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Summer Has Officially Begun & Citrus Black Bean Salad

Live Like a Tourist

Christy Feinberg

I just had the best week! You know sometimes when you're looking on Facebook or Instagram and you see these awesome pictures of the super duper happy families and you think… Their life can't actually be that perfect. That's how I feel about my last week and a half 🀣. It's true though! Best. Week. Ever. Well… For the most part πŸ˜‚.

Growing up we, as in the WHOLE family used to come out to Penticton. My 3 Uncles with their families and our family. Usually my Mom's Cousins and their families were out here too. Our family is very… Passionate so throughout the week or 2 there would always be blowups. This stemmed mostly from the fact that we all came out together to spend time together but there's only so much time you can spend with each other before you remember that you want to kill your siblings πŸ˜‚. 

To be honest, we are so grateful that we are able to spend quality time with our siblings and their families that those tricky moments are forgotten in the grand scheme of the memories that we are making!

On Thursday HBear had her last day of grade 3! I cannot believe it's just been a little over a week since our routine went up in smoke.

She was sad to say goodbye to all of her Besties and her teacher, Mrs Buckley. She has been a fabulous teacher. One HBear will remember forever. My favourite comment on her Ah-mazing report card was, "Rowyn is an original; with inspired work and an inventive soul." πŸ’•

Summer started with a bang! My MBesty and I continued the end of the year tradition of taking the girls for Last Day of School lunch and pedicures! I mean really, what says summer like making your toes beautiful? This year SBean joined us for the first time! She is such a diva LOL she freaking loved being pampered and actually made moaning noises when they massaged her calves LOL apparently being a 4-year-old is super tough πŸ˜‚.

On June 28 our family was blessed with a beautiful new Baby! After a LONG night, my Bro and my SIL sent the news that my gorgeous niece had finally arrived!! Sweet Penelope Gosselin Castle πŸ’›. I cannot wait to meet her!!!

So far our summer has been HOT! I mean scorching hot! We went from devastating floods to a Provincial State of Emergency due to horrific forest fires 😞.

The heat and the smoke make it hard to be running/walking outside right now but I did receive a new FitBit Badge!

Ninja and I knew how busy the week was going to be so we did 2 podcasts last week. HWYWH, Episode 22 This One's For Kathy and Episode 23 Happy 150th Birthday, Canada! and we also did a VERY special episode of Our Liner Notes Episode 61 Secret Agent Mission - Eh to Zed, where Ninja and I break down our top 5 songs on our A-Z musical taste lists!

At the beginning of the school year the Girls asked for a pet fish. I shrugged it off and said, "yeah yeah if you girls are very good at school this year you may get a pet fish at the end of school." 3 days before school ended they both started asking me, "when do we get our fish?" 😳 I took them to the pet store and went up to the manager and asked for just a simple glass bowl and 2 fish please. She laughed at me. Apparently beta fish can't be put together and apparently fish need a filter and colourful rocks and colourful trees and fish food and water conditioner πŸ˜’. 25 minutes and $50 later LOL we have 2 new pet fish! SBean picked the "pink" one and named him Bubbles. HBear picked the blueish purple-ish one and called him Blurple… Because you know blue + purple = Blurple πŸ˜‚. 

Today I am resharing 1 of my FAVOURITE recipes of all time. It is also my most popular recipe with over 25 000 hits! It was originally posted way back in May 2014, you can check out the recipe Here.

Citrus Black Bean Salad

Our first day of holidays were spent with friends in Lake Country at Kangaroo Creek Farm. My friend, I named her my YogaBesty years ago because her eldest was in yoga with HBear. However, her youngest, MusicBesty, is betrothed to SBean or at least she thinks so πŸ˜‚πŸ’—! In fact, last week HBear's SBesty told SBean that her little brother, GBesty, was going to marry her when he grows up. SBean said, "no I'm going to marry MBesty." I asked her later if MBesty knew that and she said, "no but I will tell him he is going to." So I'm pretty sure it's a done deal 😜. 

Anyways, I met her through mutual friends and HBear gets along with her oldest very well even though they are completely different ages. However, MBesty and SBean are tight. It was the first time doing something with SBean's friend instead of her just tagging along with HBear and her friends  It was awesome seeing SBean interact and be the "host", a totally different kind of play date than I have ever been on before LOL it was awesome! YBesty has 3 kids and all 5 of them had such a great time! The adults definitely had a great time as well! It was just so easy. It was the perfect way to begin our holidays.

