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6th Anniversary and Sriracha Honey Chicken with Rice Noodles

A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given year.

Paul Sweeney

6 years ago today I married the man of my dreams.

I remember the whole day like it was yesterday. That is probably due to the fact that I spent a year going over every detail in my head before I went to bed… Every night. LOL that was in a time before Pinterest but Ninja and I wanted the very best wedding without spending big dollars.

We had friends and family coming from Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and even Texas! We wanted to make it worth their time and travels. We planned a whole weekend of wedding festivities!

We had the best bachelor/bachelorette parties ever! I had the most amazingly thoughtful shower on the rooftop of an amazing resort and Ninja got to go golfing with all of the men at a world-class golf course. I can't fit all the details and pictures into this one post so you have something to look forward to next year 😉.

A lot of our friends had never been here before and we had just moved 11 months prior so we really wanted to showcase our new home. We used all of our old band T-shirts and made everybody bags out of them. We filled the bags with goodies from across the Valley. All of our pre-wedding celebrations deserve their very own post so I won't tell you too much LOL.

We picked a fabulous vineyard resort and spa to have our wedding, Spirit Ridge. You can do it too, we got married on a Monday. If you don't get married on the weekend apparently there isn't a venue cost or at least a much less expensive cost! That is a fabulous way to keep the cost down. By having it at a resort all of our family and friends could stay together for the whole weekend and truly enjoy each others company.


We also made our cake out of paper. Neither one of us are huge cake fans and we had picked an amazing dessert with our dinner so we thought instead of having an actual cake we would give everybody a "cake" slice filled with one of our favourite things, coffee beans from a local roaster. Inside we made a little crossword that said Chris and Kristin the Perfect Blend. 💛 Ninja made 3 cake stands out of logs that he sanded and varnished. They are still in our garden today!

Another cost saver was our decorations. We made them all ourselves. We folded 1000 paper cranes! Every night before bed Ninja and I sat and folded paper. Not origami paper LOL we used only recycled scraps so it was not the easiest to bend and fold LOL.

My Sister handmade the guestbook and we put up pictures of all of our guests that were unable to be there with us. We made our table numbers out of memories LOL every table number had a topic and on 1 side it was how I remembered it and on the other side it was how he remembered it LOL it was fun for all of our guests to get to know us a bit better!

We made all of the menus out of wallpaper samples and I hand-painted each person's name on the front. We made up little rhymes to introduce each of our wedding party members and added interesting facts to the menu.


Not showed here but we also made the programs for the wedding ceremony. We made fans out of wallpaper samples and we had the program on one side and a crossword puzzle all about our relationship on the other side. We tied little pencils on the bottom of the fan so that people could do them while they waited for the ceremony to begin.

The day of our wedding the men got manicures and the women got their hair and makeup done. The resort offered a beautiful salon with an open courtyard area where we could lounge and enjoy the sun. We all started off together and as the hours went by, more and more people left my side until it was just me and the hairdresser. I knew something was wrong. All I could think was, "oh my God he took off!" LOL when my Mom came in 2 hours before the ceremony was to begin, I could see panic all over her face. She then broke it to me… The clouds are rolling in and the weather Channel is predicting a Redalert thunderstorm! My only wish for the entire day was to get married on the rooftop and have my first dance on the beautiful patio under the twinkling stars. We even got married at 5 o'clock so that we could enjoy the evening weather and beauty of the sunset.

But, I shook it off. Once my hair and make up was done and I went outside to get to my room I saw the black clouds over the lake. My heart was crushed. We really didn't plan for rain... we were in a desert... in August! When I got to my room I looked out the window and saw Ninja walking to his parent's room. I picked up the phone and called him. He was very upset that I wasn't getting the "perfect" day that I always hoped for. I asked him, "are you going to meet me at the end of the aisle?" And he said "you bet your damn ass I am!" And everything was OK. I never thought about it again.

Quickly, all my family and Ninja's moved the entire reception into a generic ballroom in the resort.

Ninja got ready and his wedding gift arrived. I got him a Special Edition Fender Stratocaster! So we could make sweet music together forever… Insert vomit noise here LOL He got me a gorgeous watch with the date and the words You Are My Sunshine inscribed on the back.

Ninja and my Dad had made beer for all of our guests and we labelled them all. All of our flowers where arranged by a local florist from the Farmer's Market. 2 days before our wedding my Sis, WpgBesty, Mom, HBear and myself went to her backyard gardens and hand-picked each flower. They were absolutely stunning.

I had a special Oilers garter belt made especially for our day.

HBear was only 18 months at the time. She was our Flower Girl but apparently getting dressed took up all of her energy and Ninja had to carry her down the aisle. She slept the entire ceremony and the rest of the evening LOL. We had paid a young lady that I knew to come out for the entire night. She looked after my Wxpgbesty's daughter BBear and HBear while we were at the wedding.

The amazing Suzanne of Eyes of LeStage was our wedding photographer. She captured all of my emotions that day LOL. 

