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And I'm the Devil. Now kindly undo these straps. The Exorcist

When I was a kid Friday nights were nights to look forward to because obviously there was no school the next day. Mom and Dad always rented movies, my Bestie would probably sleepover and the next day was either ringette or baseball or some other activity.

When I was a teenager Friday nights were nights to go party!

When I was in my 20’s Friday nights were super busy work nights and later dinner out with Ninja! We have tried a ton of restaurants in Winnipeg… we like to eat and have nice wine J

Now in my 30’s let’s consider right now… my Friday night.

We are hosting the Young Guns Hockey tournament right now. This evening Dad took HBear to a game. She was really excited and it looked like they had a great time!

Don't hold the Fin doll against her, she doesn't realize yet that the Canucks suck LOL

all day he talked about the two things she wanted at the game. A hotdog and...

Popcorn LOL
When they got home HBear was all packed for her weekend slumber party at Grandma and Grandpa’s!! She has been so excited!!!!

Dad and Ninja then went to the next game. I started to prepare. Prepare for what I have been dreading but longing for. Tonight is SBean’s first night in her crib. Due to circumstances and the fact that she shares a room with HBear, she has been in our bed for 9 months. Last night we had a wicked storm and in the flashes of lightning I look at our bed. SBean was lying horizontal at the top of the bed. She was pretty much draped over my neck and her feet were across Ninja’s face, pushing his cheek. It is time.

So we bathed and creamed. Vitamin D’ed and pj’ed. Then I fed her, rocked her, sang our bedtime song and gently laid her in the crib. Have you ever seen the Exorcist? OMG Freak out! I left her for 10 minutes after explaining that I loved her, which she couldn’t hear because I think I actually saw flames coming out of her ears like in the cartoons! This girl has a temper!  I went and turned on the adult contemporary on Galaxy in the living room, so there is a bit of background noise, it seems to be working for naps?!?

I stood outside and listened to her gut wrenching scream and then the banging. She sits on all fours and rocks… and rocks her head into the crib!!!! I love our crib. It is big. It is solid. I hear my baby girl smacking into it again and again. ENOUGH OF THIS!

So I go in and position her back in the middle and cover her up… kinda, she IS going crazy. As I sit and rub her side she is holding my other hand down beside her head like she is hanging from the tip of the Titanic and the propeller is directly below her.

As she finally calms down I think Hmmm I think I got this. I gently pull my hand and her mouth opens and the wails begin again. OK. So, I cross my arms on the side of the crib and stare down at her. She keeps steady eye contact. I am keeping the moonlamp on as HBear WILL be back in 2 nights and that is how she sleeps. I am trying to maintain her sleep pattern as best as possible as next week is her 1st week of school and that is a big change in itself for a 4 year old.

So here we are on day 1 of the crash course sleep training. I am bent over this huge crib for what seems like eternity before I slowly stand up. WAIL!!!! I mean like wail and shaking, oh man. So I sat down beside the crib in 1 of HBear’s little chairs. I sat and stared at her through the bars as she sat in the middle of the crib in total silence just staring at me. She was semi rocking to the light music in the living room, she looked so sleepy… stubborn and sleepy.

After a while, I stood up and laid her back down and just stood next to her crib. A few murmurs but she is blinking slower… every once in a while she looks to see if I am still there. I am. Then I moved to the head of the crib. She turned her head up and watched me for a while but then tucked her chin and her eyelashes fluttered down... then I slipped out…. And my tummy growled!!!!!!!!

I came in to my room to sit down and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


I was in her room for 63 minutes. She then cried for about 10 minutes and then sporadically every 2-3 minutes I heard a yell . I am thinking that I did it! I am thinking… seriously hope Dad and Ninja don’t wake her up when they get home from the game!

I think this is going to be a long night. LOL

I didn't hear anything for 10 minutes, I so badly wanted to go in and take a picture because she IS so beautiful when she is sleeping but as HBear would say “Are you cray-cray Mommy?” and the answer to that is, No, I am not. In fact in the matter of time it took for me to type that sentence she cried… I will now reiterate…

I think this is going to be a long night. LOL

2 hours in and the 2-3 minute cries are still happening. Man, this girl is persistent. 

3 hours and... silence :)


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