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Screw you Sadness we've got Kindness!

No kind action ever stops with itself. One kind action leads to another. Good example is followed. A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees. The greatest work that kindness does to others is that it makes them kind themselves.

Amelia Earhart

Today I didn't want to be sad. Ha

So like I said the other day we decided to spread the kindness. I would call it random acts but if they are planned they aren't so random :)

First stop, Tim Hortons for two dozen donuts and we paid for the coffee and bagels of the next three people behind us. My Besty Mom was working and she had the privilege of telling the next 3 cars that their morning coffees were paid for, and to pass it on from Kathy :)

Next stop, Shoppers Drug Mart to buy lottery tickets! Of course we gave a ticket to the lady we bought them from.

Next to the dollar store for a big yellow balloon and we dropped off a lottery ticket for them too.

Our next destination was Columbia Elementary School to drop off donuts for the striking teachers. We very much wanted to say thank you for all their service. Thank you, now pass it on... from Kathy :) HBear loved seeing her teacher so it was a win win :)

Then a dozen donuts to the Andy Moog Hospice to thank the ladies there for all that they do for families in difficult times. They put out the box with a note that said From Kathy Castle, pass it on :)

HBear wanted to hand out flowers at the library so we went to the library and gave out flowers to all of the employees there.

Off to the doctors office and the midwife clinic to give flowers to the receptionist and anybody in the waiting room. Pass it on from Kathy :)

Then we went to Haven Hill. It is the retirement home that my Nana lived and died in. We handed out flowers on her pod, to the house keepers and the nurses and all of the amazing women that looked after her and loved her.

As we are walking in a big yellow butterfly swooped down and flew right beside us. It flew us right up to the door :)

It was kind of sad going up there again, I haven't been up there in over year. Some of the people are still there some of them aren't. My Nana's Besty, Bertha is still there but unfortunately Dorothy and Evelyn and some of the ladies that I've talked to for years are no longer with us.

Our next stop was Walmart as we drove over a yellow butterfly followed us. 

HBear said "Hi Nana" 

and then SBean began singing "Hi Nana Hi Nana Hi Nana Hi Nana Hi Nana Hi Nana" it was very cute.

At Walmart we did a little bit of shopping, we also helped an elderly gentleman put water in his cart and we also stopped and let all of the other shopping cart by in the small aisles... now that is an act of kindness lol

When we got to the cash register we explained our mission for the day and gave her a lottery ticket. Pass it on from Kathy.

We still had flowers left so off to the bank and City Hall. I figured that the bank tellers and City Hall receptionist probably get yelled at quite a bit so they deserve some kindness today.

Well it was noon so I figured it was time for lunch and SBean's NAP!

So, I was doing really well until I was in the middle of my second load of laundry and the doorbell rang. My BC Besty was there at the door with a bouquet of yellow flowers and a note saying, 

For Kathy with love from their Family 

and I pretty much lost it and for the next 20 minutes sat in the middle of my kitchen floor and bawled.

After, I got it together and I cleaned the bathrooms. My Mom would get a kick out of that lol.

When SBean got up we grabbed a box of Popsicles and took them to the park and handed them out all the kids and people walking by

And then we went and found Ninja and the crew and gave them Popsicles too :) Pass it on from Kathy!

My mom's cousin stop by with a sunflower and tulips for me. Absolutely beautiful.  As her act of kindness she wanted to remember me! I thought that was so nice of her thank you so much Heather :)

When we got home from our kindness afternoon Ninja was home with a bottle of wine my moms favorite Alize and a bouquet of yellow flowers, they're beautiful :)

We had steak and mushrooms and Caesar salad and garlic toast for dinner. I had a nice chat with my sister, Dad, Uncle and Aunt who had just done their balloon launch in Cochrane and then we were off to visit my mom.

So once we got there we went to my Nana and Popey's and gave them some flowers,

And then we went to my mom's and talked with her bit and gave her some more flowers.

We took some pictures with her balloon...

And then we went to the edge of the cliff over the lake to let them go across the lake... the thought was beautiful...

but right when we were about to do it the wind picked up and we let go and it flew directly up into a big tree and popped!!!!!!

Seriously? HBear cried for the next 15 minutes straight. 


I had to chuckle almost pee myself laughing, Mom would've thought it was freaking hilarious!

I'm exhausted. Emotionally and mentally I feel drained. 

Time for bed... tomorrow starts day one of year two.

L-O-V-E Mommies, you will never be forgotten.

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