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What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas... I hope!

The best thing about Las Vegas is that no one pretends to be responsible for your behavior like they do in the rest of the country. There's no meddling self - righteous liberals or right - wing Christian demagogues telling you that you can't do something fun with your own time and money. If you can afford it, it's yours.

Drew Carey

Come on out and dance
If you get the chance
We're gonna spit on the rival
All's I wanna know
is how far you wanna go,
Fighting for survival.

Groan. My alarm was singing Back Down South by the Kings of Leon so I knew it was 7:30am and time to get up. Ninja and I went to sleep past 2 in the morning and I was so excited I barely slept at all... Why didn't I schedule a sleep in? I thought.

I opened my eyes and my first sight was New York New York :) that was all I needed to spring out of our comfortable bed!

Time to go!

We took the Deuce to Harrah's/the Linq, exactly where we left off on the Strip the day before!

A friend of mine had informed me that there was a restaurant that serves the BEST breakfast in town... So I made 9:30 reservations. This is also a great way to save money on vacation, eat a big hearty breakfast. It's always the cheapest of any meal and you don't spend money on wine or drinks. :)

When we got there it was packed! I turned to Ninja and handed him his first chip of the day, Hash House.

Of course our reservation was misplaced and by accident they put it on the next day, I was a bit nervous because the wait was almost an hour but they handled it like pros and we were seated within minutes.

It was super good, large portions, good coffee and excellent service. After a bacon and eggs breakfast for Ninja and huge waffles for myself, 

I handed Ninja his second chip, Hotels.

We walked out into the very hot sun and began our Las Vegas Strip adventure.

We went through Harrah's, nothing special though. 

Then we crossed and went into Caesar's Palace. Holy crap. It is huge, and classy, and expensive lol the shops are ridiculous, I saw actual manolo blahniks!!!! We figured out that when in Rome... lol Ninja loves watches and I love shoes. It is our thing. He stopped and longingly looked into every Omega, Rolex and other expensive watch stores that had HUGE bodygaurds at the door lol. It was funny though, even though every hotel has it's own "mall" we barely saw anyone with shopping bags. Everything is so far apart that it sucks to carry bags with you all day and hard to drop them back off at the hotel.

After Caesar's Palace we each got a pint and walked over to the Flamingo,

and then right over to Paris Paris. This was another one of my favorites! It was so pretty inside. Lots of bling, chocolate, bread and cheese... I am assuming very French :)

Outside The Eiffel Tower and the Arc De Triomphe were pretty neat to see. When you go inside the bottom feet of the tower go right through the casino, it is pretty incredible!

We made our way over to Planet Hollywood, which looked cool but didn't have anything too unique, beside big ass murals of Britney Spears everywhere and apparently the batmobile lol. 

At about 2:00 we headed over to the Bellagio to check it out before the fountain show at 3pm. Gotta say it... I was expecting more from the Bellagio. It was PACKED inside and it was stunning but maybe I was just spoiled with seeing other really cool hotels first so nothing looked that special by this point lol but I was expecting the most from it and felt... meh! 

We purchased 2 gin and tonics to take outside to watch the show... $28.00. That is what I will forever remember about the Bellagio!!! LOL

Again, I was kinda let down but Ninja reminded me that we just saw giant fountains dance to music in a football field sized pool while having a refreshing beverage... and I gave myself a shameful slap lol. It was pretty freaking stunning!

After the show we walked through the Cosmopolitan and Aria. They were pretty but we just walked through them. We always try to pick Ninja up a Hard Rock shirt when we go to new places so we headed there next. Ninja was super disappointed with the Taylor Swift blaring from the speakers! Hard Rock I think not! LOL He got a shirt and we had another gin and shared some chicken fingers. $16.00 now that is more like it! LOL

Right in front of the MGM were a few shopping stores we had to go to. My MBesty is a HUGE Coke fan so we went to the Coke store and I picked her up some cute Coke PJ Pants :) It was insane in there! So many people and so much Coke shit lol

We also went to the M & M store! Crazy! Who knew they were soooo popular! We picked up cute socks for SweetPea and a ball for JQ.

