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Any mother could perform the jobs of several air traffic controllers with ease. - Lisa Alther

Timeline for today, May 15, 2013

7:45                 Ninja wakes me up… “Honey I have to go to work, HoneyBear is still sleeping and SydneyBean has been changed” he says as he hands me a clean SydneyBean.

STILL SLEEPING!!!! Get up let’s get moving!

7:46                Feed SydneyBean

8:02                I pee, I mention this because this is the last time I will do so until 3:49pm

8:05                SydneyBean & I climb up to HoneyBear’s top bunk and steamroll her J

8:10                I pour myself a coffee and pour HoneyBear’s cereal, juice, vitamin D and vitamin bear

8:15                Get SydneyBean dressed and changed again…

8:20               Get HoneyBear dressed

8:30                Wet down and blowdry HoneyBear’s nappy hair.

8:40                Realize HoneyBear has not finished her breakfast and chase her back up to the table, she finishes while I pack her backpack and get SydneyBean ready to go.

8:50                Pack both kids in the van & ready to go

9:00                Unpack both kids and rush to get HoneyBear into the school. Change from outdoor shoes to indoor shoes while SydneyBean blows raspberries all across my face.

9:15                 Pack SydneyBean in the van & ready to go

9:20                Get home, get SydneyBean out and go check on Mom. She is in a lot of pain and her medicine is not working. She thinks that the tooth that was pulled (due to the chemo) has left an abscess. She hasn’t been out of bed in 2 days. The pain from the radiation is really affecting her. The side effects are lasting longer than we had hoped. She asks me to make her a Dentist appointment with her dentist… she thinks his name is Hutchinson and he is in an office somewhere on Main St.

9:40                Search Google for a Dentist that fits that criteria

9:50                Give up and call Dad

9:51                Confirm with Dad that the Dentist’s name is Ian something on Main St

9:52                Search Google for a Dentist that fits THAT criteria

9:55                 Call Dr Dickinson’s office and convince the receptionist that this is an emergency and get my Mom an appointment for 1:15pm

10:00              Mom comes out and she looks like HELL. I convince her that enough is enough 2 weeks of this is crazy… she is going into Emerg to see what is going on!

10:05              Pack SydneyBean and Mom into the van & ready to go

10:10              Drop Mom off at the hospital with instructions to call when she needs picked up

10:20              Get to Walmart

10:21               Unpack the stroller and get SydneyBean and the bags and go for a crazy fast shop

10:45              Holding 3 heavy bags and pushing the stroller, quickly get back to the Van… less $75

10:47              Pack SydneyBean, the stroller and the groceries into the van & ready to go

10:52              Pull up to get my produce at Quality Greens

10:53              Unpack the stroller and get SydneyBean and the bags and go for a crazy fast shop

10:59              Get to deli counter as for some disgusting lunchmeat for Ninja’s lunch.

11:05              Still waiting for my 200g of ham

11:10               Still waiting

11:15                Ummm excuse me can I have my ham? “Oh my goodness I forgot to give it to you! Sorry here you go.” Seriously? I knew that deli meat was the Devil!

11:25               Holding 2 heavy bags and pushing the stroller, quickly get back to the Van… less $40

11:26               Pack SydneyBean, the stroller and the groceries into the van & ready to go

11:31               Pull up to HoneyBear’s school and realize I am late. Unpack SydneyBean and race to the school.

11:33               Race past the on-time Mommies and go straight to the door to gather HoneyBear’s artwork and backpack.

11:34               Hear “MOMMMMMMYYYYYY” look outside and see HoneyBear racing towards me, “I got to PPPPPEEEEEEE”

11:35               Quickly get her to the potty while holding artwork, a backpack and SydneyBean… “Mommy help me wipe please” Again I ask…. Seriously?

11:50               Say goodbye to teachers and pack both kids up into the van

11:55               Get home; unload groceries and kids from the van

11:58               Call the dentist back and explain to the answering machine that Mom is still in the hospital and I don’t know if she will make it to her emergency appointment.

12:00              Start washing veggies while making lunch. HoneyBear wants a peanut butter sandwich and an orange. I treat her to her first taste of Fluffernut and add some delicious but terrible marshmallow fluff… she loved it, she said it was a peanut butter sandwich with frosting LOL

12:10               Realize the fridge is gross and begin taking everything out and cleaning the shelves.

12:15               Put in a load of laundry

12:30              Finish the fridge.

12:31               Call the dentist back and explain to the answering machine that Mom is still in the hospital and that we will have to cancel her appointment…. SORRY

12:33              Start chasing HoneyBear down to get her dressed for ballet… Don’t worry SydneyBean I promise to feed you soon!

12:40              Get the call from Mom… “Can you come get me now?”

12:41               Call the dentist back and explain to the answering machine that Mom is out of the hospital and to PLEASE NOT get rid of her appointment, yeah I hate me too!

12:42              Finish getting HoneyBear tighted and tu-tued and pack both girls into the van.

12:46              Pull up to the hospital

12:50              Call Mom Where are you?!?!?

12:52               Mom finally gets her prescription and hobbles out to the van where she informs me that she no longer needs her dentist appointment as the Dr gave her an antibiotic for the tooth infection?!?!?

12:55               Drop Mom off at home

12:57               Speakerphone call Mom and tell her to call her dentist and cancel the appointment… again. Oh and by the way, your Dr’s name is Dickinson!

1:00                Get to ballet class

1:01                 Realize we are late and hurry to get the kids out of the van and up the 45 stairs to the studio

1:05                 Get HoneyBear’s ballet slippers on while holding SydneyBean precariously on my hip

1:30                Ballet is over. Get HoneyBear’s shoes on and hurry the kids back down the stairs and out to the van

1:33                 Pack SydneyBean and HoneyBear into the van & ready to go

1:40                Get home; unload the kids from the van

1:45                 Change SydneyBean

1:50                 Usher HoneyBear into her room for much needed quiet time

1:52                 Reheat some of the wedge fries in the fridge and put laundry into the dryer

1:55                 FINALLY feed SydneyBean, myself and check my e-mail

2:35                Get the kids ready and packed up to go pick up Ninja… he has a long awaited massage scheduled for today

2:45                Tell HoneyBear that I am leaving without her… as she is still sitting in her bedroom refusing to leave her Nintendo DS and go to the van to get SydneyBean into her seat

2:46                Hear HoneyBear freaking out and kicking the front door. “What are you doing?” “Doooon’t leaavvveee meeeeeee” Realize I maybe went too far in my teach her a lesson and stop for a hug

2:48                Pack SydneyBean and HoneyBear into the van & ready to go

3:00                Pick up Ninja

3:10                Stop at the drugstore to drop off Mom’s prescriptions

3:15                 Get home; unload the kids from the van

3:20                Empty dryer and fold clothes

3:30                Put away clothes

3:35                Clean up the mess that has hit the house during our short stopovers

3:49                Pee

4:00                Turn on the Lorax, look through the mail and sigh with relief when I see we got a Domino’s Pizza coupon in the mail today J

4:05                Type this out J

4:35                Get ready to publish… realize the formatting is Effed right up

5:22                Stop fiddling with the formatting and decide today is what it is

5:23                Publish and pick up the phone to order that pizza J

What did you do today?


Melissa@Home on Deranged May 24, 2013 at 8:03 AM  

After reading this, I am officially tired. And ready to eat Domino's, strangely enough. My days aren't that haywire yet, since my girls aren't in daycare/preschool, but I know it's creeping up quickly. So thanks for the peek, lol.

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