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Family Day 2014

Well… we did it! We survived Family Day LOL.

Kinda serious actually J

We went to the Community Centre, we knew it would be busy but it is windy and chilly out, so outdoor play just wasn’t in the cards. Last year we went to Apex for some family skating fun.

So we got there early and the lineup was out the door!

We started at Gymboree. HBear went on the jumping castles... 

and SBean played with the toys. 

Next we moved on to the craft and games room J

“Mommy I’m hungry, Mommy can we eat? When are we going to eat Mommy? Mommy I am really hungry.” It was 12:05.

Ninja braves the cold to go get us BBQ. Our $25 fee gets us a hamburger or a hotdog each.

Ninja, “Can I have my wallet?” “I don’t have it. Didn’t you use it to pay?” I ask

20 minute scramble while I sit with the kids, thank goodness I brought lunch for SBean or we would have been done right there LOL

I am rationing my cheese, applesauce and banana as HBear is STARVING… please Ninja we can worry about that after, just Go. Get. The. Food!

As he waits in the loooong line outside I go to the front desk. “Hi, was there a wallet turned in? Yes? Great! Thank you.”

Done, 2 seconds. Why can’t men just ask? 20 minutes vs 2 seconds. Mrrrrr.

So we eat our gross BBQ lol and it is pool time! It was so busy you couldn’t move in the pool without bumping into someone. No pictures because in our 3 bags, wet changeroom, and getting 2 kids dressed without a bench… I said F*** the camera, let’s just do this thang LOL!

So by 2 SBean and I were home and down for a nap, and HBear & Ninja went back for more, well, they went to watch the family movie playing, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.

I so wanted a family picture on family day… but it just wasn’t in the cards. They even had a photographer and everything L Sometimes I feel like we are doing so much that it is a rush to get to the next activity and we don’t get a chance to do things like stopping for a quick second for a family picture. Granted I take A LOT of pictures anyways… but it is nice to take a step back and enjoy. Is that even possible anymore? LOL

Happy Family Day from my family to yours! :)


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