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Cheesy Stuffed Roasted Peppers

It's good to leave your room super-messy when you're away. Whoever tries to break into your room will thought it has already been ransacked.

Douglas Adams

So this is what I came home to...

There is no blame just big ass groans lol 

So obviously with no beds we had no place to sleep that first night... thank goodness for my in-laws!! In some ways the next five days was exactly what I needed. 

My in-laws watched the kids while I went to the house to clean, and when I mean clean, I mean a deep deep clean. The guys that did the floors left the front door open when they were sawing :(. PLUS all of our belongings were in the carport, the living room and the dining room. When I first walked in I could smell something funny and the fruit flies were smacking me in the face... as I started lifting things off the kitchen counter I saw the bananas I had left for the men two weeks prior had turned into black banana soup on the counter! I literally had to scrape off the remnants with a metal spatula! 

While I was doing this I hear "Krissy?" My neighbor was at the front door. "Krissy remember you said you would look after my cats this week? Here are the keys Dear" 

Sure sure just pile it on!

Did I mention that I got the most horrific period EVER while on Vaycay? Sure did. Avert eyes now and go to the stars below if this kind of stuff grosses you out lol. While we were at the mall in Calgary (the day we had Marble Slab) I had to go to the bathroom, of course my mini-me's came too. I had started my period the day before and was maintaining a little bit of my sanity by popping a mixture of Tylenol and Naproxen. When I sat down there was blood all over my underwear. HBear freaked out!!! "OMG Mommy you are bleeding to death!!!! Mommy are you ok? Mommy look OMG LOOK!!!" Everyone around us was snickering but HBear was so scared! She was in tears. Poor girl has no idea what she's in for :)


Anyways, every single thing that we have had to be dusted, wiped down and polished.  Then I had to move the furniture without scratching the floors into the place where it belongs. Only then could I put back the thing I just cleaned onto the thing I just moved to restore some kind of order in our house. 

It was almost like a vacation LOL it was just me, some days is me and Ninja but on the whole it was just me ahhhhh :)

I have to say though that first night I was pretty disappointed to not be spending it in my own bed the fact which hit me even harder when I went for a late night shower at my in-law's and realized that I had left all of my toiletries in Edmonton. As I stood in the shower the exhaustion of the past two weeks flooded over me and the reality of how much work was needed in the next few days hit me like a ton of bricks. It was quite emotional and the fact that I had nothing to wash myself only made me that more upset :( What a freak! It all turned out well though because the shampoo and conditioner that my MIL has in the guest shower rocked and I ended up buying some for myself a few days later :)

One day the floor guys were finishing up in the house so the girls and I stayed at Grandma and Grandpa's for the day I thought it was about time that I washed off the HUGE pririe bugs that had baked onto the front of the van. 

Okay so, The Mother of the Year Award goes to... 

My in-laws driveway is elevated so I was worried that SBean would fall off the edge so instead I let her play in the van. I of course had all the doors open while I washed it, as I washed one side I closed the door as I came around the other side, I closed that door too. In a split second SBean crawled right in the front seat and hit the lock button! It wouldn't have been such a big deal but it was +40 out, I did some major panicking.  My FIL was in the Air Force and is always so calm and collected in situations like this (not that I get into many of them mind you BAHAHAHAHA) he said "Kristin it's been 7 minutes, by the time we get to your house to get the extra key it will be many more minutes. We are just wasting time here let's go!"  I got my MIL and she waited outside with the girls while we literally raced back to the house to get the extra key.  All I could think of was how long it takes to bake chicken?!?!?

We got back in 11 minutes, the longest 11 minutes of my life, when we pulled up SBean, HBear and Grandma were sitting on the steps :) my and MIL had convinced SBean to unlock the door minutes after we left, big big sigh of relief!

After that scare we all needed a dip in the pool :) and a few wobbly pops!

The day after we got back was Ninja's birthday. Obviously we did low key lol we are going out for dinner tomorrow night for a late celebration :)

So, for his actual birthday we swam and had a yummy dinner my FIL prepared and Ninja's favorite, ice cream cake!

I got him a ticket to the first Oiler game in Vancouver! We also got Dad and my FIL one so they can have a manly weekend  together lol It happens to be on my Dad's birthday in October so it worked out well :)

So just to complain a bit more LOL it was hard enough cleaning house but the weather was just over the top! One night I went to 7-11 to get a friend a birthday lottery ticket and it was sweltering still, at like 9pm!!!

