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Onion, Pepper and Baked Egg Galettes

As a mother you tend to worry. 

About everything.  

You worry about them on the playground, you worry about them crossing the street, you worry about them accepting a ride from a stranger, you pretty much worry about them whenever they're out of your sight LOL.

I remember dropping HBear off at preschool for the first time I'm just thinking... OMG I won't be there to protect her. 

That was 2 years ago and that feeling still hasn't gone away, Every day that she goes to an activity, every day that she goes to school, every day that she's not in front of me, I worry about her. 

The first day I dropped her off at kindergarten I walk through the school and I thought "this looks like a safe place." I know about Sandy Hook, I know about Columbine but I like to think, call me naive, that the school that my daughter goes to is safe. 

I still worry. Every day for a split second I think of the worst possible thing that could happen while she's at school. Just for a split second I am filled with fear. 

Yesterday a terrorizing note was found at 3 of our local schools, threatening to bring a gun inside the school.

Copies of this threatening letter were found at two south Okanagan schools Wednesday morning (Global News has covered up profanities).
This is the note as seen on Global News 
There are so many ways to think about this, so many ways I have thought about this. I don't want to fall under the media hype, however looking back at these past devastating massacres there were usually, if not always, telling signs days before. It would be silly to ignore this threat but also crazy to pull my daughter out of school.

In fact, I don't even know what to tell her, she is only 6, I don't want to scare her but I want her to be informed. 

This morning when I dropped her off at school there weren't very many kids on the playground. I talked to the vice principal and he assured me that all security measures were being taken. I feel that they're doing the best that they can by locking all the doors from the inside, by keeping the children inside today as much as possible, the teachers were all being debriefed by the RCMP on what measures to take, and they were going to have an assembly to discuss stranger danger and what to do in case of an emergency.

The threats were not made to our school but the danger has now been put out there, you know what I mean? I did not feel as safe as I usually do dropping off HoneyBear this morning. 

We are a small city, about 30,000 in population, you always think it can't happen to me but this is a slap of reality, right in my face. It can happen. It can happen anywhere. It can happen here, in this small slice of paradise that we call home. 

You always want to protect your children from everything and knowing that when they leave the house that they could be in danger is terrifying... sickening. Tomorrow is a Pro D-Day and I just really can't wait for this day to be over so I can pick her up and bring her home.

She will be with me and any danger that there is in will come from my hands lol

And on that note,

You know you are in trouble when...

My Mom started dessert with HBear at a very young age, which I kind of find funny because as a child I never got desert LOL.  It became such a thing that HBear expected dessert after breakfast and lunch as well. In fact, she thought desert could even come at snack time if you ate all your snack LOL. 

The rule is, if you eat all your dinner you get dessert. SBean does not enjoy this LOL as she does not eat dinner... Ever. The other night we had chicken souvlaki, Greek rice, and green beans with homemade tzatziki. HBear finished her whole plate, like usual, so I made her an ice cream cone as SBean sat and glared at her through little eye slits. "SydneyBean ert!"

By this time everybody was done dinner and we are clearing up and SBean sat there with her little clenched fists

"No Syd didn't eat her dinner so SBean does not get dessert."

Well the temper tantrum that ensued included some screaming, some fist pounding and a lot of "ERT! ERT! ERT!". 

"Mommy said no and that is not changing, you must eat your dinner to get dessert."

Well that did it! She slammed her fist down and yelled "RICE now!"

She then proceeded to eat her entire portion of rice very quickly while glaring daggers at me LOL when she finished she opened her mouth showed me it was all done and yelled "ERT NOW!" I got her her own little ice cream cone and she held it up like a trophy, 


Oh yes I know I'm in trouble.

The other day Ninja's parents were getting back from the cruise so we stopped at the store to pick them up some milk to put in their fridge for their coffee in the morning. I ran quickly, I mean quickly honestly I was gone 3 1/2 minutes. When I got back to the van I heard Ninja saying "I don't know HBear why don't you ask your mommy that" insert duh duh duhhhh here. I turned around and said "what's up?" and HBear asks "where does God live?"

I just looked at Ninja, seriously? I left you for 3 1/2 minutes how does this happen? As the adult you preempt this shit. You steer the conversation and then questions like this don't come up! LOL

This is how we answered, "in all honesty Sweetie we don't know where God lives. Everybody thinks their own thoughts on this matter it's up to you to spend your life trying to figure out what you believe." 

"Well what do you believe Mommy? Where do you think God lives?"

Well, I believe God is all around us. I am not sure if that is his name but I believe he or she is in everything. 

Ninja chimed in and said that he believed the same thing, that God or a higher power of some sort was everywhere. That God was nature and science and faith all rolled into one. 

And then I said "I'm not sure where God lives but wherever he is, I think that Nana is with him."

Serenity now!

2 nights ago SBean took her dessert tantrum to a whole new level.  We were having Thai turkey burgers and she knew if she didn't get her plate cleared she was not getting dessert, based on our Greek dinner the previous night. Well, she stuffed her dinner into her mouth and then said "done!" 

I sat and watched her as she kept that mouth full of all that food for almost 30 minutes. HBear had left and went to dance already and the kitchen was cleaned up as I sat at the table in a stare down with my two-year-old.

"Swallow it!" and she would shake her head no. 

"Swallow it!" No. 

