND I have gone to a PAC meeting. I am not quite sure this is how I remember school.

First it starts at 8:55? Didn’t school start at 8:30 before?

It ends at 2:45… now I know that isn’t right! Seriously, how do people work? What job is going to let you have those hours? That’s expensive daycare to have someone drop the kids off and pick them up.

Math. When I was a kid math consisted of learning 1+1=2. HBear loves math. For fun we play the math game. She is really good, she can even do 3 numbers like 2+3+4=9. I asked her teacher what math consists of and she told me the curriculum says they have to count to 10!! Yesterday, we walked around the playground to see how many steps there are and she counted to 235. She can count to 10 in French and has been able to for the 2 years. Teacher then said they would be doing geometry later in the year. I said “like side angle side? HA HA” She thought I was crazy and said “no, like making squares and learning about cones and prisms.” Seriously? I don’t want to be that Mom but HBear has been doing that for 2 years already!

She brings home books, I like that. However, the books are for US to read to her and have like 2 words on each page. HBear read Charlotte’s Web this summer, granted we took turns reading but she loved it, in fact it amazed me the conversations we had about that book. It was written in the 50’s and some of the language isn’t like what we use today. She asked lots of questions and we had some great talks about the book.

Her teacher said by January the kids will bring home books that they have practiced enough to read to us. Hmmmm.

I do like that they have relaxing time. I think yoga in schools is a fantastic thing. HBear loves yoga and like I said if you have time check out Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube it is WONDERFUL!!! Yoga helps the kids focus and gets their sillies out after recess, so that is good!

I walked in the other day and noticed that on a light-table the kids are TRACING their names!!! HBear knows how to write her name. HBear makes lists all the time (I have NO IDEA where she gets that from LOL) and she spells the items herself. I noticed there is a picture she drew of her family and the teacher wrote all of our names! She knows our names and how to spell them! I don’t think they are giving the kids a chance to do what they know how to do. I don’t think all kids can do what HBear can do, but the point is to stretch them, let them TRY!

I understand she has 17 kids and I am not against her at all. I think she is patient and kind and probably a great teacher. But, I am kind of upset that we spend 4 years getting HBear prepared for school and teaching her and now she has to spend her first year relearning things and pretending she doesn’t know how to do these things because she doesn’t want to stand out. I mean, the other night I heard her singing in her room…

“I don’t want to be the same I want to be different but everyone has to be the same not different.” That makes me sad. The next morning I said to her “you know what makes me so proud of you? The fact that you have the courage to be different.” She heard me. I hope that helps her?!?

Her teacher hands out a calendar of extra things to do during the month. So everyday we do what is planned for that day. On Monday it was sing Itsy Bitsy Spider. Don’t even get me started on THAT… the other day was name 3 things you like about yourself. I like that. She asked me what I liked about her. I said that she was kind. She said she liked that she liked pink. LOL

I said what about the other things about yourself like the fact that you are generous, curious, smart, patient? She said “I like being those things but not smart.” I asked why but she changed the subject and I don’t want to push, throughout the past couple days I have worked it into the conversation that I like being smart and that I like how she uses her brain to solve problems and play games too. 

She is naturally a curious girl that has a LOVE for learning. That is her. SBean might not have that same passion for questions and to know things and that is all good, but HBear truly loves learning stuff. She reads EVERYTHING and questions EVERYTHING and wants explanations for EVERYTHING LOL!

I know it will pass but I hate to think of her being anyone but herself. She is a great kid. My Mom and Dad always let me be me and I was always proud to be smart. Modesty is another thing apparently lol. I hope she has the confidence to own it too. Of course that is our job to help her like who and what she is… this parenting thing is tough!

So yesterday was orange day! After school we went to visit Mom and my Nana. We took them some lilies from the garden J There is construction happening right in front of Mom. LOL Mom hated construction. I know she is totally pissed that even in death at the cemetery she has to put up with loud construction LOL

Putting flowers on Mom
Saying Hi to GG
This is my grandparents (HBear's GG)) and MY GG and great aunt
Today is gymnastics so I thought I would bring out the good ol’ crockpot! I love the crockpot J I am having a tough time because I want honey. I love honey. I think it is nature’s perfect sweetener. I use this local stuff that comes in all flavours even. It is so good. However, I haven’t used honey in a while because SBean can’t have honey yet. BUT… I really want sweet chicken. So I am using something baaaaad. LOL I am using lemon-lime soda pop. Shame shame I know. But, it works J

We are having brown basmati rice and steamed broccoli with it. Yum!

Crock Pot Sweet and Spicy Chicken
Adapted from Makin’ it Mo’ Betta

3 chicken breasts
3/4 cup packed brown sugar 
2/3 cup apple cider vinegar
2/3 cup lemon-lime soda 
2 large cloves garlic, pressed
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 teaspoon paprika
1 teaspoon ginger
1 teaspoon Sriracha
1 teaspoon fresh ground pepper
2 Tablespoons corn starch
2 Tablespoons water
Red pepper flakes

Spray slow cooker with Pam.

Place chicken inside slow cooker. 

Mix together brown sugar, vinegar, soda, garlic, soy sauce, paprika, ginger, Sriracha and pepper together. Pour over chicken. 

Cook on low for 8 hours. 

Take chicken pieces out of slow cooker and pour remaining sauce into saucepan. Place saucepan over high heat. Mix together corn starch and water, this is called a slurry, pour into saucepan, and mix well. 

Let sauce come to a boil and boil for 2-3 minutes, or until it starts to thicken
Remove from heat and pour over chicken... and rice if you made it!.

Already half eaten lol
This totally satisfied my sweet chicken craving. It was easy and good. A bit dry as Ninja pointed out, but, really? It IS a crockpot recipe so it will be a bit dry. The flavors are there though J


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