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Friday FUN!

And this mess is so big 

And so deep and so tall, 
We cannot pick it up. 
There is no way at all!

Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat

4:20 “Moooommmmyyyyyyyy” SBean can say Mommy now, I lay in bed for 5 minutes wondering why I ever wanted her to learn the word in the 1st place

4:25 Get up and go get the Bean

4:55 She is happily fed and ready to be put back down

6:00 HBear is up and beside our bed “Daddy my belly is saying I’M HUNGRY”

7:20 After a bit of extra rest, I get up and get HBear dressed for school, her lunch, and strip the beds

8:30 Off to school!

8:40 Park in the mountains of snow and begin the icy walk down the hill

8:45 “Mommmmmy I want my sled” Turn around and walk back up the hill to get the sled

8:50 Get into the coatroom and get HBear into her class

9:00 Get home, get a load of laundry in and get SBean down for her nap

9:20 Clean the dreaded bathrooms 

10:00 SBean is up already and does NOT sound like she is going to go back down

10:20 Change SBean’s bum and get her dressed and we are off to Walmart

10:30 Run into a friend who I haven’t seen in a awhile! For the 2nd time this week I have run into someone who talks about Mom… it doesn’t get easier to talk about it… yet

10:45 Go into Walmart for 2 items

11:30 Leave Walmart with 21 items

11:45 Get home, give SBean Tylenol (she is crying and rubbing her mouth) Damn molars! Get her some spiral mac and cheese for a special owwie mouth lunch J Along with apples and bananas!

12:00 Change laundry over

12:20 Get dressed LOL Yes I know I have already gone out today.

12:30 Put on a face

12:40 Vacuum the house

1:00 Eat a bowl of cold mac and cheese as Ninja says "don't worry I will remake the beds" :)

1:10 Nurse SBean, read her 3 books, sing her 3 songs and get her down for nap #2

1:25 Out the door for volunteer afternoon at HBear’s class

1:30 Clean the pail of recyclables

1:40 Help a boy with his stamp project

1:50 Take 4 kids out to the open area to play with the BIG blocks and the wooden block “shoes” (we used to make them with string and tin cans lol).

2:15 Clean up time

2:30 Clean all the paint cans and brushes

2:45 Wash down the tables and the sink area

2:50 Ask HBear if she is ready for our surprise date?!?!?

2:55 We are off

3:00 We stop for Starbucks

3:15 We stop for a pee break lol

4:00 We get to Kelowna

4:15 We pull into Boston Pizza for dinner

4:20 We order our drinks, dinner and our appy, Caesar Salad.

4:25 We play coloring, x&o’s and eat our salad

4:40 Our dinner comes. HBear ordered a skewer of garlic shrimp, Slurping Spaghetti with white sauce and steamed broccoli and carrots. I get the Schezwan Pizza

5:20 She ate it all so she gets dessert! A Sunday with chocolate sauce and chocolate rocks J

5:30 All done dinner we get into the van for surprise #2!

5:40 Park outside of the Kelowna Actor’s Studio

5:45 Get inside to see that we are going to the play The Cat in the Hat!!! *Squeal*

5:50 Mommy gets ripped off and buys HBear a glass of Feffer Fiffir Fizz (Sprite and OJ) for $3.00!!!! Did NOT get roped into Swedish Red Fish/Blue Fish baggy for $5!!!

6:00 The show begins!

7:30 The show is over but boy did we laugh!

7:35 Our first fight lol I have to go to the bathroom and HBear does not want to go into the stall with me. I will wait out here with a crowd of strangers ok Mommy? NOT. Get your butt in here and try!

7:40 Oh you diiiiid have to go

7:45 We meet the cast and they think HBear is a total sweetheart asking her questions. Her dress makes her look like she is in the play herself LOL

8:00 Get into the van and head for home. We play the spelling game all the way home. By the time we get back she is spelling Penticton, popstar, handshake and all sorts of big words lol

8:55 Pull into the driveway

9:00 Get into our robes, grab Daddy and hop into the hot tub

9:10 “Mommy Daddy do you see that brightest star up there? That’s Nana.”

9:20 Get out, PJ’ed and brushed, goodnight HBear!

9:45 Wash up and crawl into bed myself

10:00 Snoooooore


4:45 “Moooommmmyyyyyyyy”


So this morning was HBear’s dance photos. I am the world’s worst dance Mom.

1st she has short hair, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a freaking bun into her hair! So I make 2 little ones and yell as she cries that I am hurting her, bad Mommy.

2nd I start getting her into her costume that I just pulled out from the back of the closet… ummm are there supposed to be tights?

3rd I don’t own makeup let alone pink blush and red lipstick!

4th I bought some lipstick the other day, maybe I can be salvaged? J

SBean watched and thought... Yeah I'm going into hockey... Mommy can dream right? LOL

5th We get going and I think OMG I forgot her Damn wrist thingyies! Turn around

6th We finally get there and the Home Show is on too… Shit no parking! Wouldn’t be too bad but I have HBear in a little track outfit over her massive tutu and she is freezing! It is -2 today sorry Winnipeg friends!

7th We get inside finally and HBear is wearing white tights and the rest are wearing brown/nude!!! CRAPPY

8th A Mom comes up and says “I have blush in my bag if you want?” OK so they noticed. I did get mascara and lipstick on her! Jeeze!

9th I get her some matching tights… she missed last week when she had pink eye, that is when they were handed out. Honestly she NEVER misses, the 1 time…

10th None of it mattered… she looked beautiful and I am so proud of her!

While we got pictures Papa and SBean had some Pizza Royale

Tonight I am making chicken fettuccini in a vodka sauce. Thank you Classico. And Ninja is making me a martini!
It is 3:15pm BTW :) Hell Yeah!



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