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And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again. - It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

We have snow.

On December 20 we got snow and it hasn’t melted yet! It has been sunny and hovering between -4 to +4 but we have snow.

In the 4 years that I have lived here we have only had a white Christmas once… so I am super happy about this J

So, we have gotten out and enjoyed the snow. Usually we have to drive the 25 minutes to the ski hill but not this year!

SBean wasn’t so sure about it at first lol

Ninja’s Dad is such a big kid he went out and bought a little sled for HBear J Right in front of their house are all these awesome trails… they are perfect  for a little sledding!

On New Year’s Day we went out with my BCBestie’s family, a nice walk on the beach. Unfortunately that was the -4 day L I hate to be a marshmallow but it was cold Brrrr. We walked down the beach with 5 kids to the park and back. It took us 2.5 hours LOL

Today we took the kids sledding at my I-Law’s… they are in Winnipeg right now because my S-I-L had the baby!!!!!

Introducing the handsome Jake Jarett Burdy,

OMG He is adorable! They are both happy and healthy and doing great! Oddly enough my Bestie got floated to that ward that day and happened to be there to see her and the baby a mere hour after he was born. Apparently it was a SUPER fast delivery! So at least all my prayers for safe and fast deliveries for both the sisters worked out!!!!

So today we went sledding… What a F***ing debacle! Seriously. Why do kids whine and act like spoiled rotten children? ANSWER because we spoil them rotten! We try to make their holidays as special as possible and give them everything we can and make all these freaking memories and this is what we get…

It’s true.

HBear whined almost the entire time. I’m cold. I’m sweating. Will you pull me? My legs hurt. There’s snow in my mitten.

OMG Just zip it and have fun God Damnit! Lol

It did have its moments though J

And then of course there were some amazing parenting skills…

So yeah... I broke the sled. LOL I so suck J

So, after all that fresh air and exercise... we headed to McDonalds lol

Thank God school starts again on Monday!!!!


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