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So I got into growing grapes, not realizing that there was a heck of a lot more to it than meets the eye. - Pat Paulsen

So this has definitely been the summer of family! Living in the Okanagan Valley it is safe to assume that you will have visitors. My grandparents moved here in like ’81… I think. We visited every summer. So did my Uncles and their families.

When we moved here 4 years ago TODAY, I didn’t even think about how much more connected I would be to family from this tiny little town than I was from the big city of Winnipeg, centrally located. It us odd but I have even seen my brother more now than I did when we lived 4 streets over?

So this week we had my good friend Dan came in for a short visit. It was great seeing him, plus he owed me lunch from last year’s hockeypool. I find it is always best to pay off debts BEFORE new ones are formed J

Dan with my Dad & my Father-in-law

As I already posted Ninja’s brother, wife, and 2 kids came in too. Unfortunately the weather was terrible for their visit, but it didn’t keep the kids out of the pool!

This weekend Ninja’s 2 Aunts have come in from Calgary. It is so nice to see them. 

Cuddles from Aunt Cathy

The girls playing with Aunt Marg

Today we are going to have dinner with my cousin and her family! They moved here last month from Winnipeg… it is our plan to convert everyone and get everyone out here to live in our little Paradise! Hee Hee (I stopped typing to rub my hands like Dr. Doofenshmirtz), oh come on EVERYONE watches Phineas and Ferb!

Rowyn & my cousin's cuties Landon and Gage

This morning I did another “Mom job”. It is becoming apparent that I left all the shitty things for my Mom to do. LOL and she never complained, I guess that is what Mom’s do. Today I started clipping grapes and washing them to make raisins. HBear LOVES raisins. But, only our homemade raisins, don’t even try to pass off the little red boxes, she will know and hold a grudge LOL.

It is tedious and boring and it makes your back hurt. Now, I love the end result but ever year I watch Mom and think haha. Again, she is now looking down and laughing her ass off at me.

I fill up the sink and wash them all, then painstakingly pull out all those little stems, 6 layers later I am ready to dehydrate! 

Oh and did I mention SBean threw up all over my bed this morning?!?! That is NOT normal for her but both the girls are just getting over Roseola so maybe that has something to do with it? Yup so by 8am I was elbow deep in grapes, puke and rashes lol.


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