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September Long

Rules like 'don't wear white after Labor Day' or 'shoes matching the handbag' are antiquated. Modern women should feel free to experiment.

Stacy London

I am sicky. No wait... I am feeling great and I am not going to get that nasty cold that has swept over our house like the acid fog in 100 get me! Do you watch that show? I downloaded the 1st season and so far I am really enjoying it. :)

So... yeah, I woke up with a scratchy throat and a pounding headache. Ninja and Dad have been feeling like crap this weekend and HBear and SBean are all snotty :(

Great way to spend the long weekend hey? BOOOO 

Well, we didn't let boogers and sore throats keep us down lol 

On Friday HBear finished her week at gymnastics camp!

On Saturday Ninja and I took the girls to the Gallagher Scenic Canyon! We went to Pita Pit and grabbed part of our picnic and Ninja packed us fruit, drinks, granola bars, and macaroni salad. It was about +22 out but when the sun went behind the clouds it was kinda chilly.


HBear used my phone to take nature pictures lol.


While we were having our picnic Ninja said "hey look at that!" and we looked across the canyon and this BIG black bear was just walking along!

Yesterday we took the bikes and went GeoCaching! Ninja bought me the whole kit and kaboodle for Xmas and we have been dying to go "treasure" hunting!!!

We decided we are going to leave Maier Calling Cards as our token. I bought Canada Flag cards and HBear writes THE MAIER'S on a card :)

Our first GeoCache was found just down the street from us where my Poppy used to run a teen drop in center :) It was hidden in a fake birdhouse!

"Right there Daddy!"

We found another 1 on top of a school... which we didn't go get lol Another one was down the side of a steep cliff so we passed on that one too. We will go back without the kids to get them LOL So we found another one near our house by the creek.

So, HBear picked our "treasures" and she chose a chance to win $1000 at Canadian Tire HAHAHA and a old Hockey card... ahhhh she made Mommy AND Daddy proud!

Weeeeeellllll we also rode by a house that had a sign that said FREE in front of a wagon... 

So I'm feeling like our GeoCaching experience was a complete success! :)

We topped off our day with the BEST Chicken Parm EVER!!! My MIL makes this dish she was taught from De Luca's in Winnipeg. It is sooooo good I can't even explain it!

Today we sat in our pj's, did a bit of grocery shopping and made our signs for our protest rally tomorrow! 

Happy September long everyone and to all the kidlets out there starting school tomorrow, Good luck, learn lots and HAVE FUN! ... I'm now going to go grab 2 Tylenol, a box of Kleenex make myself some tea and honey :)


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