We got home from the Kangaroo Farm quite late so we headed over to the first night of Ribfest! We scarfed down some delicious ribs, pulled pork, beans, coleslaw, and cornbread. It was awesome! The kids went on 1 jumpy castle because I told them they had to wait for the cousins to get here and go on with them. Mean Mommy lol.

The next day was Canada Day! We took in the 150th birthday celebration down a Gyro Park.

All of Ninja's family had gotten in the night before so we were happy to see them all there! The kids decorated cupcakes, played in the kid zone and listened to the music!

All kids were attracted to Uncle K πŸ˜‰.

After a super hot day at the park we went for a swim at Grandma and Grandpa's! We enjoyed dinner and some drinks while we waited for the fireworks. They live above Penticton so we just walked up the street and watched them from there. That way the kids could cuddle up on the couch and watch Moana while we waited.

After a late night we relaxed a little bit the next day and got ready for my Sis. While I did some chores the girls worked on their journals.

Finally they arrived!

We all packed up and went back to Ribfest! It was so good! Unfortunately all the jumpers closed up early and the kids didn't get to enjoy them *See Meanest Mommy EVER… But, they sure enjoyed their snow cone!

On Monday morning HBear and I had to be up early for Science Camp. When we got there I knew something was wrong. There were no other cars parked in the parking lot of the college 😳. Of course nobody was there because it was the Monday of the July long weekend LOL. I had gotten the dates wrong and she actually didn't start until this week! πŸ˜‚ In the end it all worked out because with so many Cousins in town she was pretty choked that she would have to miss all the family fun. I did give her the choice but she has been looking forward to Science Camp for 3 months... Now she was able to do it all!

All 3 of the little ones were in Gymnastics Camp last week! It was awesome to see JQ, SweetPea and SBean all involved in something together! It made my heart burst πŸ’—. 

After Gymnastics Camp we celebrated SweetPea's 4th birthday. I am so blessed! I have only missed 1 of her birthdays, including her birth! That's pretty special considering we live in different provinces. This year we went to the Skaha Water Park! We had a lovely picnic and the kids played so well together! Ninja's brother brought his boat and for the first time SBean got to go on a speed boat 😳. She loved it! That girl has a need for speed πŸ˜‚. She even tried tubing with me and I asked her if she was OK and she screamed, "faster!" I told her that in order to go faster she had to let go of the handle and give them a thumbs up. Of course, I didn't think she would have the courage to do that… But she did! Pretty soon we were flying outside the wake and she was squealing in delight! HBear loved it as well! She had no fear and I could hear her laughing as she skimmed across the water 😊.

For dinner I had asked SweetPea what she would like. At our house if it's your birthday you get to choose the dinner! She picked homemade pepperoni pizza!

After dinner everybody came over and we had cupcakes, Nanaimo bars and birthday cake ice cream. SweetPea opened up her presents and Grandpa got her a Skye piΓ±ata! 

On Tuesday we had planned a 40th birthday Wine tour for my SIL. It was a month ago but it was a big one so we wanted to celebrate in style. Of course, I geeked out and made voice memos of interesting facts about each winery LOL we plugged it into the van and as we pulled up Ninja pressed play πŸ˜‚. We also highlighted our route on the Naramata Bench map. We also asked Ninja's Brother to come with us and I was the DD. It was awesome that the 3 of them could spend the day together! We started off at Misconduct and then headed up to Legend Distilling and then back down to Elephant Island, and Rustic Roots. We enjoyed a phenomenal lunch on the patio at Lake Breeze and then continued to Howling Bluff, Ruby Blues, Poplar Grove, Monster, and ended off at Perseus Winery 🍷😊.

While we were off tasting wines my Sis and BIL looked after all the kids! Thank you so much for helping us out! You rock my world 😘.

We had a delicious dinner outside! We had a super duper easy Grilled Chicken Pineapple Foil Packets with Rice and Slaw. It was so tasty I will for sure be sharing that recipe soon.

