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Kids Road Trip Activity Bags

Why aren't we flying? Because getting there is half the fun. You know that.

Clark Griswald - Vacation

So the other night Ninja and I were talking about my trip. On Thursday I'm taking the kids to Calgary and then Edmonton. My niece is turning one, we get to visit family, my Winnipeg Besty is meeting me in Calgary and the floors are being done here at home so it is the best time to get the kids out of the house lol

So here we are talking and then I got that niggling feeling that I had there on the back burner... you know the one. That really scary thing that you are dreading, like a BIG test that you aren't prepared for, you knew what would happen but you still pushed it back until suddenly it is upon you and it becomes very real.

Yeah so that feeling, I had it and BOOM

OMG Ninja won't be there. I haven't done anything without him since HBear was 6 months old, when I went to my parents for 3 weeks (before we moved here).


"Yes you can." He must have Ninjaed it off my face because he said it before I even said anything lol.

I leaned onto the desk and blurted out...

but they are horrible...

and then I whimpered.

No I'm not talking about my sister or my Winnipeg Besty or my aunts, uncles or cousins or my brother-in-law nope none of them.

I was talking about my kids.

I remembered The Bulk Barn the other day where I said No to HBear about getting a ridiculous sucker.

As she stuffed it, big wrapper and all into her mouth I heard her say "Mow ew haf t buh it".

Oh yeah?

As I yanked it out of her mouth I said to the cashier and I would like to buy this too. But it is going DIRECTLY into the garbage. Little girls that pull stunts like that do NOT get treats.

She gave the the air a quick sharp side elbow.


and ?

Oh and SBean is screaming bloody murder the whole time because it is like Charlie's Freaking Factory for a toddler in there! It is like the ultimate snack heaven! She screamed More More More More More for the first 5 minutes there until she began thrashing around in the strapped shopping card seat like a fish that was flopping on the dock to try to get back to the water.

I mean I love my kids to death but, they can be horrible.

I went to the Dollar Store yesterday to get supplies to make a Summer Journal for HBear. Something to keep her busy in the car and on slow days during the summer. Perfect for SBean's naptime :)

At the cash out HBear begins touching things and the SLLLLOOOOOOWWWWWW cashier who hates life says,

"don't touch that."

HBear looked at her and proceeded to touch every candy in the display unit EXCEPT the one she was told not to touch...

Of course at this point SBean was tired of being strapped into a cart and yelling Done Done Done Done Done. She screams it at all different intervals just in case you didn't hear her.

Oh My Gawd! What the Eff am I doing?

I know it will be different when they are being stimulated by new people, new things to do, new sights, and vacation fun... but usually at the end of a day Ninja is there and it is soooo much easier when we are there to team up on them :)

Granted the rest of the time they are great. I am now seeing a theme of bad behavior, see this blogging thing does help me LOL

Maybe I should cut the shopping trips a few minutes shorter. It seems to be act up time at the check out... hmmmm.

I went to Warehouse One the other day and while I was paying HBear began running around. BTW have I mentioned 2 reasons I didn't want to have kids was

1. They run around stores

2. They run around restaurants.

I hate that.

I don't let her. I just don't know how to stop her without causing her physical harm in front of people LOL

As I was punching in my pin for my debit card I heard loud noises coming simultaneously from both the girls.



HBear had broken a mannequin's arm and hand and it clattered loudly to the floor at the same time that SBean threw her aluminum waterbottle at the cashier's head! The kid has GREAT aim.

Yeah. That happened.

Anyways, I have started packing. Jebus this is cray cray.

I need a suitcase just for gifts lol. That's what sucks when you live far from family. You stock pile gifts for everyone and bring them out when you go :)

I think I have filled the girls activity bags with awesome things to help with the 8 hour drive. They have made the trip many times but I am always there to hand them whatever they want... this time I will be concentrating on driving through the mountains for my 1st time.


K so I DO know that I can do this. LOL But it is going to be TOUGH. We also have the drive to Edmonton and the drive home!!! These had better be good :)

For SBean I have books,

Splash Art,

A Buttons Bear or something? I got it at the science store. SBean LOVES buckles and snaps and zippers, so I hoping for hours of entertainment out of it... BAHAHAHAHA!

Her leap pad. she loves the music,

her Leaptop and drawing pad, and her Tag Jr. This is NOT a paid advertisement for LeapFrog... although come on, SBean LOVES all the noises, they are the only things that will keep her attention for the long drive... I'm hoping :)

HBear picked out a few new books from the library :)

Plus I have a spy/detective set for her,

Her Leapad,

DS, and DVD player,

A few things I picked up at the science store for her,

2 ColorBlasts,

Her two favorite games Smarty Pants and Brain Quest,

A pencil case for her pencils and erasers... to color!

and the thing she is MOST excited for... her Summer Vacation Journal.

We picked out a binder at the Dollar Store and I printed out various pages from some seriously great sites!

I made copies of the open ones so she can describe different parts of our trip :)

Summer Word List,


A Reading log,

I stapled manila half envelopes on cardstock so she has a place for mementos, like tickets or stubs.

I put lots of colored paper at the back so she can draw her adventures too.

I got this awesome bag to put all her accessories in.

We got stickers, glitter glue, markers, pencil crayons, a sharpener, scissors, glue dots, and a glue stick.

I have so many paint swatches from all this painting we have been doing :) that I decided to use them to keep my sanity. With all that writing HBear is going to ask me,"Mommy how do you spell summer again? How do you spell mountain? How do you spell..." for at least 5 hours.

I used a vocabulary list from Readingrockets/org and made a Flashcard Ring

I also went to BCAA and got free maps. I then took said map to Staples to get laminated.

The silly lady there handed me scissors and said "it has to be smaller than 11X7."

How's that for customer service?!?! PLUS I had SBean draped over my hip as she was freaking out... I WAS at a checkout LOL.

So they won't have it ready for me until tomorrow. So no picture but I got two maps laminated, one from Penticton to Calgary and the other from Calgary to Edmonton. I got HBear a few dry erase markers and TA DA...

No more "Are we almost there?" whines... she can now follow along like the Movie Follow That Bird!


I Love that movie!

My sister just texted me telling me that she hopes that I am not stressed about the drive lol.

Not at all... except my face has broken out, my scalp is a mess, and all day I haven't been able to look left or right because my neck is so stiff lol

I can do this...

Wish me luck :)



Jen Mullen June 25, 2014 at 12:24 PM  

Love these ideas! I am going to make this journal for my daughter RIGHT NOW! Excellent! Visiting from MamaBuzz #inspireme Wednesdays. coffeewithjen.com

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