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We have three cats. It's like having children, but there is no tuition involved. - Ron Reagan

I always read the top 10 things that the second baby does or doesn’t get. Until I had SBean I would giggle at these things like…

1st BABY: You sterilized their dummy and their teething rings, and dropped biscuits were abandoned or thrown to the birds.

2nd BABY: The three second rule became the five second rule, then the 10 second rule... and you frequently find yourself saying to watchful strangers: "What doesn't kill them makes them stronger...!" 

Now, I laugh my ass off at these differences.

I laugh because I now realize that I only THOUGHT I knew what I was doing.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love both my children. But seriously 1 is an angel and the other is the devil disguised as a cute little baby! They are soooo different.

TOP 5 Things that are different between my girls

HBear: Slept through the night in her crib after 4 months and has never looked back.
SBean: OMG! Why won’t you sleep????? She is STILL in our bed at night and naps in her crib sound like a bad Roland Emmerich movie. There will be a whole post on this issue at some point I promise!

HBear: Needed to be spoon fed because she hated getting her hands messy. She still feels this way, you can see the dilemma play out across her face when we have ribs or chicken wings for dinner.
SBean: Is like the eye of a tornado. Everything in her way goes into her mouth. What she doesn’t like gets tossed out somewhere in her path of destruction.

HBear: Sat quietly waiting to be picked up for the first 10 months. Crawling was a last resort.
SBean: Sitting is NOT an option. She has been crawling for over a month already. I think she could possibly even walk already but she is SO freaking fast at crawling she doesn’t see the point in trying.

HBear: Only put her fingers in her mouth. To the point that now the dentist is trying to get us to put in an appliance to help curb the sucking. He said on a scale of 1-10 of bad suckers she is a 10!! We gave her the choice of stopping, she picked August, the last month of summer to stop. So far it has been good. I have caught her sucking only once!!! We are very proud of her.
SBean: I have actually had to call poison control. Yup, Mother of the year award goes to ME, for dropping a Tylenol on the floor in the middle of the night and forgetting to pick it up the next day. I noticed red smeared all over her face and instantly knew… I freaked out. I popped it out before she swallowed it thank goodness. For anyone that finds them in a similar spot in the future, no need to worry, a 9 month old at 18 lbs is apparently totally safe eating an extra strength Tylenol J She has since put 4 pieces of chalk in her mouth (also apparently non life-threatening) and every piece of ANYTHING that she can find. Ninja actually found a sticker in her poopy diaper last week!

HBear: Was a quiet baby. She cooed. Yup, she actually cooed. We had to take her to speech therapy because she barely talked at first. Of course, now she talks non stop and I sometimes wonder why we pushed it in the first place?
SBean: LOUD! She babbles and screams and basically tells me off 24/7. When I put her in her nice shopping cart cover all the little old ladies go "ahhhh and ohhhh what a cutie." I apologize in advance for the commotion she is certain to cause within 10 seconds of the front door. They laugh at me and then I see them 5 minutes later and their faces have hardened, that’s right she is so loud she makes sweet old ladies want to run out of Walmart!!! 

…And I wouldn’t change either of them for the world J

SBean giving her Devil look

HBear working on her artwork


Anonymous,  August 29, 2013 at 11:47 PM  

Ahh Love it! I can hear you talking as I'm reading your article.

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