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Only your real friends will tell you when your face is dirty.. or that your kids don't suck TOO bad.

A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.

Bernard Meltzer

It was great being with my two best friends in the whole world. My Sis and my Winnipeg Besty. It was only for three days but provided one of the biggest highlights of the entire vacation.

It's funny the three of us knowing each other our entire lives we obviously think alike. My WBesty brought all the girls matching pajamas and I provided the girls with matching Canada Day shirts and my Sis provided the girls with matching bracelets all embroidered with their names. Apparently we are all cheesy. Lol

Seeing the girls together is like looking at the two of us when we were that age.  It is ridiculous how they are 2 little mini me's. And not just in looks but an attitude too! For my WBesty that's not necessarily a bad thing lol. 

I couldn't even get SBean in a picture, she was having none of that!

Apparently either was SweetPea haha. 

That first night was a gong show. My gut said that HBear was too young for sleepover the whole give an inch take a mile syndrome and I was correct. They started off watching Frozen on the downstairs movie theater! Uncle had set up a projector on a sheet in the basement and the girls were in their glory!

After the movie they went upstairs to the family room where they were going to sleep together on the couch. We turned off the lights turned on the TV and put on a show, that was at 9:30. By midnight the girls were separated and back sleeping with the mommies. 

HBear had a difficult time coming to bed she put up quite a tantrum. I looked at my little HoneyBear standing on the middle the bed fists clenched, cheeks flaming and red eyes tired but flashing.

"You are the meanest Mommy in the whole wide world I am never ever ever going to bed ever ever ever again for the rest of my life! I'm not even going to lay down I'm going to stand up in the middle of the bed for the rest of my life because you were the meanest Mommy in the whole entire world!" She growled

I said "HBear I am very angry with you right now but I'm too tired to say the right things so I suggest you get into this bed and go to sleep right this second and we'll discuss the consequences of your behavior in the morning!"

"I will not. I will never ever ever go to sleep in that bed with you for the rest of my life!"

I stood up on the bed and put 1 finger on the middle of her forehead and tipped her backwards. No word of a lie she was snoring before she hit the pillow. If I wasn't so damn tired and angry I probably would've laughed my ass off. 

But I just sighed a huge sigh of relief and turn off the light.

The next day was Canada day! We all got into our Canada Day finest and headed to the park :)

I love this! The 3 of us being Moms!

SweetPea and her "boyfriend" LOL
Then of course we had to make another trip to the candy store :)

All the new candy and HBear picked a RingPop and BBear picked a Double Lolly?!?!?! Vanilla much? LOL

And take a stroll through downtown Cochrane. We steered clear of any yards with anthills :)

My Sis and BIL had friends over for dinner. We had a delish BBQ.

The girls were exhausted from their late night but HBear was an actual bear. She was short, she was grumpy and sometimes just being plain mean to her new friend. When BrookyBear came to me and said HBear tried pushing her down the stairs, by trying to punch her in the face?????????? I knew that this was not going to be pretty.

I honestly can't remember what was said in that bedroom but when I left it to go bath SBean I thought that she would think about her behavior and come out to play. Yeah... so not what happened.

As I undressed SBean to take her into the shower HBear sat and pounded and kicked at the door screaming her fool head off while my Sis and all of her guests had dinner downstairs. 


"Get your butt in here now." I said so quietly between gritted teeth I thought HBear would for sure be scared!  

I apparently do NOT scare her.  

"But but but but but Moooommmmmyyyyyy I don't want to think about what I've done I don't want to be in the bedroom I don't want to listen I don't want but but but  mommmmmyyyyyy."

Well at this point of course SBean was trying to out scream HBar as I tried to shower both of them. I did not say a word I worked fast and thorough, shampoo... cream rinse... soap and rinse... out.... dry.... pajama...

"Get in that bed!"

It was 6 o'clock. 

BBear was a champ. She is amazingly creative.  She got all of us in groups discussing different topics to get to know each other lol I got to start with her as my partner :)

My topic was her friends. I asked her,

Do you have a BFF?

She said that she had 21 because that's how many kids were in her class 

lol I then said do you have something called centers at school? 

that doesn't have anything to do with the topic, the topic is my friends. She scolded. 

Riiiiight lol

But now I change the subject. She said

Oh, okay what subject would you like to talk about now? I asked.


Do you like turtles?


Do you like Franklin?


Do you think turtles are slimy and smelly? I asked

Probably. Times up switch groups now you over there, yeah Kari, you come over and be my partner now. 

Lol she was hilarious! 

Well she made it to the fireworks at 11 o'clock. The fireworks are being held at a park nearby so we thought if we went outside and walked down the back path that we would clearly see them right above us.

Yeah... not so much. 

We missed the first few minutes but did find a pretty good spot to watch the rest. 

When we got back HBear was still sleeping. Lol In fact she slept until morning.

The next day we took advantage of a 50% off coupon My Sis saved for us :) and went to Calaway Park! 

It is a small amusement park right outside of Calgary, it's right on the highway so every time anyone drives by it everybody always wants to go! In fact Ninja wanted to go so bad as a kid every time they drove by it he begged LOL and his dad would say "We are NOT going to Calaway Park. Son your kids will end up going to Calaway Park before you do!" and it just happens that they did! lol he was pretty choked when I told him. 

We even ran into my friend from Penticton! What a small world :) The kids were great the whole day! It was so easy with my WBesty. I moved away from Winnipeg when HBear was nine months old.  We have never really spent the day together as Moms. We had certainly never had a play date at an amusement park together before lol but it was so natural. It was like we did it every weekend. If I needed something she knew it, if one of the kids needed something we just knew how to divide and conquer and the kids were great :) it was almost like having Ninja there!

That night my Sis my WBesty went to WalMart to pick up a few things. We had used Suntan spray that day and apparently missed a few spots LOL We were sooo burnt. Not the kids of course... just us LOL

Then we all sat up just talking. Talking about the kids, talking about work, talking about life in general. It was a great time at one point when I was having a miniature breakdown and had come to realize that I had lost complete control of my children, I was laughing so hard and so were the ladies that one of them asked me "Are you laughing or crying?" and I realized it was a bit of both ! Bahahahaha

Great times. The best times.

The next day we were hitting up the Calgary Zoo. Just as we are getting all the snacks together I got a text from my Sis... OMG I have the zoo pass on me. You'll have to come to my work and get it before you go to the Zoo. 

Okay no big deal we will swing by your work and pick it up before we go. 

Scratch that I can't find it I have no idea... oh right it fell out the last time I went to the zoo and I picked it up and I put it in one of my pockets go check my closet shake up my jeans and all my sweaters on the jackets in the front closet yeah it's in there somewhere.

Lol so we quickly realized we were about to pay full price to get the Calgary Zoo. 

Duh duh duuuuuuh

We got there, that was the first step LOL. Neither one of us have driven around Calgary very much especially from Cochrane. BUT, we are master travelers together, honestly we should be on the Amazing Race :) so we got there and as luck would have it the hour that we got there was half-price admission LOL I think the vacation Gods were just throwing me a freaking bone. 

Sadly we had to leave the Zoo and drive directly to the airport to drop them off :( "just when I found you I lost you" (Grease 2) lol

I had such a great time with them it was sad to see them leave and even sadder to hear that their flight was delayed 2 hours going back!! Man they just had the worst luck flying although on their flight to Calgary they got upgraded to first class so BBears first flying experience was first-class man is she in for a rude awakening!! LOL

The girls and I raced back to the house to celebrate SweetPea's first birthday with her and wait until you see the pictures of her Rainbow themed 1st Birthday Party!


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