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(Not too) Deep Thoughts by Kristin Maier

My thoughts have been so jumbled as of late. I just can’t seem to get my thoughts straight. So here is random stuff that I am thinking… lol

This week was very busy. HBear started soccer,

I remember the day Phil Mickelson won his 1st Masters. It was Sunday April 11, 2004.

Yeah, stuff like that sticks with me.

Ninja was helping my Dad that weekend install new laminate hardwood flooring in my childhood home. It was dinner time when Mickelson sunk that last putt… My gleeful scream echoed through the bare living room and woke up my Dad! (He was a milkman and went to bed very early to work all night.)

I have been a huge fan on Phil’s forever. He was known as a “choker” but that 1st Major win proved to everyone that he COULD be a champion and his name would be etched in golf history.

I love The Masters. One year an older gentleman that I worked with went for the weekend. He brought me home a cup. LOL I treasured that plastic cup.

This year was a bit different. Tiger wasn’t golfing and Phil didn’t even make the cut L In fact, none of the big names made the cut?!?! I guess I just didn’t get into it as much as I usually do.

This week we brought out the bikes, played in the sunshine, and washed the work truck,

My birthday is on Thursday. Last year for my birthday my Mom cleaned my bathroom. I know it sounds stupid but I hate cleaning bathrooms LOL My Mom did a super duper job… then she made me Toasted BLT’s, French Onion soup and Cherry Cheesecake.

Birthdays are kind of a “mom & me” thing. I mean without her I wouldn’t even have one. I guess I am feeling like this birthday might be tough. I am going to try to enjoy it, I have always loved birthdays, especially here, spring in Penticton is spectacular. I am going to try.

Do you have PC Points?

I am like an extreme couponer… but with PC Points. I get my Plus email and load my card and then I go through the flyer and see where I can get points there. PLUS I get gas at the Super Store gas station, so more savings!!! LOL

So I make my menu based on the products that are point getters for the week. You know, like when tortillas are 600 points, I am making enchiladas that week J So today I made my list and I go through the self-checkout… people must hate me I definitely have more than 25 items lol, and when I was done I checked my receipt to see all my points HAHAHA.

WTF? Where are my points? OMG I forgot to load my card!!!! This is really eating at me. I bought stuff like honey. Yes I use a lot of honey but I have a full one in the pantry. I bought this one for stock and because it is 1000 points!!! No points = no point in buying extra stuff!!! I lost out on 2600 points! So I have decided to take those items back and re-buy them. Is that crazy? Yes it is. I know. But I can’t let it go.

Let it go. Let it go. Can’t hold it back any more.

Seriously, isn’t that song the absolute worst? I liken it to the way my parents must have felt when Everything I Do (I Do For You) came out. BTW, Sorry Dad J

Friday was family movie night at HBear’s school. Guess what they watched? Hint * LET IT GO* LOL Ninja took her and watched Frozen AGAIN LOL!! Daddy love.

I started the office redo this week. Taking everything off the walls. Taping. Puttying all the holes and moving furniture around. 

Tomorrow I start painting! I am really excited about what we are doing in there. I can’t wait to show you J Dad and my FIL are working on redoing the deck and making our backyard oasis a bit more functional. They picked out the decking today.

Big changes coming up!

My sister and BIL are bringing my sweet little niece here for Easter this weekend! I’m excited to see them again. 

HBear has been having rough time at school and just in general. When we first got home from Edmonton she wanted to sleep on the floor by SBean’s crib, just in case SBean died.


On Thursday when I was leaving the school after Hot Lunch, her teacher ran out after me and said “You know when I said I would let you know if I saw a change in her behavior. I’ve seen a change in behavior.”

HBear actually took stamps and stamped paint all over the wall!!!! OMG Then she openly defied her teacher and stomped her feet and made a face!

I called the bereavement center.

We all think we are doing the right things but she is angry and scared. She is scared that we will get in a car accident and die. I explained that if we are safe and use our seatbelts everything would be ok. We always have to protect ourselves and be safe. If we do we have nothing to be scared of. Right?

She is scared SBean will die while she is at school.

She is scared that her tummy ache won’t go away and then her body will be broke and she will die.

What do I do about that?

She is having bad dreams, so we are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory before bed, so she can have sweet dreams J

I told her that I lay very still in my bed and the most beautiful dream ever is in a crystal bubble and floats from my big toe into every part of my body. I picture that beautiful dream floating up to my brain and when it gets there I have the bestest dream ever! She thought it was a great idea and the next morning I asked her if she had a beautiful dream, she said “Oh yes! It was so beautiful. In my dream I ate as much shrimp as I could!” LOL

I am so worried about her. She is a smart cookie and she questions everything. Why does she have to deal with so much at such a young age? I didn’t lose a family member until 2006. My Granny and my Poppy. Very tough but I wasn’t 5!

Bathing with HBear has been… interesting lately. As I have said before, we have a shower. No bath, just a shower. So, For the longest time the 3 of us and then the 4 of us took a family shower. As HBear has gotten a bit older we thought it was best if we separated it and I take HBear and Ninja takes SBean. So far so good. BUT, the questions OMG the questions.

“Mommy why do you have bigger boobies than Daddy?”

Because Mommies boobies have milk in them.

“Because you drink milk? Daddy and Papa drink wine with dinner. Is that why?”

“Mommy look!” I look and she has my bra on her feet “Look my boobies hang to my feet instead of my bellybutton like yours!”


“Mommy I love everything about you.”

I love everything about you too HBear.

“Mommy I even love your bones. Without your bones you would just me a puddle like Olaf, right?”


“Mommy! Mommy! What is that string hanging out of your peach?”

Ummmm so of course I tell her all about the wonders of being a girl. Well Dear, when your body releases an egg and it isn’t fertilized your body sheds it and you bleed for 3-5 days.

BIG EYES “3-5 days? Can you live through it?”

Well yes I can, but over the years it has been touch and go for Daddy. Lol

“I don’t want that. Ever. Do you need a bandaid?”

Well that is what the string is. Kind of a big bandaid.

Bath time is no longer relaxing, I have to be mentally on my A game. I didn’t read that part in What to Expect when…

Today Ninja and I took the girls for their 1st Tickleberries of the season. It was nice to enjoy the sun J

Then I dropped them off at the park while I went shopping,

Hopefully I will have pictures up this week of the finished office!!! I am also making a few dishes this week I will hopefully share with you J

Have a great Monday everyone!


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