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20 Minute Butter Tarts

'Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off

Taylor Swift

Confession time...

I am head over heels goo goo gaga over the new Taylor Swift song Shake it Off. A friend of mine said it was going to be her new theme song and I have to steal that idea lol! You know those quizzes when they ask, what theme song would play when you walk into a room? I'm going to pick this one! HBear and I just dance when we hear it ooooh Yeah.... Just shake it off! Yup, I am as unmusically talented as you think after just that 1 line lol.

Speaking of music... Is this the year of the ass? Like what is up with all of the asses? I mean, I've never wanted to have a big bum, I do, but I've never wanted one. So I don't understand this need for a huge bubble twerking butt!

On the MTV music awards the other night I was totally blown away by all the songs that had to do with booties and twerking and oh man, the ass shaking and it went far beyond just Anaconda from Nikki Minaj! I mean seriously it's just not nice ladies, keep it in your pants!

HBear loves music so I thought it be fun to sit and watch together. We could talk about the fashions, the music, and the dancing BUT after the first number I was like, this is completely inappropriate and I had to turn it off WTF???

You know how there are some songs that you just relate to certain things? I seem to always find a Summer song. Even when I was younger I remember traveling with my Nana and Poppy and this new song came out on the radio and it played the whole vacation.  It was (Everything I do) I do it for You lol. I also remember one summer my cousin singing a song in her beautiful voice while we went down the channel and I saw two boys jumping off a bridge, it was haunting as she sat there singing Martika's Toy Soldiers

The summer my Winnipeg Besty and I took my sister and her Besty to Daytona for spring break, yeah that summer it was Butterfly by Crazy Town... 'cause you're my butterfly sugar baby. Just a terrible song.

This summer I got to say Ariana Grande's Problem was on replay. It was all over the place in Calgary I heard it like seriously 15 times a day! WORST song ever.

Which leads me to big brother I'm so disappointed that they voted off Donnie I really think the Derrick and Frankie and Donnie could've made a really good team if they would've just stuck together.

As I sit and watch Big Brother I do my nails.

I've never been one to do nails but while I was in Cochrane my sister did my nails for my niece's birthday party. When I got home they were all chipped so of course I had to take off that nail polish and do it again and then couple days later the nail polish was peeling so I had to go off and do it again!

And people say marijuana is a gateway drug! No... nail polish is a gateway drug if you do it once you got to keep on doing it!!!! Grrrrrrr Do you know how many bottles of nail polish I have bought since? Like 25 bottles!!

So, before bed every night HBear and I usually sit and hang out and work on her summer journal. I'm so proud of her for sticking through with it! Everything that she's done this summer she has written a memory about and kept in the journal, it even has pictures and ticket stubs :) My first trip to BC without my parents, my Nana got us to make Summer Journals. I loved looking back at it :) One day she's gonna look back and look at this journal and see what a fun summer we had! It's good for me too because I can look back at it and realize that not every day was a freaking gong show LOL 

The other day was though! I have absolutely no idea what is up with SBean. I know that she has three more teeth popping through but it is making her a grumpy Puss. The other day we went to what used to be one of my favorite places in the city but what is quickly turning out to be one of my least favorite places to go :( The public library. Over the years we have had a few issues but for the most part it's a pretty great place, the books are wonderful the children's librarian is amazing and HBear has always liked to go there. We have gone there every three weeks for the past 5 years. I ask the librarian for the weirdest books lol "Do you have any books on picking your nose?" "Do you have any books on the death of a cousin?" "the death of a grandmother?" "the death of a great-grandmother?" "the death of a dog?" "Do you have any books on the dentist?" "Do you have any books on going to get a needle?" "Do you have any books about first day of preschool? what about kindergarten?" There's a book for everything and HBear has really embraced it.  

SBean not so much lol. She loves books... just not library voice HAHAHAHA

I've had a few bad experiences at the library. One, there's a lady that works there that just drives me up the wall. She's never smiling, she never talks to HBear, unless it's to tell her to go sit down or don't do that, don't touch. She just really drives me insane. One time when I was pregnant, I mean huge and HBear and I were coming into the library I dropped off my books in the mail slot at the front so I didn't have to carry them all the way into the library having 40 board books and all it was quite heavy. We went and picked out our books and came to the front and the lady there said "oh you have 40 books out so you can't take anymore out" I explained my problem (duh it was kinda obvious) and the lady said "That's not what the slot is there for! The slot is to be used after hours! We don't check it all day that's for people that need it!"

Ummm hello I need it or I wouldn't use it and the fact that we come every 3 weeks should let you know that I don't take advantage of the slot! Hello??? Grrrr 

So anyways, when we got back from our trip from hell, I mean lovely vacation :) with the house being turned upside down I forgot that our library books were due back :( so when I went in a couple days after with the books and explained I thought that I would get a good graces let go because we've never been late before. Wrong next time I'll show my boobs lol (no I won't lol) so I pull out my 5 dollars and said "okay what's the damage?"Can you believe it it was $30, $30.75 to be exact! That is Cray Cray for a couple books being overdue! Alright... 35 books being three days overdue but that is absolutely silly! 

OK so maybe these are just petty grievances but the other day OMG! Like I said SBean was in one of her moods and as soon as I let her out of the stroller she went ape. She ran into the corner and dropped onto her back and started arching and doing the backwards worm screaming on the top of her lungs as I stood over her going "no-no no... library voice, library voice Sweetie". As this is happening I hear a lady come up behind me and say "is everything okay here? Can I help you with anything?" I turned around and shot daggers at her.

