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Sometimes I park in handicapped spaces, While handicapped people make handicapped faces. - Dennis Leary

Today HoneyBear and Sydney Bean accompanied me to the grocery store. So far our outings together have left me with either a massive headache, or the aching need to go sit in a bar and get ridiculously drunk… and I don’t even like the taste of alcohol. Weeeelll I don’t count red wine as alcohol J

What I mean is that it has taken a bit of getting used to, having 2 kids to get in and out and all that goes along with our “adventures”.

For example, “Mommy I have to go potty.” This used to be a slight inconvenience but now it is just plain sucky. That bucket seat is friggin’ heavy!! The diaper bag, the bucket seat, the child… into a small stall? No way.

I did go into the handicap stall at Walmart the other day but came out to glares from 2 elderly ladies that were talking to each other at the sink, “she doesn’t look handicapped to me!”

Seriously??? Do you see my hair? I haven’t brushed it in 2 days! That’s right ladies, that smell, yeah that is me, I forgot to put on deodorant and I am carrying 30 lbs of carseat, a massive diaperbag on my back, I had to park like a half a mile away from the door and my daughter just peed a little on my shoe! But did I say this? Nope, I just lifted HoneyBear up to pump her soap because “I can do it myself” fever has officially become my worst nightmare. I stare at the women in the mirror and think to myself… are my kids a handicap?

Enter GUILT stage left.

No. My kids are my life, they are not a handicap, they do however make things a bit more complicated. So, today when we were headed out the door I breathed a big sigh and thought here we go again.

You know what? It went well. HoneyBear was a terrific help, counting mushrooms and sweetly asking “pleeeease Mommy can you buy broccoli for lunch?” For once the P’s (we live in a retirement town so we call Old People O.P’s which we have since shortened even more to just P’s) were looking at me with smiles thinking “Wow, that mom must be doing something right.”

SydneyBear slept peacefully in her seat the whole time and HoneyBear and I picked up different veggies and discussed their firmness and their colors. She helped my scan all the items in the self checkout and even got her seatbelts all ready for me as I put the groceries in the back! Ahhhh, this is how it can be. I see the light now. For a while I was starting to think that leaving the house was going to be the death of me and now I know it is going to get better. I was so happy to realize this we bought rainbow chocolate chips and went home to bake cookies lol

I used my Nana’s chocolate chip cookie recipe because honestly it is THE BEST. You can see it here. I obviously didn't make the pizza that I had previously with this recipe. You can follow the cookie recipe but bake for 11 minutes. We added rainbow chocolate chips for St Patty’s Day. They look like Nerds but taste like chocolate. Cool.

This is the mess that the "I can do it myself" monster made LOL

Rainbow chocolate chips! Hells Yeah!

HoneyBear eating her broccoli lol

I like big cookies
See all those chips? Yum

I doubled the recipe and got 54 cookies
"They are all mine!"
This is how SydneyBean rolls

For Dinner I made Bagel sandwiches. They were so good. I am using this as our meatless dinner this week, despite the fact that I used bacon :)

What I did:

Toasted an everything bagel and layered:

Fresh Mozza
Thick cut bacon
Caramelized onions
Sautéed mushrooms
And 2 eggs, seasoned, that I whisked and microwaved in a small Tupperware container to make that McMuffin style egg.

So good
Bacon from our pig
The mission... getting it all in one bite!



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