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Las Vegas here we come!!

Yolo, bitches! (Oddly enough the auto correct for Yolo is:tool.)

Susan Krepart

So this is pretty exciting! Ninja and I have never truly been on a holiday together. 

We went to Chicago when we were younger for Lollapalooza with a couple friends, we went to my Uncle and Aunt's cabin in Invermere for our honeymoon, and we did have that wonderful night in Vancouver for my birthday back in April :) but we have never done the flying to a hotspot vacation. 

On Monday all of that changed. 

So... Saturday was the day of last-minute details, packing, and getting ready. I pretty much had everything already done for the girls and I but there were a few things like, waxing.

Now, I know that I just got waxed 2 weeks ago, I guess we all know that LOL but some of the parts weren't long enough at the time so I have patches of hair all over my legs. So I thought rather than going back and getting tortured again, I would buy wax!

See, you're already laughing. That's just not fair.

So needless to say when the directions only have a few words and they say YOU can do it in only 3 easy steps and you think, "wow this is going to be a breeze", 



Put it down.

Absolutely no good can come out of this situation. I knew it, and I still did it, so I deserve this. 

The pictures don't even do it justice LOL my knee was black and blue, it had wax on it for 2 days and it was completely burnt.

Fabulous. It's a good thing all my "non-mommy outfits" were below my knees...

????? Riiiiiiight. 

So when I gave Ninja his birthday card, one of the only things I revealed to him was that he needed to bring dress pants. I am shocked that dress code insists on men wearing pants when it's an average of 40° or better right now?!?!?! Ninja doesn't really have any summer dress pants except for his cream colored suit pants from our Wedding. The last time he wore them was my sister's wedding LOL. 

When he pulled them out he noticed a little stain on the pocket and even after reading that they were dry clean only, but Google said you can wash them in cold water, we threw them in along with a dress shirt and a couple of other whites that need to be done.

When the load ended and I pulled out one of the items a tube of sunscreen lipstick tumbled out. 


We pulled everything out frantically and saw red lipstick on everything!

We use Oxiclean stain remover on every little speck and threw them back in a super hot wash with bleach.

Well, now they are Sean John cream suit pants with natural red polka dots that HBear could wear!!!!!! Lol

As I laid down in bed that night I thought of all of these little "signs" and thought to myself "should we be doing this?" I've seen Final Destination and I was beginning to get spooked. I asked Ninja if all of these signs were pointing to us not going and he said "No! We're just getting over a bad luck out-of-the-way now" :)

On Sunday we woke up and went to The Bay to buy Ninja new dress pants :)

So this is how I did it… I wanted to make the most luxurious and pampered vacation possible spending the least amount of dollars. I used Groupon, gift certificates, played my Vegas slots on Facebook to redeem loyalty points, joined Mlife, and researched and read everything there is to know about Las Vegas. I had cue cards with every stop outlining all the free attractions and things to do. I also used apps to help plan like TripIt, PackPoint and Trello

I'm an A type personality what can I say? Lol

Each day was designated a letter and on specific events I gave him a poker chip to help fill his "bucket". 

Our first day was the letter D

Ninja got his first chip when We Dropped the girls off at my in-laws at noon. I explained to Ninja that I had everything scheduled but it was more like a choose your own adventure lol there would be options lol

The first option was lunch. I told him we had a reservation at 2:30... Do you want lunch now or later?

He picked now and one of our favorite spots, The Local in Summerland. 

I directed him to the Delta in downtown Kelowna where he received his second chip signifying our massages at the Delta. This was a price saver as every spot in Las Vegas was hundreds of dollars and we had two gift certificates from last year's Mother and Father's Day just sitting there waiting to be used :)

Lucky us, after our amazing massages we received a chocolate plate with chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate fudge, Chocolate truffles and brownies!

Off to a good start!

Next we went to the Dilworth Inn (3rd chip). It is an inexpensive hotel with clean rooms and a nice pool. Our flight left the next morning at 6 so staying in Kelowna allowed us that much needed extra 2 hours of sleep :)

Ninja's fourth chip was D for Dinner. We cabbed it from the hotel down to the beach and then we went for a drink on Bernard St.

We then went up to Earl's rooftop for dinner. This was another money saver as I had a gift card from 2 Christmases ago lol. We also had a big breakfast/lunch so we shared a few appetizers for dinner. TIP * This is a great way to enjoy expensive restaurants without breaking your wallet.

We had a nice dinner with a beautiful view and then took a nice stroll along the beach and through the marina.

We went and had an early nightcap as we waited for our cab.

We were back at the hotel by 8 o'clock, took a nice dip in the pool and hot tub and went to bed early, excited for our Las Vegas adventure!!

Stay tuned for our next day which was brought to Ninja by the letter F.


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