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Hawaiian Grilled Chicken

So. Monday. We meet again. We will never be friends—but maybe we can move past our mutual enmity toward a more-positive partnership.

Julio Alexi Genao

7:45 AM: Everyone gets up. We are running a bit late because it was a busy weekend with late nights. On Friday we did Chinese New Year at my in-laws

and on Saturday we had a anti-bullying night at the Penticton Vees hockey game for our school. Last night after swimming lessons everybody was done. 

8:00 AM: Every morning I lay out 2 outfits for HBear. She can mix-and-match them or have a few changes but for the most part they are weather appropriate. Apparently the weather means nothing to HBear this morning as she has a complete throw down for a spring/summer dress. I want to keep arguing with her but the time is getting later and later and frankly at this point I want her to freeze. "Fine wear what you want!" Ninja gets SBean dressed 3 different times before I feel that her outfit is somewhat appropriate for public. 

8:45 AM: I get all 3 of us into the van plus the empty water jugs and all of my change, finally we leave the house!

9:00 AM The 5 C's assembly begins. Once a month our school does an assembly to honor the kids that have done well in the 5 C's department, this month is courtesy. HBear has never won a certificate. I explained to her that sometimes your good deeds aren't noticed by everyone but if you keep on doing them someday someone will notice. I also told her that maybe the teachers don't notice her being kind and courteous but the other student that she's being nice to does notice and that's what's important. I feel like a freaking after school special LOL. This assembly also had a special Chinese ribbon dance that the grade 1's have been preparing, they were so cute. 

9:55 AM: We leave the assembly but not before I see HBear with her little arms wrapped around her body. "Cold Sweetie?" She quickly drops her little goosbumped arms and stubbornly sticks out her chin and says "Nope. Bye Mommy" and skips away. I shake my head and SBean and I drive my MBesty home. She has a terrible head cold and she needs to lay down, take some Tylenol and relax!!

10:00 AM: A much needed Starbucks stop. At this point I noticed that gas is 109.9 I'm blown away because last night it was 99.9!

10:15 AM: Stop to fill up my water jugs. 

10:25 AM: As I'm filling up the water jugs I look across the street and see gas at Superstore is 98.9! I quickly cross the street to fill up before all of the gas stations go up by $.11. I was going to take a picture of the 6 pumps to show you what I'm dealing with LOL WHAAAATT?!?!? This is absolutely ridiculous people are just... whoops I forgot I had my microphone on, but seriously I have 3 people parked like complete Assholes on the 3 pumps that are on my side and there's nobody in any of these cars or pumping and then this guy pulls in right in front of me and backs in so he can be ahead of me WTF? When I got out and took a picture of his truck he let me go first... yeah you think??

That truck cut right in front of me!!!!
10:45 AM: Go across the street to the radio station to pick up my big win LOL I won a weekly prize for our Saturday night hockey pool through the radio station, yay me. Do you believe that my prize sheet isn't there and she has to go on a hunt to find it? LOL

11:00 AM: I realize that while I was getting water, my hands got icky super dirty. Because of all of our geocaching this weekend the vehicle is gross. 

Do you see it? The cache? It's right there!

This was in a canyon on the top of Carmi?!?!?!
You can't see it and it is a little hike down but it is the remnants of an old bike course.
Ninja stopped to pee at an outdoor potty. He waved to us through the opening LOL

The girls were soooo excited to see "snow"

So, I look in my wallet realize I have 2 toonies, that's enough for a 1/2 rinse and 1/2  foam brush and a 1/2 foam brush and a 1/2 rinse LOL so I run to the car wash and give the van a half ass wash. SBean loves it because she gets a box a raisins while I work :)

11:15 AM: Get to Superstore to do my weekly grocery shopping. Like usual I did up my menu yesterday, went through my plus points and the flyer to see what would be best to make this week and made my list. 

12:30 PM: I look at the clock as we walk out of the store and realize I am not going to get home to make lunch before we pass the the point of no return for SBean's naptime. So, I say "hey SBean do you want a grilled cheese from McDonald's?" and she says, "Yes Mommy I do! What a great idea Mommy!" Lol

12:45 PM: We finally get home to unload the water and all the groceries. I check the mailbox and see an envelope addressed to me from the Canada Revenue Agency *groan* nothing good can come out of that. It turns out it was my T4 for Child Tax but you never know when you see that envelope LOL

12:47 PM: Finally let SBean out of her seat and realize that her diaper came halfway off and her pants are soaked. 

12:50 PM: Open the door and quickly run in to change SBean's diaper. Take a look around and see that Ninja vacuumed the house! He started work a bit later this morning because it was a bit frosty earlier on. He also took out all the garbage! How lucky am I??    

1:00 PM: Look at all of the fresh fruit and vegetables on the counter and realize I'm a terrible Mom for giving SBean McDonalds for lunch and quickly vow to make her a delicious smoothie for snack after nap filled with greens, lentils and Greek yogurt. 

Tip: I reuse the produce bags to cut down on the # of bags I use 
1:15 PM: Finish the nap routine...3 books, 1 song, tuck, tuck, tuck and crank the spa music in the living room. 

