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Valentine Owls & Butterflies

I love making friends. It’s people I can’t stand. 


Today is HoneyBear’s first Valentine Party! 

We have been making Valentine cards all week for her classmates. Yesterday we handed them out to friends, uncles and GG. GG is Great Grandma, my Nana. She lives in a retirement home a few streets over. She has Alzheimers. That is a story for a whole different day though :)

I scoured Pinterest for cards that would help HoneyBear practice her gluing and cutting skills. I found 2 that fit the bill, the cutest little owl valentine from Sister’s Stuff and an adorable butterfly card from Skip to my Lou.

I turned on CBC Kids radio and we were off!

I collect old wallpaper sample books. You can go to a paint store and most of them will just hand them over. FREE PAPER? That’s right. You can find the most amazing prints and use them for all sorts of things. Today we are using them for our Valentines.

While HoneyBear was at school I precut the owl pieces. This would be our gluing craft. I find if I get her to do too much of the same thing she gets bored quickly. 

Idea from Sister Stuff

Gluing owls together!
Step 1: Add the noses
The greeting
Gluing the chocolate on for a nose
Add the eyes and TA DA!

For the butterflies, I drew the wings on our paper and let her do the scissor work. She LOVES to do cutting.  

Idea from Mud Pie Studio
Snip Snip Snip
See my creation!
I was pretty impressed with her skills :)
She chose the stickers and added 2 to each wing.

Then she signed them all
25 butterflies
I added the Valentine saying & added the middle slits
Finishing touch... adding the sweet!
This morning she was soooo excited to take her valentines to all her friends at school. She picked out her party dress and showed us her excited pose!
"I'm super EXCITED!"

So when HoneyBear got home from Preschool we all went through her “mailbox” I was pretty surprised to see that only 5 kids MADE valentines! Only 8 actually signed them themselves! Out of 20! I don’t mean to judge (yes I do) but this is the perfect excuse to craft with your child, to take a half an’ hour and spend time at the table together. If nothing else they should be using this as practice to write their own name.

Did you help make Valentines this year? Or did you buy a box of Cars cards and sign each one for your child? HoneyBear and I both had a blast making these cards and handing them out to family, friends and neighbors. 

She is already asking what we will do next year :)


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