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F***n' beauty queens blowing chunks everywhere. I-I've never seen anything like it before, and I live in L.A. - Drop Dead Gorgeous

First, off let’s get this out of the way… I completely jinxed the Blackhawks. I apologize. Kind of... we play them tonight so I'm kind of glad they have been knocked down lol.

Now on to bigger and better things, yesterday Ninja and I took the girls for a beautiful drive into the neighboring valley. We went to go pick up Porky!! Porky is the pig we bought, for meat J The ranch that we buy Bessie our cow from suggested a pig farmer last year and this pork was soooo tender and delicious. It is milk fed (from the cows at the ranch we buy our cow from) kinda a neat thought, our cow fed our pig lol.

So, anyways, we get a cow and a pig every year and the same guy does our cutting for both. He lives in Rock Creek. I wish I had taken pictures!!! It was a sunny, blue skied, warm spring day. It is so high up that there was still feet and feet of pristine white snow. The creek was babbling and just starting to melt around the edges, it was just gorgeous. I would have remembered to take pictures if I wasn’t so worried about the sun burning SydneyBean (I am not in sun mode yet and I didn’t sunscreen her up) and the sun was burning through into the car L.

PLUS HoneyBear had an accident in the first 30 minutes of our adventure. I heard her hiccup a little and looked back and saw the vomit welling up at the back of her throat. Uh-Oh. Disgusting navel orange puke directly in the middle of Charlie and Lola. Not once but three times in a row.

“Ninja pull over!”

I was amazed at how fast we got that shit done lol Before we had come to a complete stop I was out and pulling her out of her seat. I got her pants, jacket, sweater and socks off in 2 seconds. Picked her up put her on my seat (that has a warmer) and opened the trunk to get a spare blanket. I can’t believe it but I JUST changed the diaper bag and took out HoneyBear’s spare clothes!!!! WHY?? No idea. BUT I do have a ton of wipes lol. Ninja did a great job during this time cleaning up all the chunks in the seat. Thank goodness we get our new van this Friday HAHAHA.

So we had SydneyBean’s nursing blanket in the bag for her to sit on and the beach blanket from the trunk to put over and we were back on the road. She was pretty upset at first, she has only thrown up once in her whole life (not including the 2 Exorcist baby episodes in her first 6 months). As soon as we started up again she asked for a snack. Ninja and I just looked at each other with the nice stench of rotten orange still lingering in the car. I did give her a few crackers but she barely touched them.

So, we think what happened was that she triggered her gag reflex.

HoneyBear is a finger sucker. She is a HUGE finger sucker. We think she stuck her fingers a bit too far and we went over a bump and… well, see above.

Today I have applied Bite No More on her fingers twice. Enough is enough. I don’t want to take away her security but I noticed at gymnastics yesterday that between every activity she is sucking?!?! We are going to nip this in the bud!

“Buuuuud” Ha Ha I love Rudy on the Cosby Show.

So last night after we got home we made a roasted chicken with 2 heads of garlic and draped with Porky’s thick cut bacon. It was awesome! No pictures. Seriously? I know. We had it with sautéed veggies, cranberries and pine nuts and pan fried homemade gnocchi with corn, tomatoes and zucchini. It was a total Spring dinner. It was so good.

It also gave us the stock for chicken noodle soup tonight!

We simmered the bones with all the leftover veggies all night. This morning we stripped the bones and put them to the side. Added carrots, peas, edamame beans, onions and the extra chicken meat. 

About 30 minutes before dinner… well about, as tonight is HoneyBear’s final swim class so Ninja and I are both going to watch her pass Salamander J so I made the noodles before we left so that it is already when we get home.

My 2 Minute Noodles

Mix ½ cup of flour with some salt and pepper. Mix in 1 whisked egg.

Mix it together with a fork

It will be a crumbly dough. Roll it out to about ¼ inch thick. Using a pizza cutter cut into short noodles.
Remember they expand :)

Boil them for 2-3 minutes in salted water. Drain. Rinse. Add to soup. 

Big 'ole pot o' soup


The roasted garlic from yesterday's chicken gave it a real full flavor mmmm

We have added a few touches to the girl’s bedroom. I think it is coming along nicely. It certainly is a Perfectly Pinkalicious Princess room!

I have been looking for a vintage chandelier for a while now. I found 1 on Kijiji last week so I went to take a look. It was meant for a 3 story foyer… as in it was the same size as the room! Oops lol

So my Mom and Dad were out the other day and Dad texted me a picture of this super cute chandelier from Canadian Tire. It was regular $89 down to $55 and reduced to $30!!! What a steal! It isn’t quite what I imagined but suits the room perfectly! Yeah mom’s good eye!

It reminds me of Pollyanna lol

Super cute, I might add glitter to the "gold"

Mom bought HoneyBear one of those pink mosquito net thingy’s that go around the bed… hmmm, like this one,

What we had before

We can’t use it anymore with her bed going up high so I reused it to make a fabulous closet entrance!

What we have now

We put up a Glamour Girl hook for her robe

The corner shelf in the closet

The window tutu is finished, my brother-in-law is bringing me a projector and I am going to paint a mural onto the blind. Pictures to come J

White, pink and sparkle pink!


Kari Hachey,  March 11, 2013 at 11:56 AM  

I seriously almost choked on my sandwich from laughing while eating lunch at work reading this!! Poor HoneyBear throwing up like that, I'm wishing you great success in stopping the finger sucking...her room looks AWESOME!!

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