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Dear God, whose name I do not know - thank you for my life. I forgot how BIG... thank you. Thank you for my life. - Joe Banks "Joe Vs The Volcano"

SydneyBean slept 5 hours in a row! She is 11 weeks today, so that means I have not had more than 3 hours of sleep in a row in 11 weeks… until last night! Oh HAPPY Day!

SydneyBean and Ales Hemsky :)

This boost along with the fact Ninja let us sleep until 10am gave me the motivation to show HoneyBear something she has been asking me about for the past week.

“Mommy how does a volcano work?”

You see, my parents got a new Smart TV in the livingroom, it is wicked awesome! We can now call up YouTube and do yoga in a larger space than my bedroom.  We subscribe to CosmicKidsYoga. It is wonderful, HoneyBear can’t get enough! Actually the only downside is that they only have about 6 episodes so far. You have to check it out!

So anyways, the lady gets the kids to EXPLODE like volcanoes, hence, the question.

After a few errands and a special Mommy treat, a vanilla latte, we made a volcano and collected items for the “landscape”.

Collecting rocks for our  project
Something pink catches her eye
A silk flower has blown in over the winter
We NEED a Hazelnut
Check out the basket Mommy!
This is the perfect rock!
Making our "Pompeii"
Lisa Simpson and Bart are going down!
The perfect rock
Ta Da
I love split screen... here is the front & back!

After nap we watched a video from National Geographic about how volcanoes are formed and the words that are used  such as magma, lava and metamorphic rock. She is like a sponge, she soaks it all in. Then we went and blew it up Baby!



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