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It's been one week since you looked at me Threw your arms in the air and said "You're crazy" - Barenaked Ladies

So... what have I been up to? Well, it has been a crazy week. My sister and Seb left on Tuesday, we had a great visit, I am so happy that we got to rub her baby bump lol. Mom got out of the hospital YEAH! And, SydneyBean is teething!!! She has barely slept in 5 days, which means I have not slept in 5 days lol. Ninja and I are in rotation, I take the nights and then he gets up with her and I sleep from about 7-9am.

Plus it is Spring Break! This is our first spring break as parents. So totally different! Spring break used to be well like Phineas and Ferb lol. My sister, Dana and I actually went to Daytona for spring break during our University years J

Dana and I Spring Break 2001

Double fisted in Daytona lol

Enjoying Downtown Disney in Orlando

Now… Spring Break is “what the heck do we do for 2 weeks, without Preschool or our weekly activities.” By the way, when did Spring Break become 2 weeks????

So we signed HoneyBear up for Spring Camp at her gymnastics club. She goes during her regular Preschool time, Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. She LOVES it!

HoneyBear's Spring Break fun

My Uncle came in from Calgary this week to visit my Nana. Her health is deteriorating. She has gone on oxygen now and her memory is really failing, the Alzheimer’s is taking over L She used to be so talkative and now she just watches everyone around her without much emotion and almost no words. It is sad. We all went to the Home and took her, her favorite… KFC! It was a very nice time.

My Nana

SydneyBean watching GG (Great Grandma) intently

HoneyBear watching her shadow lol

Mom, Uncle Ken and Nana

We hung out at home getting the the girl’s room together and pulling out spring clothes, HoneyBear is weening off of naps, so there is a whole new level of whininess that I never knew existed. AWESOME!

Just hanging out

Good morning Nana!!!

Doing some gardening in the sun
And the BIGGY thing we did this week… we said bye bye to the car!

Later Gater

And HELLO to our new van!

Yeah that’s right... we are now THAT family. LOL


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