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MBesty's Birthday Party Appetizers & My MIL's Whole Wheat Cinnamon Waffles

"Have fun Honey, just don't spend to much on those Pure Romance products"

said no one's husband, 


Do you know that children's book, Maybe You Should Fly a Jet! Maybe Your Should Be a Vet! By Theo LeSieg? 

I loved that book as a kid. I bought that book for HBear and we used to read it all the time. She would go through it and say yes or no to whether she wanted to be that when she grew up. Actually, I'm pretty sure if I looked back a couple years I have a post about this exact conversation LOL. The conversation was and still is about, maybe you should be a bride.

No matter how many times we've gone through the book she always says no to that one πŸ˜‚. She said, "I do not want to be a bride. I do not want to be a Mommy." It has always bothered me but I remember saying the same thing when I was a kid. So I thought it was just normal.

SBean and I were driving the other day and she was reciting some of the book. When she said maybe you should be a bride she said, "when I grow up I want to be a bride. I want to be married. I want to be a Mommy. I want to love my family. I'm not going to be like Rowyn though, I'm going to have my own house. Rowyn wants to live with you forever but I want to be married and have a baby in my own house. Oh, and I also want to be a doctor."

She has a very clear vision of her future considering she's only 4 πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚.

Totally off-topic but do you know what kills me? The motherfucking time change. I really don't understand it. Twice a year they, as in The Man, make us change our clocks forwards & backwards, driving kids bat shit crazy. I don't know if it totally messes with their poles or what but my kids totally suck at the time change.

On Sunday morning, HBear was at a sleepover and SBean was up crazy early! We told her she could go turn on Netflix and watch a Paw Patrol… Ninja and I both loved Saturday morning cartoons! Now, I know my parents did too πŸ˜‚! So when she came in and said that she would like breakfast I somewhat glanced at the clock and saw 8:07 AM. I picked up my phone on the bed stand just to check and see what time SBean's little Besty's birthday party was at... and my reminder said 23 minutes until birthday party.

😳 Time Change.

Hate it.

And you know why I was so tired? Because the day before was MBesty's birthday! She hosted a Pure Romance party on Saturday night and asked me to "cater" it.

I did simple appies to keep the cost down and pick things everybody would like. Tough to do without knowing all the guests πŸ˜œ.

I made my Mom's Grey Cup Taco Dip  I love this dip. I have talked about it in many posts. It is simple but it's a safe bet. Everybody liked it! It was a big hit 😊.

I also made a super easy fruit dip. I don't know where this recipe came from it is just what I make sometimes if we are having a special brunch.

Fruit Dip

Mix together:

1 package vanilla pudding
1 tub Cool Whip
1 container vanilla yogurt

Funny enough because I was trying to keep costs down... I got the only yogurt on sale! A probiotic yogurt for a sex party full of women? Why not! πŸ˜‚

I made a cheese, pickle, deli meat and cracker tray.

Ninja and the girls helped cut all the fruits and vegetables.

For "desserts" I made 2 different types of tarts. I bought 2 sleeves of frozen shells and made to ridiculously easy tarts that taste damn delicious! Both tarts were raved about!

Dark Chocolate Caramel Tarts with Bacon Sea Salt

24 tart shells
1 tin dulce leache
500 g dark chocolate
Bacon Sea Salt (or sea salt)

Bake tart shells according to package. Cool.

Warm up dulche leche in the microwave and then fill cooled tarts about 2/3 full.

Cool for 20 minutes in the fridge.

Melt chocolate in the microwave and then pour a bit into each tart.


Sprinkle with Sea Salt.

I used bacon salt!!!!

Individual No Bake Cherry Cheesecake

1 tub Cool Whip
1 package cream cheese
1 cup icing sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Fill tart 24 shells with mixture.

Top with a spoonful of cherry pie filling.

As the party was at 7 PM, after dinner, I wanted everything to be late so I only packed 1 hot item… Party meatballs! I was at a potluck lunch and I had these meatballs. I can't remember who's recipe it was but she told it to me and this was my first time trying it out. They were just as I remembered them, absolutely freaking delicious! Plus it is 3 ingredients for 3 hours in your crockpot?!?!? Easiest happy ever.

Party Meatballs

1 box frozen meatballs
1 jar grape jam
1 bottle BBQ Sauce

Mix all 3 ingredients in a crockpot and cook on high for 3 hours.

The party was so much fun! I had never been to a Pure Romance party before. I loved the games even though I was absolutely terrible at them! Our party host would hold up alphabet flashcards and we had to say a word that was romantic/dirty. It was hilarious. I couldn't think of any πŸ™Š. We were put on teams and had to hold a balloon behind us and the person behind us had to "hump" the balloon and pop it. I was the second person up on our team and I tried everything! I was even running into it with my hip giving it a hip check LOL I could not break that damn balloon! Apparently I'm terrible in bed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Well I tried... the other team finished πŸ˜‚.