"Everything is fine here I'm just trying to quiet down my daughter. I apologize for the noise." Well SBean thought that was hilarious!Mommy had gotten into trouble and everything was better... for a few minutes. Then she ran into the reading room and dropped and started screaming as I leaned over her I realized that anybody behind me might think that I'm beating her with the immense amount of screaming that was going on, believe me it did cross my mind! So, I gathered up our belongings, I picked up a stiff as a board SBean and tried to get her back into the stroller so that we could stroll out of there. 

Guess what? The same crazy lady comes up and says "you know I can hear her screaming at the front desk."

Seriously lady? What the fuck do you want me to do??? I did refrain from swearing but I did stare at her mouth open and say "is there a rule about bringing toddlers into this library? Because you are NOT going to shame me. ALL toddlers scream and cry when they don't get what they want. I apologize for her behavior and that is the last time I'm going to do so. I'm having a hard enough time here without you standing over me. Obviously you don't have children you can run along back  to your desk now, we are on our way out." She blinked at me and said "that's not what I was saying." But we all know it is what she was saying. So sometimes I love the library and sometimes I hate the library

Just like plums.  I love the idea of having a fruit tree in the front yard I hate the fact that it's a Plum tree. I love that the kids can pick fruit and if they're hungry they can just go right to a tree and eat it. I hate the fact that nobody in the house really likes plums. I love the fact that we live in a place where we can have free fruit at our fingertips. I hate the fact that everybody that walks by thinks it's their free fruit too.  Last week I had a lady that was friends with my grandparents that actually only became friends with my grandparents because she saw that they had a plum tree and she came begging for free fruit.  Apparently, now she comes to the door and says "hi I knew your grandparents that of been dead for years, can I pick your plums?" Ummmm Okay but they're not ready yet "oh yes they are let me take a look" as she pulls down a plum knocking three other plums off the tree which she left on the ground, she takes a bite of a plum and sees that is't still green inside... just like I said and is like "oh right they're not ready yet" and throws the bitten plum down onto the grass! Seriously lady?  I'd like to say she is one of the worst ones but that would be lying. The worst people are the ones that ring the doorbell at 6 o'clock in the morning saying "I was just walking by do you mind if I pick some fruit?" I think this year I'm just gonna put a sign out that says take whatever fruit you want just please don't break the branches. Dad pays to have them sprayed and then we people pick all of the easy reach plums so we get stuck with all the plums at the very top which we actually only pack up to take to the soup kitchen for donation. I still have like 25 pounds of plums in my freezer from last year :( this year I am making it a goal to make lots of plum dishes!

They might be ready soon with the weather being that hot remember the other day when I was asking for warm socks and cozy soup well apparently mother nature obliged... on the September long weekend! Sometimes I just need to learn to keep my big mouth shut lol

After telling you all about her wingding, I have to take a minute here to brag a little about SBean :) she has really come into her own lately, she is started saying full sentences like today when I said NAP TIME she said "awwwwwwww Mommy I don't want to."  I'm not joking. Okay but let's not focus on what she's saying so much as how many words she saying at a time! She can have full conversations at 21 months! I can't even have full conversations with some of the adults I know! She has also started using a big girl cup with no lid granted sometimes she gets really wet but she likes to try :) not that she can communicate better screaming has really been cut down to a minimum. The only thing is the breastfeeding. We stopped a while ago but she just keeps trying! Now that she is sick she wants to be on my boob all the time! She walks up to me and says "Boob?" Ummmm no. LOL

So, my last confession of the day is... I've been a terrible Mommy. 

I am the worst mom ever when I'm sick. I see on Facebook all these other Mommy's with workbooks out and homeschooling their kids since we been off these last two days and I have done nothing but let them watch TV. OMG my face is burning red with embarrassment as I type that lol. 

OK so we've done painting, we've done coloring, 

we've done workbooks and we've done our journal but for the most part we watch TV. Right now as I type this we are watching Henry Hugglemonster. What is a Henry Hugglemonster? I guess that's good that I don't even know these shows, so that shows that I don't normally let them watch TV but today has been a lot of Princess Sophia, Henry Hugglemonster, My Big Big Friend and Toopy and Binoo :( I haven't even cooked! Last night we had Chicken Potpies and Mexican Taco Lasagna that I had frozen in the freezer. Well, I guess those were homemade... Six months ago :) and yesterday we did spend the morning protesting for HBear's right to an education :)

HBear was front page news!
Tonight we are doing takeout because Ninja is 3 hours away on a job and Dad hasn't left the bed all day, he is so sick :( so we are just doing something fast and easy but I did make dessert :)

While I was pulling out the chicken pot pie and lasagna last night I noticed that I had some tart shells, so this afternoon the girls and I whipped up a couple dozen butter tarts, I figure I might as well use the raisins, as my grapes are almost ready to come off the vine and I have to start dehydrating *GROAN*

20 Minute Butter Tarts
Adapted from The Crepes of Wrath

1½ cups brown sugar
½ cups corn syrup
¼ cup butter, melted and slightly cooled
2 teaspoons vanilla
½ cup raisins
sea salt, for sprinkling
24 tart shells

Preheat oven to 400

Put your tart shells on a cookie sheet. 

Drop about 5 raisins in each tart.

Whisk together brown sugar, corn syrup, butter, and vanilla.

Drop 2-3 teaspoons of filling in each tart, then sprinkle with a touch of sea salt.

Bake for 15 minutes, until lightly golden and mostly set. 

These were pretty good! My Mom's were better but for 20 minutes the girls were happy and doing something. Even if they tasted like a big twerking ass... they were worth it! :)


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