At one point she was choking on it and I was scared that this was how it was going to end for her LOL in a stubborn fit of not eating her dinner. After almost 40 minutes, I pulled her away from the table leaned her over the toilet and scooped it all out of her mouth. The amazing part is she had coleslaw and turkey burger in her mouth but when she spit it all out she had somehow I managed to eat the coleslaw that she liked and still keep the turkey burger in her mouth LOL. When it was all in the toilet she looked up at me and said "yucky!"

Yes, I know how much trouble I am in.

A little while ago we are in the van on the way home from school and HBear said "Mommy can I tell you a secret?"  Of course Sweetie you can tell me anything. 

"Can I trust you not to tell anyone?" 

At this point I started looking in the rearview mirror at her face to see if I should pull over the vehicle for this secret LOL. 

"Mommy I like Jake."

OMG is this starting already?

"Oh, and does he know that you like him?"

She looked horrified and said "No! He also doesn't know that I know that he likes me too" she said proudly,

"Jake told Chase in math class and then he he whispered in my ear during music class that Jake told him that he likes me"

She just turned 6! I am in so much trouble.

HBear came home from school last week with a note in her bag saying that she has showed interest in trying out for the school talent show next month. 

Now I am all for this don't get me wrong but as I read this note flashes of HBear race through my head. HBear at her choir concert with her head down looking at her shoes. HBear at her Halloween costume parade marching around the gym without a smile because she was embarrassed to be up in front of everybody. It's very odd when I talk to her teacher her teacher assures me that she's a confident young girl that is a leader in her class. This reaffirms what I see at home every day.  However, she is really going through a phase of being in front of people and the embarrassment of doing well in front of people???

I would hate for her to get up in front of the whole school and freeze. I'm not sure if she would ever try again. She wants to take her guitar however she just got her guitar and although she's doing amazingly well she practices's finger strengthening and scales nothing really to present to an audience. 

So, we made the executive decision to say not this year Honey. I reminded her that she practices all year for her dance recital and that she practices all year for your end-of-the-year Broadway recital too. I told her "If you practice very hard for the next couple months, I promise to bring your amp and guitar into school for your last Show & Tell of the year and you can perform for your class. Next year if you practice very hard you can perform for the talent show."

I'm not sure if this is the right decision but we feel like by getting her to wait we are setting her up for success. 

Who the Eff knows? I am in so much trouble. 

SBean and I were at the store the other day and I said to her "do you want to count mushrooms with me?" She said okay and proceeded to count the mushrooms from 1 to 12! 

Then I said "oh really you think you're such a smarty-pants hey?" and then she proceeded to look at me and say "3, 6, 9, 12" 

"Oh really? What else you got?" 

She looked directly at me started picking up the mushrooms and counted to 10 en français. 

Someone help me because I am in deep trouble.


The other night I made galettes. My Sis was all like "what the hell are galettes?" and my Bro thought they were something running across the African desert.

These were super tasty and perfect for breakfast for dinner :) I overcooked my eggs as it really is trial and error when you cook eggs. Plus we all know I am not the best egg cooker lol. 

Red Pepper and Baked Egg Galettes

1 1/2 bell peppers, sliced
1 red onion, sliced
1 cup mushrooms, sliced
*fresh sprigs of thyme
*1 teaspoon cumin
*1 teaspoon coriander
1/4 cup oil
handful fresh parsley, chopped
1 sheet puff pastry, thawed
1 egg, beaten, for brushing the pastry (I used an egg white. Doesn't brown the pastry as well as the whole egg)
8 teaspoons sour cream
1 tablespoon fancy mustard
4 large fresh eggs
salt and fresh cracked pepper

*I used 3 teaspoons of Epicurean Guacamole seasoning instead of these 3 ingredients and it was awesome!*

Set oven to 400

Mix together the pepper, mushrooms, onions, and spices in a bowl. Add the oil and toss well so that everything is coated with the oil and spices.

Spread on a baking sheet and roast for about 30 minutes, stirring and rearranging the veggies a few times so they don't burn.

Sprinkle the veggies with half the fresh parsley and set aside.

Turn the oven up to 425. Roll out the pastry on a floured surface.

Cut into 4 squares. Transfer to a silpat lined baking sheet.

Take a dull knife and score a little 1/4 inch frame around each square of pastry. Don't cut all the way through. Prick the inside of the squares all over with the tines of a fork. Put back in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Mix together the mustard and the sour cream. I used mustard I got for Christmas from the artisan market, you can use Dijon, bold, honey, whatever mustard you like :)

Remove the pastry from the fridge and brush all over with a beaten egg. Spread the inside of each square with 3 tsp of sour cream.

Top each with some of the veggie mixture, spread it out evenly, leaving the borders free, and leaving a shallow depression in the center for the egg, which will go in later.

Bake for about 10 minutes until rising and starting to brown.

Remove and carefully crack in egg into the center of each galette.

Put back into the oven for about 10 minutes until the egg is set. I cooked mine too long. Next time I think 8 minutes would be great.

Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and remaining parsley. Drizzle with some good olive oil and eat right away.

I served this with a side of bacon and a strawberry, almond and Feta salad. The saltiness of the Feta and bacon really went well with the eggs.

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Sue February 26, 2015 at 2:15 PM  

That looks absolutely delicious! Loved your story, too, especially the counting in French part. Gotta love precocious kids.
Dropping by during the Thursday blog hop,

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