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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

All you need is love 

John Lennon

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

My how holidays like this change once you have kids! Tonight instead of a fancy dinner, a new outfit, new lingerie and a limo… we are ordering out, I’m going to pump so we can open a bottle of wine and sink in to the long awaited Series finale of Fringe. It is 2 hours so we wanted to wait for a night we will be able to stay awake for the whole thing lol

Now I’m not saying we will, but we will give it a good try!

So last week the girls and I did a “photo shoot” in the front room so we could make the family Valentine card. It went…. Ok :)

SydneyBean is NOT a fan of photo shoots. All in all we got the picture… of course I had to use the split screen feature on my camera, how is that for LOVE lol

Idea for photo from Delia Creates

I hope your holiday is filled with love and happiness, just like mine!


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