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I got the middle of Manitoba mosquito bite blues - Ben Waters

Tonight was our first night out since we went to B.B King… last May!!!

When Mom asked us to go to the Dream Café tonight I was freaked. It would be our first time leaving SydneyBean. Who could watch her and HoneyBear? Oddly enough the only person I trust is our 21 year old employee Norm. He is so great with our oldest and has watched her many times before. He is very hands on with his 6 month old nephew so I felt ok about going out for 4 hours.

Now that we settled that, on to the next most important question… what to wear?

I am in that terrible spot, maternity is too big but my regular clothes are too small. Funny enough I am at that stage in my hair too. I had a pixie that I am trying to grow out. I read that Michelle Williams said “The mid-stage is insufferable. It’s really hard on your self-esteem.” I agree! Even worse add 24 lbs of baby weight and see how you feel looking in the mirror! It totally blows!

So I have 2 pairs of yoga pants and a pair of sweats… yeah.

I do have a t-shirt dress that I bought in Korea while pregnant with HoneyBear. Yeah, I can wear that! It is comfy and kinda cute. I can wear my boots… ok now we are getting somewhere J But what about color…. So I went through Ninja’s closet. Hmmmm what doesn’t he wear anymore?

Ninja's old sweater

I found a great sweater that I loved but he hadn’t worn in years, I think there maybe a small hole in it or something it’s a cool navy sweater with purple and green stripes from Mexx. I cut the sleeves and made boot cuffs! Now we have an outfit!

Don't mind my nasty legs lol

So we went to the Café, a little restaurant that features touring musicians, tonight was Ben Waters, a boogie woogie piano player from England. He was awesome! We had wine and cake and listened to music and had a much needed relaxing night J

Ninja enjoying himself

Ben Waters

Mom and Dad :)

Tuxedo cake... YUMMY

Our big night out!


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