From there we hiked back to our room and took a quick shower and changed and we were ready for a night on the town. 

Our hotel was attached to the Tropicana by way of skywalk so we walked there first. I went to the concierge and picked up our tickets for later and then we crossed over to the free team at the Excalibur. It amazed me to see people taking glass bottles of beer on to the tram lol! The tram took us right to Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay was originally my first choice of hotels. It is beautiful!

It is also the first hotel on the strip :( the prices were better (for a nicer room) but then you are farther away from everything, so you have to decide what works for you. 

We went to the House of Blues store and I snuck over to "sign in". For the past year I had been play My Vegas Slots in Facebook. It is a slots game that lets you cash in your points for actual rewards! I used my rewards to get us into the membership only, exclusive House of Blues Foundation Room. After we got our pass we played some slots and walked around. When we came to a thick velvet rope in front of a door I stopped and said "this is us!" I then handed Ninja his third chip, HOB. 

He was very confused when I handed the hostess our pass and she opened the rope for us. We stepped onto the elevator and looked at the buttons and saw 60 floors... Then the penthouse... And THEN the Foundation Room waaaay up on the 64th floor!!!!

When the doors opened a beautiful girl greeted us "good evening Mr & Mrs Maier! Welcome! Is this your first visit with us? It is! Wonderful would you like a drink in the lounge to begin? Right this way."

She guided us into what I picture an lush elegant opium den looks like lol. It was velvety and dark and rich looking with sofas and silk pillows. The drink menu was divine and I got a champagne cocktail and Ninja got a craft beer. We took out drinks out on to the open patio overlooking... All of Vegas! It was amazing. 

When we came back inside we were ushered into the elegant dining room. Our table was right in front of the floor to ceiling windows which was perfect to watch the sun set over the strip! The service was top notch. We had a server and water pourer and a busboy at our beck and call. We had them laughing as we looked at their Very American wine list and tried to convert them to our BC wine lol

We started with delicious salads.

For dinner we had a bottle of red and I had the chicken and Ninja had a New York with bernaise and topped with King crab. Ummmm yum?!?!

**We were too drunk to take decent pictures at this point! LOL

Champagne always hits me hard, especially after a few gins and a pint in the afternoon and a bottle of wine with dinner. By dessert I was loaded! Lol I blame it on the elevation lol. We took our coffee, Baileys, and scotch onto the patio as the sun had just set and the lights were awesome! 

We met some girls from Ontario lol and had a blast out on the patio. Our server brought us out complimentary champagne for Ninjas birthday, whoa baby more champagne! Lol

When I got the bill, in my drunkenness I noticed Ninjas scotch... $43.00... American!!!! OMG we just giggled lol 

That was our splurge dinner. Lol everything in moderation :)

We thanked our hosts and I loudly told everyone that I was going to give them the BEST reviews on TripAdvisor lol, then we we began our stumble back to the tram. 

We took the tram back to Excalibur and crossed to the Tropicana and right into the Laugh Factory. Ninja received his final chip of the day Ha Ha Ha, I had to get inventive for some of these! Lol

Ninja loves stand up comedy. He subscribes to comedian podcasts and listens to comedy channels while he works :)

It was awesome. I seriously cant't remember the 3 comedians we saw lol but they were super funny! I had bought a VIP Groupon that allowed us 1 free ticket and front row seating. Yes, I got heckled lol apparently I have a loud laugh and am very enthusiastic lol ummm, yup! Especially with champagne giddiness lol

We walked back to the hotel after midnight with aching cheeks. I smiled from the time I opened my eyes until the time we got to the pizza place for a snack and found it to be closed :( we settled for 2am McDonalds instead lol

Day H was awesome but we still had day 4, the letter R! Stay tuned because I saved the best for last AND Ninja will be guest blogging to tell us what HE thought about Vegas in his own words! :)

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