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I can’t sing, I can’t paint and I can’t write how I feel, so all I have left is poop to express myself. - Bobby Caputo

I’ve got to tell you something. I am a multitasker.

Are you surprised? LOL

So now I’ve REALLY got to tell you something… I brush my teeth while going to the bathroom. Gross right? I do NOT talk on the phone while going pee but I do brush my teeth. Sometimes I try to brush my teeth while I wash my face, but it never seems to work.

I always wonder how single moms or dads do it. They must be wicked multitaskers. My girlfriend has 3 kids, 4 months to almost 5, her husband is a helicopter pilot and is gone for days at a time. When I look at her I wonder “how do you do it?” I am amazed by her and she is like, yeah this is a breeze… well that’s what I see anyways LOL.

This brings me to this past weekend.

On Saturday night Ninja, his Dad and my Dad went to Hopscotch in Kelowna. It is a Scotch tasting festival. They waved goodbye at 5pm and merrily went on their way letting me know that they would text 1 hour in advance before they needed picked up. No problem, I am with the kids all day by myself J

So we had dinner, we sang, we danced and we played Simon Says, btw this is best trick to get kids to do things LOL.

Bath time. OK, so we don’t have a bath but as you know, a huge steam shower, 

this makes bathtime difficult. So we all get in and I get the kids all washed! Success! Then I squeegee and tell HBear to get out and start getting dried. I look at SBean and leave her in the shower seated and playing with a Barbie and I get out to get dry quickly too.

I don’t even want to admit to this next part, in fact both kids may never forgive me for telling this story but seriously? I HAVE to! LOL

So, I hear a gagging noise and I look into the big glass shower and SBean is gagging on something. What could she possibly find in a clean shower?

Then I see it…

Then I gag…

She pooped, and she was eating it. I saw the beans and the carrots and even yesterday's broccoli!!!

Shit. Literally.

My wet hair is swinging in my face and my towel is falling down and I am picking her up and scooping in her mouth. She must not have liked it… duh because there isn’t any in her mouth but there is a yellow stream of... shit, running down her nice clean body. I start spraying her down and cleaning up the shower while almost crying and then I hear HBear say, “oooppps sorry Mommy.”

I freeze. That's not good. What now?

I glance over my shoulder and see her standing in the middle of the room with her legs spread and she is putting cream… up her!

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Yes, I admit it I yelled… loudly. I was so frazzled, SBean was crying… loudly and HBear is like, all up in her business.

“I told you we don’t put things in our peach!” (I am not one of those moms that use the technical words for things lol)  “That is why you are itchy there! Please stop!”

“Mommy it IS itchy! Get it off!”

So now I have both girls in the shower rewashing them. OMG

By the time I got them dressed it was time to go to my mother-in-law’s. I called her and asked… “do you have coffee on?” LOL

Can you freaking believe it? WTF???? Man, that is a story for her wedding day LOL or maybe not J

Yesterday we had our annual hockey draft. It is our 4th annual pool and we have friends and family from Winnipeg, Calgary and Penticton involved. We do it via text and it is fun! I have won the past 2 years so I guess that makes it even more fun!

HBear got to watch Charlotte's Web 2!!! Notice the fingers? Yup, we are back to that *sigh* 

I always use my lucky Jesus pencil… isn’t it hilarious?!? Ninja got it from a friend in ATC! HAHA

So my picks are:


My half season alternates are:

I am happy with my picks except my goalie. I meant to say Niemi and Crawford came out! Ninja would not let me change my pick!! Competitive much? LOL 

Today is purple day…

And we are having leftovers. Ninja made a roast last night with our new cow. I have to say she is a goody J We also had mashed potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, mashed turnip and thyme carrots! 

For dessert we had “cherry cheesecake”. Yeah, so Ninja wanted to cheer me up this weekend, Mom’s birthday hit me the next day (whon whon), so he made my favorite no bake cheesecake. Mom made it for me and he wanted to try. KEY word TRY! So, he used cream cheese, condensed milk and lemon juice. I use Cool Whip, cream cheese and icing sugar. Difference? Ummmm. When I looked at it, I asked him where the graham crust was?

The store didn’t have any. OOOOOOOOK.

How long did you bake the Tenderflake, it looks a bit light?

You are supposed to bake it? OOOOOOOOOK

Yup, so yesterday we bought graham shells because apparently the store had them the next day! Ninja poured it all in there, and we ate it. LOL He tried and THAT is what counts! LOL

Today I went out to the garage and smelled something. OMG I realized I hadn’t used my 20 lbs of Roma tomatoes yet!!! What an idiot! Unfortunately I had to throw lots out but I did manage to clean, cut, bag and freeze 9 bags of 15oz  tomatoes.

While I cut SBean ate some homemade 12 bean soup… she is very independent and even if I give it to her off the spoon, she spits it out and picks it up herself J


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