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Family Day at Apex

Family is not an important thing. It's everything. 

Michael J. Fox 

In BC, today is the first family day. It is our February Provincial holiday. Everything in town is incredibly busy so we decided to drive 30 minutes up the mountain to Apex. It was a beautiful day out so we packed up and went skating at the outdoor Loop. HoneyBear did awesome! SydneyBear wasn’t sure about the wagon but by the end of the day she was having a blast too :)

First steps
What are we doing here???
A warm day, probably +4 or so
Hi Mommy!
Finally relaxing and taking in the fresh mountain air
The Girls!
The scenery is wonderful for a late morning skate!
Why are mitten thumbs so hard to get your thumbs into?
My skating beauties :)
10 weeks old... It's a hard knock life lol
Taking a booby break!
Having a great day!

Happy family day from my crazy bunch to yours!


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