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Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened. - Dr. Seuss

So, I still don’t have any words to explain how I feel about losing my Mom. She was 54 years old. Fuck Cancer.

My Mom was a super strong woman. She loved her family so much that she couldn’t imagine having any of us go through the ordeal of writing or OMG… saying her Eulogy. So, she wrote it herself. She hoped to record herself reading it but time wasn’t on her side L

Ninja helped her edit it so he read it at the funeral. He did a great job. This is what she wrote…

Welcome everyone to the celebration of “My Life”. Sounds pretty egotistical, doesn’t it? Well, from my point of view, which is as you know is always freely given, this IS an occasion of celebration because I’ve had one hell of a great life and it would be a tragedy not to share it all - with all of you! SO for all of you who have made my time so meaningful, please allow me to leave you with some parting words…

            First off, I’d like to say thank you for honoring me today. You’re attendance is a blessing and I am grateful to each and every one of you that have shared in any and all moments of my life.

            Secondly, I would like to ask each and every one of you to help my family – Ron, Kelly and Vivienne, Kristin, Chris, Rowyn and Sydney, Kari, Sebastien and Baby Hachey to transition from their terrible grief back to their lives through positive thoughts and loving reassurance. Please, stay in touch with them and keep them as much a part of you as you can. E-mail, drop by the house or keep on calling until someone picks up that damn phone that no one ever answers! In my time, I have learned that life has a way of bringing us unexpected joys and sometimes more often, as Kristin says, it gives us a “Roundhouse to the head!” Well, my family has recently received the hardest kick to the head that a family can endure and they need your help to heal. Please.

              To my parents Warren and Ellen Little. You raised us to believe that nothing is more important than family - family will always love you unconditionally, forgive you at the end of each and every day and that their love will see you through it all; the good, the bad and the ugly. I truly believe they were correct. Mom & Dad, I love you and I will see you soon if not already. Knowing my luck, I’m probably just stuck in line behind a bunch of O.P.’s waiting to get in.

            I would also like to speak about my deepest inspiration and love to the Little Clan. My brothers, Robin, Ken, Wayne. And to their children and grandchildren – Meaghan, Taylor, Cailie, Breanne, Ashley and Randall, Grace, Benjamin, Darryl and Tammy, Janelle and Mark, and Larissa. I will love you all for eternity! L.O.V.E.

            To my sisters-in-law: You have been a great source of strength in my life. Kim, you have been a blessing to me and have inspired and taught me so much – things that took so many others 10 to 15 years to “get it”!

Lauren, you are a beautiful, witty, spiritual woman that took me 30 years to grasp and hold on to, to my very end. Thank you for your forgiveness. To both of you, thank you for your love and support. I love you both very much! L.O.V.E.

            Though I have loved many of you from very young to now, my deepest and most profound love arrived when I came to know our children. They are all encompassing and I would give them anything and everything possible to make their lives better, easier, happier and most importantly – full of love! It is with them that the celebration truly begins!

             To my son Kelly: You have grown into a fine, honest, caring young man – who looks ridiculously like his father, doesn’t he?? Kelly’s love of music, no, his passion for music has helped him to become the man he is today and I wouldn’t want him any other way. I love you to the moon and back 100 times. I hope that you have found the love of your life in Viv as she is already a daughter to us with the love we feel for her. And even though I’m gone, I will still be whispering in your ear about marriage and children! Kelly I will miss you for eternity and I wish you nothing but joy and love for all of your life. L.O.V.E.

            To my daughter Kristin. Oooooohhhhh Kristin. It is so difficult to even start, yet so much more difficult to let you go. You are loved by me 1000 times around the universe. From the day you were born you were all my joy, my other half, you made me complete. We have loved, argued, played, screamed, and sang with unconditional love and passion. You must never doubt how you have made your father and I so proud nor the love we have for you. We are also proud that you swooped in and took Chris as your life mate and husband. Chris, I love you to the moon and back 100 times and you are our son in every way.  Kristin, you have become a mother now and your life has a love that consumes you, as it consumed me, as it should. You are on the right track in life babe, so carry on. L.O.V.E.

  Now let me tell you, if you are not a “Nana” or a “Papa” yet, I urge you to get your children baby making! Yes, put that “Nana” pressure on them because it is truly the pinnacle of life! So all you Nana’s to be out there….PUSH HARD!

So to Rowyn and Sydney -  I hope you love fully in your lives. I wish you nothing but the best in life and that life in the Okanagan will bring everything you deserve right to your door – you need only open it. Your cleverness, intelligence and passion will take you far. Believe Nana, your course is already well set! I love you a million times around the universe and I will miss you so deeply until we meet again. L.O.V.E.

To my darling baby Kari:  Equal parts me and your father, you completed our family circle and made us whole. I am thrilled to have both you and Seb as our daughter and son and I couldn’t be happier with Kari’s choice for a husband - even if she had to leave us and travel half way around the world to meet you!

                Kari, even though you are the baby of the family, you have been the stable, logical one. As adulthood has set in, you have talked us through our darkest moments. But as a child you were always smiling and bringing in strays that you met on the internet. With you, like Kristin, motherhood will consume you in every way; love, passion, wisdom – everything that encompasses being a mom. Like I said, completion. I love you 1000 times around the universe and back. L.O.V.E.

            To the love of my life, my rock, my everything, “Ronnie”. I have loved you for over half of my life – 33 years to be exact! And I will tell you, anyone that can love someone with the “crazy gene” has got to be a strong, strong human being. Which YOU are!! The support, love and strength you have freely given me is breathtaking. From the times we just met at the Black Knight: I saw the warmth in your eyes and you, well, you saw my legs. I knew from that moment we were made for each other. Your word, ethics, morals and honor is your true strength and it still makes all of the man you are today. The only thing I would change is that I wish you would shave your upper body!! Girls, buy your dad a “No-No” electric shaver or whatever hair removing device may be on the market! I love you one million times around the universe! I will see you on the other side, love. L.O.V.E.

So it is today that I leave you with a special gift. The gift that I have come to know, experience, accept and love eternally, the one thing that has always been at the center of it all – each other. Yes, today and I every day I want you to enjoy, laugh, love, revel, bask, love learn, live, love, cry, tell stories and LOVE with each other. You were all the greatest thing I came to know in my life. Each and every one of you MADE my life and my life carries on with each and every one of you. So celebrate me today with what I learned was the only thing that ever mattered through it all – my family. Honor me today by what I’ve always known to be dearest to my heart, that got me through my darkest days and soared beside me at my greatest heights. For today I will live on with your love of each other.

            L.O.V.E. to you all. L.O.V.E.

Our wedding photographer, Suzanne from Eyes of Le Stage, offered to come to the Hospice in my Mom’s last few days and take some pictures of the family. We are forever grateful to her for leaving us some beautiful pictures and so many memories.

To see the video of my Mom’s life please click this linkMom got us to do it quickly so she could watch it, in fact she made me take 3 pictures out because she didn’t like her hair or her chin in them. As I looked at these pictures I noticed that Mom sure knew how to smile. When Mom watched it and it was done, she sat there for a minute silently, and as you all know that’s very different for my mother. She sat there then said “I sure had a happy life didn’t I?”

Kathy Denise Castle (Little) September 26, 1958 – June 20, 2013… 


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