HOLY... dust much??? LOL
On Sunday night 5 days after we got home, the beds were made, I had done loads of laundry at my in-laws :) and groceries were bought for the coming week... I finally got to sleep in my cozy bed!!!!

There were still a TON of things to do... Like clean the Tupperware that had 3 inches of sawdust on every piece !!!! I put  them outside and sprayed them down lol brutal I know lol

I have to admit since we have been home... the kids have been angels. HBear was in dance camp all last week. She loved it! I'm so impressed with everything they did in the five days of camp. On Friday they had a performance and they had written a play, HBear was the Fairy Godmother, the did a tap routine, a hip-hop routine, and a jazz routine plus she brought home crafts every day. Totally worth it!

We of course found time and her busy schedule to go say hi to mom. We took her up some fresh cut roses from our yard and gave her a "manicure", we trimmed all the grass around and washed her stone and freshened her up! She would like that :)

We got home just in time for the end of cherry season, oh my goodness SBean loves cherries! For the first couple days she would not let me get her nakey to eat them but after two days or so she realized that NakeyBut is where it's at when you're eaten them cherries lol

SBean also got a much needed haircut... FYI it's a bob cut not a bowl cut bahaha!

Finally on Friday, the house was in enough order, that I could finally have my in-laws over for a nice barbecue steak dinner :)

For dinner we had BBQ T-Bone Steaks, mushrooms, shrimp, bread, roasted baby potatoes with onions/garlic and bacon, and stuffed peppers. I had peppers so I looked through the fridge and found some stuff to stuff them. This isn't reeeeeaaalllllly a recipe but they tasted super duper good so here is a recap of what I did :)

Cheesy Stuffed Roasted Peppers

3 Peppers
Cheese - I used some fresh Mozza, Feta, Herb and Garlic Cream Cheese and fresh grated Parm
Red onion, chopped finely
Salt and Pepper
Clove of garlic, pressed
Chives, chopped

I cut the tops off the peppers and scraped the seeds out, 

Grated the cheeses,

and mixed everything together,

and stuffed the peppers.Then I re-attached the tops with water soaked toothpicks.

Ninja BBQ them until the started to blacken and the cheese was all melty. Yummy!

On Saturday HBear and I did a little shopping. We went to Value Village and HBear bought her very first purse with her own money. I have a feeling this is going to be the start of a long relationship of shopping and purses LOL

We met HBear's BFF and my BestyMom at the waterpark for a cool down one afternoon :)

And on Sunday we had a family picnic by the beach and then did a little swimming at Grandma and Grandpa's :)


The house is all put back together. Although, the clean up is ongoing :( Today the floor guys were supposed to come and change a board that has a massive scratch and fix the crawl space door... but they didn't come. I can't say I am too surprised lol I have to patch and repaint walls that they banged furniture into. When we went down in the crawl space we found PILES of sawdust and garbage that they just threw down there onto all our spare linens! PLUS they cut the water line on the fridge and we had to buy a new kit to get the ice working!!! When Ninja went downstairs he found a leak from the fridge that was getting all our Christmas stuff wet! Oh the clean up lol!!! I knew what we were in for the 1st time I came home to clean up, when I found empty Rockstar Vodka cans on the counter?!?!? Really? You don't even try to hide it? And that's all I'm saying because when I got back and went to the waterpark with my BestyMom she showed me a picture of a guy she started dating... our floor guy! So, for now I will be nice :)

We still have more cleaning to do but at this point we're basically just putting pictures up and accessorizing with all the new colors and getting used to the new look! I have to say I know this is what my Mom wanted but all these changes are pretty tough. This house has looked pretty much the same way since I was five years old, it's kind of weird seeing it different. 

Now that my vacation story is finished expect the next few posts to be showing you the painting we've done, the floors and our new look :) Plus I have been cooking and want to share a few great recipes! PLUS my Sis, BIL, SweetPea, and my Bro are coming in for the August long!!! It is my Bro's 40th!!! So we are going to party like only the Castle's can!!! LOL Plus my SIL and Jakey and possibly my BIL and his crew from Edmonton will be here too! Lots of fun to be had :)

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