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Lemony Garlic and Herb Cod with "Italian" Rice

Insanity is hereditary. You get it from your children.

Sam Levenson

SBean was a walking disaster yesterday. A hugable, kissable, little calamity... I swear I can actually see the twinkle in  her eye when she is about to do something baaaaad. She thinks she is HILARIOUS when she gets caught. She barely even cries in time out... she laughs!

Yesterday she was up at 4:20. Back to bed at 5:20. We were all getting ready... lunches, breakfast, dressing, Ninja and Dad leaving, and employees getting there which distracts the kids.

Like kids need an extra distraction while trying to get ready for school!!!! LOL

So, SBean has figured out she can stand on the couches and then fall anyway she wants... and laughs like Hell while doing it! I put her in time out. She goes right back up. yesterday while I was helping HBear, SBean face slammed into the faux brick wall behind our couch... and still managed to land on the couch lol. I ran over and I could already see the bruise welling up on her face, oh my baby!!!

So after that I brought her into the bedroom and closed the door. So, she moved the table over to the other side of the area and opened HBear's dressup drawer. We keep the table in front so she can't open it.


AHHHHHHHHHHHHH SBean's fingers are slammed in the bottom drawer.

Seriously? Shit.

I pick her up to console her while trying to keep ice on her cheek and while she insists her fingers need "issed" halfway down my throat!

While trying to keep HBear focused on the task of getting dressed, teethed brushed, hair brushed and bed made. This task is much harder than you think, believe me. I was there once. I had no idea what other moms went through, what my mom went through lol!!!!

FOCUS is the word of the year.

So we finally got out the door and we got to school. There was a great parking spot right in front. I had to parallel park, but that is no big deal, since moving here, I find almost everything is parallel parking. On both sides of the road!!! Weird.

So I don't know why but I totally screwed up and had to try backing up and going forward FOREVER! One woman walked by and was laughing and holding up her hands saying "I don't judge!" This is what I finally stopped with. 

So bad. Augh!

I looked at the time... 8:45am.

Jebus I knew it was going to be a long day.

It flew by because we did a ton.

We went to Walmart with a half done list. Never do this. Go with a list, stick to the list!!!

When we got home I began organizing the laundry room. There were cleaning products on the shelves that I am sure my grandparents used.

Plus when we did the ceilings we took down the CRAP on the top shelf, and I haven't purged it yet.

Yesterday I did.

Some crap on the top shelf I left up there...

I kept the rest in Fort Knox. My Poppy called it that, well for obvious reasons. LOL It is the shed in the carport. We keep 2 major freezers in Fort Knox, it is locked with a padlock, a deadbolt and a handle lock.

Yeah baby you just try to steal MY beef! LOL

The rest of the crap :)

All better. Really it doesn't look like I did amnything, but I did!

All the old cleaning supplies... gone!

All the plastic grocery bags... organized and gone!

All the crap on top organized or GONE!

I replaced the foam in the bathroom. LOL My parents have always kept and keep their things pristine.

I admire that.

I like pretty things. I would rather enjoy the look than cover it up. So the other day I threw out one of the slipmats because it was just so old and gross.

The other one...

And I thought if we have to cover up the funky cabinets, we should use something better than off white puffy shelf liner.

I got polka dot shelf liner. :)

We fed the cats. My friend is away and I am looking after their cats. SBean and I went over. She is so funny. Every time either of the cats runs by her she screams bloody murder! No tears just SCREAMS!

We had, snap peas, strawberries, grapes, cheese, puffed wheat, a mini morning glory muffin for lunch :)

Nap time. 3 books, 3 songs... she hums the tune to twinkle twinkle and abc's lol. She loves music.

Speaking of music. Frozen. Get out of my head. Now.

Anyways when she woke up... after an hour, I knew something was wrong. I went in and she had reached into her diaper and there was poop on her sheets. Shit. Literally.

Then I worked on the office! It is almost done and then i will start Ninja and I's bedroom. Dad and my FIL are working on the deck. Right now they are ripping up the old one, cutting branches off the hazelnut tree, and re-positioning the BBQ.

BTW remember I said my Mom was a fantastic gardener? Yeaaaah, I'm not. Last year apparently I let the lettuce go to seed. I know this because this is what is growing throughout the entire backyard! Jeeze :( lol

Last night for diner we had fish, rice and corn on the cob. I almost kiboshed the corn after SBean's POOPtastic nap... apparently she doesn't chew her corn LOL.

"Italian" Rice
Adapted from Creative K Kids

1 1/4 cups of uncooked rice
2 tablespoons margarine
½ cup mozza cheese, shredded
1 egg
3/4 jar of marinara
1 cup herb and garlic mozza shredded cheese

So honestly,  I found this recipe and thought it would be perfect. I had 3/4 of a jar of marinara in the fridge and I always have cheese lol. However, I forgot to mix in the egg! LOL So I have no idea what it would taste like with the egg. If you try it let me know! :)

Cook rice.

Put the cooked rice in a bowl and mix with margarine, and mozza cheese until well-blended.

Press into a baking dish.

Pour beaten egg over rice.

Pour marinara over the top of rice.

Top with herb and garlic mozza cheese.

Bake at 350° for 25-30 minutes.

Lemony Garlic and Herb Cod

3 fillets of cod
2 cloves garlic, pressed
1/3 cup oil
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1/4 teaspoon paprika
2 tablespoons Italian parsley leaves, chopped small
1 tablespoon fresh basil, minced
1 tablespoon fresh garlic chives, minced
1 tablespoon fresh thyme leaves, minced

Place all the ingredients in a ziplock bag and shake it up. Leave to marinate in the fridge for about an hour or 2. 

BBQ for about 10 minutes until fish is flaky. Baste with butter for more flavor. (I didn’t do this, I was trying to keep the fish as healthy as I could lol)

Today it was hot out.

HBear had student led parent conferences today. We all got to go into the class and see what they do and what they work on. As I am there weekly I already had a good idea but it was wonderful to see her excitement and show us what she feels is important :). She was super excited because Ninja surprised us and left work for a half an hour and came too!

After I took the girls to the park for a snack and a play :) Overall it was a pretty eventful 2 days!


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