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This Thanksgiving was even more special than usual.

It was also my Dad's 60th birthday!

We had been planning a while and we had a whole weekend of all of Dad's favorite things. It started last Thursday when I picked my Bro up from the airport. Our first stop was SBean's music class. My Bro actually bought the class for SBean for Xmas, so it was nice for him to see how much she LOVES it!

We HAD to have Burger 55 for dinner! Of course this was the first time EVER Dad was home late and missed dinner!!! 

Dad was so surprised when Bro jumped out of the closet LOL Right after dinner the Guys all went bowling and came home... errrrr a bit tipsy LOL

The next day Sis, BIL and SPea arrived!!!

The girls and I made dinner and started a family band,

While the rest of the family took Dad on a craft beer tasting tour! They went to The Cannery, Bad Tattoo, and Tin Whistle,

I made an AWESOME dinner of Maple Dijon Apple Cider Grilled Pork Chops, Roasted Sage Cauliflower and Herbed Gruyere Orzo (which my BIL threatened bodily harm if I didn't post in my next blog lol) RECIPES TO FOLLOW.

After an afternoon of beer tasting, wine, and a delicious dinner we made our way to the backyard for a family fire,

My Bro by 8:45 :)

The next morning we had band rehearsal lol,

And then we were off to the market,

For dinner I made Beef Pot Pies last week and froze them for an easy dinner while everyone was here and My Mom's delicious Mandarin Almond Salad. There may have been a little less wine at dinner than the previous night LOL. After dinner My MBesty and I took my Sis to Paintnite for HER birthday which was on Wednesday. It was a great time :) While we were gone the boys drank beer and watched the Canucks game, The Winnipeg Blue Bombers game AND the Oilers game!

On Sunday it was my Dad's big 6-0! We walked Lakeshore in Peachland,



We had a delicious lunch at Bliss Bakery. We sat outside enjoying the sunshine :) Dad opened up his 1st gift. For the past few weeks we had been collecting memories from friends and family via Facebook. I printed them up on stock cards and tied them with a ribbon. Dad sat and read each one and there were close to 50!!! They were so meaningful. It amazed me to hear everyone's stories lol Dad sure has impacted a lot of lives. He makes each one of us feel special with nicknames, that was apparent by how many people talked about that or signed with their nickname! It was so special :)

Next stop, Hardy Falls. We were hoping to see the Salmon Run but it is pretty late in the year, so we were only able to see a few trying to swim up the river. It sure was beautiful in the forest though:)

I know it's just the sun… But I like to think my mom was there with us. :)


When we got home it was time to get dinner ready! We did Thanksgiving dinner for Dad's birthday feast. It was super awesome because I didn't cook one thing! My BIL brought his deep fryer and he fried that $80 Free range turkey! BAHAHAHA It was ah-mazing!

Ninja and my Sis did the rest! Everything was local. The purple carrots and the fingerling potatoes from the Market, the turkey from Keremeous, and the stuffing bread was from Bliss. All the herbs were from the garden and everything tasted so freaking good!

After dinner we celebrated Dad with a cake made especially for him! With his favorite '55 Chevy right there too! The cake was baked by a local Mom who did a FABULOUS job!

We gave Dad the rest of his gifts. A salmon fishing trip on the Fraser River and tickets to the Canucks vs. Oilers game in Vancouver next week. Bright and early the next day everyone was up and ready to go. Dad and Bro were on their salmon fishing adventure, Sis and BIL were off back to Cochrane and we were on our way to Vernon to visit the pumpkin patch. Sis and family stopped for a bit of pumpkin fun before they continued on home,

We waved goodbye to SweetPea, my Sis and BIL and returned home for some massive clean up :)

It was a wonderful weekend! My Bro is here for a few more days and they had a great time salmon fishing, even though they didn't catch anything AND got lost coming home on the Connector :(

All in all it was great times. Dad smiled all weekend! Happy Birthday Dad! I love you so very much. I am so very thankful for my Family. They make me laugh, swear, roll my eyes, and smile. They fill my heart and I am so happy we got to spend this quality time together.



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