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Valentine Cards

Ever have that one friend who gets a Valentine's Day gift for their mother? Doens't that freak you out a little? It's like, 'I don't know how to break this to you but I think she's banging your dad!

Russ Meneve

OK so we have been making cards for… forever LOL

We started with family members. This year we did cute little thumbprint cards. You know the ones, the pinterest ones J

SBean had NO use for fingerpainting! I thought, wow she is going to love this… nope! She sounded like a pterodactyl getting a bikini wax… or so I am assuming J

I ended up making her “thumbprint” with her big toe LOL

Then we did HBear’s print J Yes I drink wine while we do this… don’t you? LOL Don't judge.

HBear thought the “thumbody” part was soooo funny. She said “Mommy we have to write LOL at the end!” Hilarious J

We mailed them to friends and family close by and the ones with kids J

Of course we added a cute sister picture too J

For the boys we did special Star Wars cards. We added glowsticks for the lightsaber!

Of course we have MANY friends and family all over the country, so we sent a smilebox to everyone we didn’t mail cards too! Have you ever used Smilebox? I send out 1-3 smileboxes a month. I love it! It has helped keep everyone up to date with the girls progress. PLUS it sends video no problem! I find that hard to do so it is 1 more reason to love Smilebox!

Click to play this Smilebox greeting
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Now of course HBear needs Cards for her friends at school and her teachers…

I had many suggestions, that were all vetoed LOL. I finally asked Ninja what do you think about bananas?

“Huh? Do you want to get her beat up?” He asked me LOL

So I asked HBear… what do you think about bananas? She was ALL OVER IT! Yeah! 

So I made tags and printed them out,

And HBear signed them all.

For her teachers we decided on apples J So I made those, snipped them up…

And she signed them all too!

Voila! Valentine’s cards are done for another year!

On another note… SBean. She cracks me up! She gets up in the morning and walks right to the door grabs her jacket or ALL her jackets off the pegs and tries putting them on. She will walk around in a jacket all day LOL She will walk up to the keys hanging and try to get them LOL She definitely loves going out!

2 jackets and HBear's sweater as a cape over her jammies LOL
Her bangs in her face have just peeved me off so much lately! I was trying to grow it but…

Apparently my sister says it is known as the HBear bowlcut LOL

I LOVE it!

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