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Life is like a rainbow, You need both the sun and the rain for colors to appear through dark clouds. ~ Tom Baker

On July 3 my niece SweetPea turned 1! It has been a very eventful year for her :)

It even started out lively! Because my Sis and BIL we're in Penticton for my mom's celebration of life SweetPea was born here. It's kind of funny because when we were kids my Sis and I used to wish that we were born in Penticton and now we each have a daughter who was lol.

Over the year SweetPea got a new house, Mommy went back to work, she started the day home, met new friends and learned so many new things. 

She really is a little SweetPea. She's quiet and cheerful and her eyes sparkle. Personally, I think she's going to be a little devil when she grows up and she's tricking her Mommy and Daddy LOL

We got back just in time for dinner, presents and of course the cake smash!

My BIL was born and raised in New Brunswick and his parents are still there.  But, don't think for one minute that means that they aren't a part SweetPea's life!!!! They Face Time, they Skype, they send presents and they're actively involved... SweetPea gets very excited when she hears my Memere's voice over the iPad :)

Miss SweetPea goes at her own pace.  On her first birthday she had her first Crawl :) Now there will be NO stopping her!! LOL

Among other things we bound all the wishes friends and family made for SweetPea at her baby shower a year ago :)
My BIL made the smash cake, it was a two layered tie-dyed rainbow cake it was absolutely gorgeous and tasted amazing.

My Sis is a bit of a freak about sugar in the house... By a bit of a freak I mean a huge mother trucking freak lol my Sis has always been concerned about her weight. I don't know why, I feel she's very womanly and curvy and athletic but she has always been very concerned about weight.  She once told me a story about the kids measuring themselves and weighing themselves in grade 2 for math class and how embarrassed she was to weigh herself in front of everybody... in grade 2!!! That's crazy and makes my heart hurt :(

So, the big thing has been on her birthday she finally gets a piece of cake! You know how some kids don't touch the cake and are very unsure of what to do when a cake is placed in front of them... not so with SweetPea!  She went at it with gusto :) LOL

So did SBean hahaha

The next day I tried my luck driving into Calgary to go to another mall...  I was totally willing to deal with SBean's crap to make it to the Old Navy buy one get the second one for a buck sale lol. So happy I did, I even picked up a pair of school runners for HBear!

We went into the Disney store, HBear was blown away by the magic talking mirror!

On the way home I was looking out and I just saw... the prairies. I had forgotten the beauty of seeing forever.  The beauty of green pastures hitting bright blue sky. The beauty of hay bales in the distance and canola in the breeze. I turn down a dirt road and drove to the end and at the end was this cute red barn and rickety fence, the perfect place to do an impromptu photo shoot :)

Of course being in the prairies I should have use my secret prairie senses and I should have closed the van door. I didn't and the entire van was filled with mosquitoes. HBear was still suffering from the ant ordeal and had a conniption when we got into the van and there was mosquitoes flying all around her lol I had to kill every single one of those mosquitoes before we could move... But those mosquitoes have nothing on this Winnipeg girl LOL

The next day we did party prep!  Okay, so my Sis planned a rainbow theme party it was absolutely beautiful but I did warn her when you do a Pinterest party for the first birthday it only goes downhill from there lol

Over the past week we had been planning the menu my BIL had been shopping and my Sis was decorating the house in her mind :)

So that morning we prepped fruits and vegetables and did all that early leg work...  And then we went shopping again heeheehee.

This time I brought the girls socks so they could play in the play area!

For being so well behaved :) I took everybody to the Marble Slab Creamery for a treat Mmmmmmm my favorite cherry cheesecake Yum!

We then took a drive into Cochrane and went to the place where we shot their wedding pictures, it is just the most gorgeous spot!

That night after we got the kids in bed my sister and I decorated and did our nails,

and my BIL baked a seven layer rainbow cake and cute rainbow cupcakes!!!

The morning of the party came and my girls were in full meltdown mode!  I called Ninja in tears. What should I do with them "My Sis has 25 people coming over to celebrate SweetPea's birthday and our kids are going to ruin it!!!!" I cried

We agreed that I should take them far far far away from that party. It's funny because it was a child's birthday but only only 3 of my sister's friends have children (as in a baby each), so I knew that that party was no place for kids! LOL Too much time, energy, and money going into making it perfectly pretty to allow my kids to destroy it before anybody even saw it :(

However my Sis saw things differently.

She was very upset that SweetPea's cousins wouldn't attend so I gave my children ultimatums promised all the candy in the world and crossed my fingers in the hopes that they wouldn't embarrass me too much lol

The food was out, the place looked beautiful, the backyard was all set for party time!

We made a rainbow deviled eggs,

My citrus rainbow corn salad,

A rockin' display of fruit skewers,

I delicious bejeweled cold noodle salad,

DinoSours and rainbow trail mix, 

and delicious salad rolls with Thai chili sauce for dipping...  not to mention the beautiful cupcakes that my BIL baked :)

It was such a good time my sister's friends are it the most amazing group of people I've ever met. They are so lucky to have such a great close group of friends :) I'm not just saying that because they all read my blog LOL

My Uncle bribing SBean with cupcakes! He is the smart 1 in the family LOL

SBean loved spending time with my Aunt and newly engaged cousin! 

This is the most amazing idea!  Every month my BIL took a picture of SweetPea wearing a 12 month outfit. Then they put all the pictures up and SweetPea wore the outfit to the birthday party... it was absolutely adorable!

SweetPea freaking hammered back that cake on the second chance!  LOL this time there was no hesitation she dove right in and licked that plate clean!

Her goodie bags were adorable including a little mask a straw and these super amazing hand puppet tattoos seriously I don't know where she finds the stuff?!? Lol

And you know what? All my worrying was for not the kids were a delight... Well I wouldn't go that far but they didn't ruin anything. HBear was a wonderful helper during present time and SBean was coy and shy and generally quite quiet! BAHAHAHAHA

Now if that's not a birthday present I don't know what is!

It was the perfect way to end our Cochrane stay. Thank you so much to my Sis, my BIL and sweetPea for having us, putting up with us, and helping us! Like I said at the very beginning was a wonderful trip and I am glad that I did it! 

Early the next morning we are off to Edmonton...


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