Happy 29th birthday... forever. πŸ˜‰

For Xmas my Dad bought me a waffle iron! We have had a blast making waffles since then! My favourite recipe is my MIL's healthy recipe. She always makes these and I love them!!! They remind me of mini donuts at the fair!

My MIL's Whole Wheat Cinnamon Waffles
Makes 8

2 eggs
1 1/2 cup buttermilk
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1 teaspoon vanilla
3/4 cup all purpose flour
1/2 cup whole wheat flour
1/4 cup oat bran
1 tablespoon sugar
tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Preheat an electric waffle iron. 

In a medium bowl, whisk together eggs, buttermilk, oil and vanilla.

In another bowl, whisk together all purpose and whole wheat flours, oat bran, sugar, baking powder and cinnamon.

Add egg mixture to flour mixture and stir until just combined.

Grease the waffle iron with cooking spray. Spoon about 1/3 cup batter per waffle into iron. Close the lid and cook until waffles are golden brown and steam stops coming out the sides. Repeat with the remaining batter.

This week can be summed up in 1 word… Public displays πŸ˜‚.

At dance class this week SBean's teacher allowed parents to come in to see what they've been working on. I cannot wait for their final performance! They are freaking adorable!

I got my step on during swim class. 

This week I had another run in not literally LOL at Starbucks. They make that drive through just such a pain in my ass! The first time I had a problem, a man cut me off as I was leaving a gap for people to go through the intersection. It turned into a yelling match as this "gentleman" ripped me apart for being crazy LOL. However, the wonderful workers at the Riverside Starbucks saw the whole thing and gave SBean and I poundcake to make up for his terrible behavior!

This time nobody was considerate like I was and didn't leave a spot for me to get through. I had to sit and wait for the line to move to get through. Jeez that irks me but I also understand when you leave a spot you can get cut off. πŸ˜‚

This week the Brownies took a tour of the credit union. HBear had a blast!

On that note… I received an email today from the Girl Guides of Canada. As I am a leader I get quite a few emails weekly. The email today was very interesting. It's stated that the Girl Guides of Canada are committed to equality and equal opportunities for all the girls and women. Due to the travel ban in the United States all trips to and through the USA have been suspended until further notice.

I cannot tell you how proud I am to be part of this organization! That is a huge step and I fully support this stand. I took a picture of the email (that's allowed right?) and posted it on Twitter right away not thinking much of it, until I received a message from a CBC producer 30 seconds later LOL...

My tweet has been liked, re-tweeted, and replied to more than any tweet I have ever put out there! They are just as many proud mamas out there as me, fully supporting the Girl Guides of Canada!

While we were at swimming today I got emails and phone calls from radios and print... they used my quotes in their article and recorded my answers for CBC radio! Crazy apparently being the 1st to tweet something makes you a "qualified" source LOL. I was very sure to say that I am not a spokesperson for GGC merely a leader and proud member of the organization. See the article HERE.

Speaking of support and pride HBear entered the annual talent show again this year. This year her and her two Besties did their interpretation of a Grace Vanderwaal song I Don't Know My Name. Her 2 Besties sang, wonderfully by the way, and HBear choreographed and danced. They were absolutely adorable! So proud of them, take so much courage to get up in front of the whole school and do something that leaves you so completely vulnerable.

The talent show was wonderful! It was also long and although I am so very impressed with all those kids getting up in front of all those people… Some of them were better than others πŸ˜‚ which led me to this… 

On Friday night Ninja and I had our weekly date night... How Was Your Week, Honey? Although this episode started off a bit slow LOL we got right into it and I think it's one of our funnier episodes, check it out!

By the time we finished our podcast I looked outside and WTF? Where is spring?


On Saturday Ninja and the gGirls helped me prep for MBesty's birthday party! Oh and I quickly drove HBear to Trout Creek for a sleepover and picked up 9 cases of Girl Guide cookies 😬. To be fair I only have to sell 3 of them, thank Gaud! LOL

SBean was invited to her very first Birthday party, without HBear, this weekend! She had such a fun time! Jumping Beans is a perfect place to have a young child's birthday party! I will definitely have to keep that in mind in November!

After the party we picked up HBear and her 2 Besties and we all went to the last performance from the Children Showcase, the DuffleBag Theatre proudly presented Rumpelstiltskin. I freaking love the DuffleBag Theater! A couple years ago we saw them perform Robin Hood and HBear got called up on stage to be Maid Marian. She was on stage the entire time! It was the funniest thing I've ever seen LOL. Yesterday, they called up all different children and it was just so well done! All the girls cheeks hurt after from smiling and laughing so hard!

Speaking of hard… I started a family/friend weekly Fitbit Challenge! It is just a few of us and we are committed to motivating each other! This past week was our second week and everybody stepped up their game from the week prior!

To cap off our week of "public displays", this morning HBear got a big surprise! She was selected as 1 of the students that best represented 1 of the 5 C's this month! She was awarded a certificate for her Commitment to Learning! She was very surprised and very excited!




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