My WpgBesty hand painted our wedding aisle with our "monogram". It was stunning.

We handpicked every single song. Every song for the ceremony, the reception, and the cocktail hour. Our Parents walk down to Randy Travis's Forever and Ever Amen

Our wedding party walked down to Ingrid Michaelson's Way I Am

Ninja, HBear and I walked down the aisle to my Brother singing Griffin House's Better Than Love. It was 3 1/2 minutes that I will never forget. 

As soon as I came through those doors and got to the top of the aisle the loudest crack of thunder boomed over our heads. I saw a Ninja and I didn't care about the thunder I had a great big smile and with my Dad, I confidently walked down to be by his side. The weather held out for our entire ceremony. It was beautiful. We helped write the vows, actually we stole some parts from Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love LOL and we added a few things of our own like always putting the seat down after using the bathroom and always cheering on the Oilers even when they lose LOL.


When the Minister pronounced us Husband-and-Wife we handed out chocolate shot glasses filled with The Flame from Silver Sage Winery and we all did a shot!


It was a night filled with love and funny, emotional, beautiful speeches. We had an amazing dinner! We served it family style, another huge cost saver but the food was to die for! We hand picked all of our wine. We went to all the wineries and selected our favorites. Where I come from in Winnipeg it's always an open bar. Here in BC they don't do it that way LOL so we went half-and-half we had an open wine bar with a local beer as well. We also had two punches offered and the rest was a cash bar.

I did give all of our wedding party a 7 page list and itinerary for the weekend LOL nobody can say I'm not organized! My Brother sang Forever Young by Rod Stewart for our father daughter dance. It was magical. Ninja and I danced a specially choreographed Foxtrot to It Had To Be You by Harry Connick Jr for our first dance. It may not have been under the stars but we rocked it!

We sent out thank you cards by using wood burned thank you signs that Ninja made.

It was honestly the best day of my life. It was everything that I had hoped for. My only regret is that none of my new friends that I have made in the past few years where there to enjoy it with me. 

I love you Ninja. I am so thankful for the life we've made together. 

Our wedding was just a day. 

It is all the days after that make us who we are. Our wedding was just the beginning of a lifetime of happiness with you and the family that we have created. I am so lucky, honored, and humbled that you chose me.

L. O. V. E. 💛

OK enough of that let's get to some food! LOL the other day I made stirfry. I'm going to be completely honest I didn't cook the rice noodles enough and they were hard as rock LOL but the flavour was there let me tell you! It was so good! The next day the noodles must've softened in the fridge LOL and it was exactly the way it should be and was so damn delicious! You know it's good when every single person clears their plates even though the noodles were more than just a little al dente LOL.

Sriracha Honey Chicken with Rice Noodles
Adapted from Carlsbad Cravings

4 chicken breasts, chopped into bite size pieces
1 package rice noodles, cooked according to package
1 tablespoon sesame oil
2 green onions, chopped
1 bell pepper, chopped
1 bag coleslaw
1 carrot, diced

Honey Sriracha Sauce
1/3 cup honey
1 1/2 teaspoons Sriracha (I used 1/2 because we aren't big on heat)
1/2 cup low sodium soy sauce
1/2 cup water
2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 teaspoons freshly grated ginger
3 garlic cloves, pressed
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons mirin
1 tablespoon hoisin sauce
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
2 tablespoons cornstarch

In a medium bowl, whisk together the Honey Sriracha Sauce ingredients.

Add 1/4 cup of this prepared Sauce to a large ziplock bag along with chicken and let marinate for 30 minutes, or while you prep your vegetables, or overnight.

Heat sesame oil over high heat. Drain chicken from excess marinade. Add chicken and saute just until no longer pink.

Add vegetables and saute 2 minutes.

Whisk Sauce to recombine and add to chicken/vegetables. Simmer until thickened and vegetables are crisp-tender.

Add noodles and stir until evenly combined.

Garnish with green onions.

OK so this week was busy. I know I say that every week but this week may have been almost as busy as the week leading up to our wedding 6 years ago! Ha ha ha ha

We have been truly blessed with having so many visitors this summer. This week my Aunt, 2 of my cousins and their 3 kids were out here for PeachFest. Every summer growing up my Cousins, Sister and I spent the summer here enjoying PeachFest. It made me incredibly happy to be able to do that with their kids this year! I'm going to warn you, there are a lot of pictures LOL but as I use this blog as my journal I know that this post is going to be one that I look back on fondly.

We started off our week by celebrating BC day at Gyro park. HBear, SBean and I painted tiles that will be incorporated in a huge mural for Canada's 150th birthday next year! Just knowing that our little tiles will be apart of something bigger gives me goosebumps LOL.

We made candles and HBear got a beautiful henna tattoo. The girls jumped on bouncy castles and went to the petting zoo. It was a fantastic morning with my in-laws.