My Sis and I took a beautiful walk on the beach that evening. It was so amazing! It reminded us of our childhood... walking with Mom while the street life was pumping, the weather was sweltering and the sunset was breathtaking! A couple walking by asked us if we wanted a picture and we jumped at the opportunity. The phone wasn't picking up the gorgeous sunset so the guy told us to turn around. We totally did! LOL and then I was like wait a second. They were a nice couple though and they didn't run away with it and we all had a good laughed πŸ€£.

The next day we took it easy and we FaceTimed with our new Niece! The kids played games and HBear kicked Auntie and Uncle's butt at Battleship!

Later that afternoon we went to Tickleberries for a little ice cream treat and then we are off to Hillside Orchards to pick some delicious BC cherries! Hillside is amazing! Not only do they have gorgeous cherries, they don't use any sprays, and they also have a small petting zoo PLUS a huge vegetable garden where you can go and pick whatever is in season!

For dinner we had Nachos!

On my Sister's last day we did typical Penticton activities! We took the girls to LocoLanding and they bumper boated, go- karted, and monkey jumped. 

After the adventure park we went for a walk to the damn, did some splashing in the lake, enjoyed the waterpark and then up to visit Mommies πŸ’›. 

That evening HBear helped water the backyard and my BIL made us a delicious grilled cheese sandwiches! They had stopped in Armstrong at the Village Cheese Factory on their way in and picked up Blueberry Cheddar, Smoked Mozzarella, Savoury Garlic Cheddar, and JalapeΓ±o Jack he also picked up Pumpernickel, Sourdough, and Chia bread from Cobs Bread. Yummmmmm

All the girls loved evening cuddles and their big Cousin reading them stories!

Friday was the kids last day at gymnastics and all the parents joined in as well!

Then it was time for goodbyes. SBean was devastated. It broke my heart to see her bawling and crying about missing SweetPea.

It's funny how fast a week can go. We spent so much time preparing and then it's here and then it's gone. We made some fantastic memories last week that I will hold in my heart forever. I hate saying goodbye to my Sister and now that there's 2 beautiful kids involved… It's even harder. However, we have plans to meet up in Winnipeg at the beginning of August so it's much easier to say goodbye when it's actually… See you later.

Plus they left something with us to help us remember them… Their dog πŸ˜‚. They were leaving our place to do a cross country trek out to my BIL's family in New Brunswick. Because their dog, Lennox has some pitbull in him he is banned from a few parts of our country. We offered to look after him while they're gone. What was I thinking? LOL I think this will cure my desire to get a pet anytime soon 🀣. 

The first thing we did after they left was take the baby box to SOWINS. In Calgary new Moms receive a beautiful box equipped with a mattress and all the necessities needed to take care of a newborn. As my Sister had no need of it she brought it to us to donate to the South Okanagan Women In Need Society. We were very proud to bring in the box and hopefully it will go to someone who needs it!

This week HBear started her Library Challenge! I went to Pinterest and read 1 million lists and found the top books for her age group. I made a spreadsheet and I found the call numbers for the library. She is now beginning to understand the Dewey decimal system 😊.

Uncle K and his daughter, our Niece, FirstMaierCousin left Saturday morning. So on Friday evening we went over for a swim and dinner and said our goodbyes 😞.

This weekend we actually had plans! Dad bought Ninja tickets to the Sublime/Offspring concert here in town. Ninja's sister came with us and the 4 of us had a great time! We started our evening at Match Eatery & Public House. We got appies, drinks, shooters, dinner and more drinks! It was awesome.

We then walked over to the SOEC for the Concert. We were so surprised to find out the Mad Caddies were opening up! Super score! Sublime was fabulous and I was super surprised by The Offspring who have never been one of my favourite bands... until now LOL! Maybe it was just the awesome crowd, the shooters, or the fact that I haven't seen a rock concert in so long but that show will go up in my top 5 for sure!

While the adults played HBear went camping with her G2Besty and her family and SBean had a sleepover with JQ at Grandma and Grandpa's πŸ’•.

Sunday was a quiet day. I did not leave bed but sat and edited thousands of pictures from the past week. It was the perfect chance for a Ninja and I to introduce the girls to… The Goonies! They loved it πŸ’—.

If the past week is any indication of what our summer holiday is going to be like I am so super excited and a whole lot exhausted thinking about it πŸ€£πŸ’›πŸ˜‚. Buckle up it is going to be a Gooder!


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