1:16 PM: finally pee. My morning coffee and my Starbucks latte has been sitting in my bladder for a while.

1:20 PM: Get unloading all of those groceries and putting them away. 

1:30 PM: Get a load of laundry in.

1:35 PM: Make my marinade and get my chicken in there for dinner tonight.

1:40 PM: Quickly get changed and have a 20 minute yoga break. 

2:00 PM: Pound back a glass of water, roll up my mat and sit down at the computer for a few minutes to check my 300 emails LOL. Also start a list of things I didn't get done this morning. (Register girls for gymnastics, clean the shower, text 2 friends, and so many more I will think of throughout the day)

2:20 PM: Throw a load of laundry into the dryer and get another load going. After weekend laundry sucks lol.

2:25 PM: Wake up The Bean. I hate this :( Some days I can't get her down at all but other times, like today, I have to wake her up to go get HBear. I feel like it is a waste of good nap minutes.

2:30 Get going to the school.

2:45 HBear comes bounding out! Can we play on the playground for a bit? Pllleeeeeaaaaassssseeeeeee!!! I realize that Monday Yoga is over for HBear and we do have a few minutes so I agree and watch both girls run happily off.

3:15 PM: Get in the house and realize that I forgot to start the washing machine. Look at it as a positive and get the kids spring sweaters and car seat in there too.

3:20 PM: Read over the school notices about security precautions being taken due to the threatening letter that was found last week. Also read the letter that announces that lice has been found in HBear's class. I march outside and do a full lice check of both girls. Clear! Thanks Gawd!!!!

3:30 PM: I turn on the Billboard top songs of 2015 and let the girls play outside while I fold and put away laundry. 

3:32 PM: "Mommy can we have a snack?" Shit! I realize that I did not fulfill my vow of making a healthy smoothie for the girls when we got home and now it's too close to dinner. Take a look around grab some bananas... here you go girls.

3:40 PM: HBear has to bring 100 of something to school on Wednesday for the 100th day of school. We count out 100 army guys, by 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's. 

3:45 PM: Hello kiss for Ninja.  

4:00 PM: It is time for guitar practice, the girls come inside. HBear practices and SBean warms up with some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I tidy up dishes, change over laundry and hang dry car seat. Fill up coffee, sugar and flour. 

4:45 PM: Get dinner going. Tonight we are having BBQ chicken, Coconut Rice , and broccoli. I asked SBean at the store today what vegetable she wanted tonight and she yelled "I NEED broccoli Mommy. I just NEEEEEEEED it!" LOL all the older woman around us laughed and said what a wonderful little eater I have there. They have no idea she likes broccoli because it is the BEST to rub in her hands at the table because all the little green broccolis make the most beautiful "fireworks" as she throws them above her head. It's true. She does this.

Hawaiian Grilled Chicken

3 chicken breasts
½ cup low-sodium soy sauce
½ cup water
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 bunch of green onions, chopped
2 garlic cloves, pressed
1 teaspoon of sesame oil
1 can of coconut milk

Mix soy sauce, water, brown sugar, onions, garlic, sesame oil, and coconut milk in a large bowl. Marinade chicken.

Grill chicken at a low heat so that the marinade does not burn for 5-7 minutes per side or until done.

Garnish with green onions.

5:15 PM: Dinner!

5:40 PM: Play the "eat you freaking dinner" game with SBean while HBear clears her empty plate. Their differences are glaringly obvious during dinner time lol. 

6:00 PM: The kitchen is cleaned up and HBear has swept the floor (her nightly chore) so it is officially bath time. HBear and I are first as SBean is finally getting her dessert after Ninja spoon fed her dinner :( I add a touch more tea tree oil to HBear's shampoo :)

6:20 PM: Now it is time for Ninja and SBean! 

6:45 PM: Sit down with HBear to do home reading and work on her calendar. She is doing great keeping a fantastic record of all her milestones and fun activities. 

7:00 PM: Good night SBean :) next, I fulfill my promise and turn on HBear's favorite show, Masterchef Jr.  Ever since she has been watching it every meal is critiqued LOL "I like this Mommy but it just doesn't have enough flavor, I think the seasoning isn't quite balanced." 

7:05 PM: Sit down and add pictures to my blog commentary.

7:30 PM: Call my Sis to discuss Spring break plans :)

8:00 PM: Goodnight HBear!

8:03 PM: Goodnight Sis!

8:05 PM: Do a quick 15 minute bedtime yoga. 

8:25 PM: Sit back and reflect on the Oscars last night. It was... Bland. The only thing that really sticks out to me is the wicked diss to Joan Rivers! I cannot believe they missed her out in the memorial segment. Disgusting! I'm not even sure the Oscars would still be a prime time event if it wasn't for Joan Rivers and her red carpet question "who are you wearing?" The Academy thinks that they are too good for her but she made them and their horrible ratings are well deserved! Shame on you Academy for every time you dissed Leonardo DiCaprio, for missing Jennifer Aniston this year, and for leaving Joan Rivers out! Shame! 

8:30 PM: Cozy into bed to watch the Bachelor, goodnight!



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