We left at lunchtime to get SBean home for a nap… When she fell asleep 30 seconds after putting her in her car seat we decided to just keep on driving LOL. We drove to Keremeos and we stopped to geocache. Our first stop was an EarthCache. We learned all about tephra formations! That is the white line in the rock behind HBear. When SBean finally woke up we stopped at a beautiful park to do some more geocaching. HBear ran through the field for what seemed like an hour LOL playing with a huge yellow butterfly! When I stood there trying to get a picture of it darting everywhere we were joined by 2 more! It was just us, the beauty of the day and 3 huge yellow butterflies flying all around us darting and playing with us. My heart melted and I knew my Mom was with us.


We then went to Hedley and found another EarthCache. We learned all about Nickel Plate and the Goldminers of Hedley. What an amazing little town. It has such a rich history. It was fascinating!

The next day the girls went to their first camp together! Fitkidz! They had a blast. At lunchtime when I came to pick up SBean the girls ran to each other in the middle of the gym and hugged! My heart almost burst. 💛

That night my family got in! They came over for some pizza and beer 😊

The next morning we all met up for a beach day!

That evening we went to the PeachFest Sandcastle competition at Skaha beach. It was an absolutely gorgeous evening. Unfortunately HBear wanted to have a sleepover with my cousin's daughter and due to unforeseen circumstances it didn't happen. The meltdown that ensued was bigger than any I have ever seen before! It has Hurricane HoneyBear! Seriously, after screaming at me with all of her might she held her breath until her face turned purple! After almost 2 hours of screaming bloody murder she finally calmed down. It was absolutely insane LOL. The next day she came up to me and said "I know. I know. You don't have to say anything Mommy I am disappointed in myself." 😂 Thank goodness Dad was in Winnipeg to see the Tragically Hip concert with my Bro and didn't witness his granddaughter's epic meltdown LOL



The next day was Fitkidz and… PeachFest!

It was so hot out! We started our PeachFest experience by taking in the Master Chef Competition at Gyro park. It was 37° so we hung out in the shade for the most part.


We went to the main stage and watched the marching band, had an amazing burger for dinner (although the girls had crepes), and watched the high divers!

After all that excitement we went to the fairgrounds! This was the first year the girls got wristbands and they had so much fun! HBear, her PSBesty and my Cousin's Daughter went on so many rides! I was shocked that they went on The Salt-and-Pepper Shakers and Zero Gravity LOL SBean went on as many rides as she could over and over and over again! LOL





It was dark when I took SBean home and Ninja took HBear and Cousin to meet his Dad at the main stage for Honeymoon Suite!


The next morning was the PeachFest Parade!

At noon we left the girls with my in-laws and we began our anniversary date! 

As the traditional gift for the 6th year is iron or candy I went with… a candy puzzle LOL. I gave Ninja 6 different types of candy. Each represented something I had planned for the day. 

We started off with the beer mug gummy's. We went to a local microbrewery called Bad Tattoo and had craft beer, fabulous pizza and a refreshing Caesar salad! We also met a tremendous couple sitting beside us and had a great conversation!

Our second stop was the Hundred Grand candy bar or… $100 gift card for Buoy Clothing Company! Ninja got some awesome new outfits! We went to the sister store for women, Something Pretty but I didn't have the same luck. That's OK I still have my gift certificate for when all the fabulous fall fashions arrive!

We stopped at PeachFest for a snow cone and mini donuts before we headed to Melt Mineral Spa for a couples massage. This was represented by the Slush Puppy candy.… Because you know... Slush Puppies melt LOL

Once we were all relaxed and ridiculously oiled up LOL we headed over to the Hooded Merganser for a nice dinner and wine "wine gums" on their spectacular patio.

After dinner the little monkey with his cymbals represented music and we went to the Dream Café for some dessert, drinks and Jazz!

When we got home Ninja started a fire in the backyard and poured us a nightcap. I joined him outside with his present. I wanted to get him something iron but what he really needed was a new golf driver so I got him a new Nike Vapor! I couldn't find anything that had a golf ball in the candy store so I went with a baseball instead LOL sometimes these creative presents need to be stretched just a little 😜

Apparently we think alike because he then brought out my present… At first he handed me a 6 iron with a pack of Starbursts and I thought, "awesome! I totally need to build a new golf set, this is a perfect start!" My parents bought my starter golf set when I turned 16 years old! Then he went back into the garage and came out with the entire set! When I opened up every pocket of my new beautiful bag there was candy stuffed in each of them! LOL

We even bought each other the same card! LOL

Of course with the girls sleeping at Grandma and Grandpa's that left us the whole morning to go test out our new clubs at the driving range!


When we were done there we headed over to my SBesty's place. SBean was invited to her GBesty's birthday in the morning and HBear was invited to SBesty's birthday in the afternoon… Yes they are crazy LOL. However, she is a genius and hired a lifeguard to watch the kids in the pool while we all sat and had a glass of wine and chatted!

After a full day of birthday parties we stopped in at the hotel to say goodbye to my family and then headed home to bed.

Not every week can be filled with this much fun, love and excitement but I know this week will stay in my memory for a very very long time. 💛


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